Monday, January 16, 2012

70% of Labour supporters say they don't believe in Ed Milliband anymore, someone better ask him does he know the phrase, ‘do you want fires with that’

Dear All

A while ago, I commented that Ed Miliband had an image problem, he needed to go to political boot camp and get toughen up.

He obviously has brains, seems to some extent, on some issues, to be making the right noises but people are tuning out.

We have an unpopular Tory Government, with an incredibly unpopular Lib Dem attachment as a coalition partner.

Things are going south for him as he has been deemed 'too ugly' to become prime minister. On top of his problems, Ed Miliband has been dealt another blow after it was revealed that 70 per cent of people don't believe in him.

70% is absolutely mind blowing when you consider that the Labour Party has PR gurus, style doctors and spin doctors and everything else.

How do you fix a problem like Ed?

There must be a telly show in there somewhere, I can feel it.

A YouGov poll gives him his worst rating since winning the Labour leadership.

The country is going down the toilet and he is drifting, how can someone so bright be so stupid?

Even his own supporters are turning away from him. Luke Bozier, a party member for five years, wrote:

“At a time when the nation needs strong political leadership, Labour offers nothing”.

Luke Bozier posted an an article about why he recently switched allegiance to the Conservatives.

The truth of that pudding is that Scottish Holyrood election result, the Labour Party was seen as not being credible as the next government under poor leadership that resulted in them going nothing for 4 years at Holyrood.

And they paid the price for that weak leadership.

Ed Miliband put himself forward to be a leader of men, the trouble with him he didn’t have the tools in place to do the job.

He isn’t a leader of anyone at present.

So, what should Ed Miliband do?

Ed Miliband’s problem according to Labour MPs on Saturday night is to stop copying David Cameron and start showing some leadership of his own. Mirroring is a successful sales tactic used by business to sell goods and services, but who exactly is Miliband trying to sell to?

Why become a Cameron Mk2 when he could be a Miliband Mk1?

Why buy into the Tory narrative?

When Luke Bozier let rip he said that Yvette Cooper and Ed Balls were 'out-of-touch', Brownite career politicians.

10 points

He criticises the wider party saying it has been taken over by student politicians and is unable to 'put aside its tribal prejudice and ideology'.

10 points!

He wrote:

“Ed Miliband is a leader that Labour MPs and Labour members didn't want. He was forced upon them by the Trade Unions and like most people, I wasn't happy with the result”.

10 points!

“I tried for as long as I could to give Ed the benefit of the doubt. But look what it's come to, with the party and the leader now a national laughing stock. Rarely in British history has a leader become so quickly defined by humiliating questions about his looks and personality”.

10 points!

Spot on analysis from Luke Bozier.

When Miliband goes to the despatch box he acts and sounds like a whining pathetic individual, the style, the presentation is all wrong. You don't go to the despatch box to whine, you go there to lay down the law and put the Government on notice.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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