Wednesday, January 25, 2012

MSP Margo McDonald seeks return of state sanctioned legalised killing bill, Holyrood has a crank stalking the halls wanting political immortality

Dear All

Independent MSP Margo MacDonald is to launch a fresh attempt to get the medical community involved in state sanctioned murder.

This is her bringing back the End of Life Assistance Bill.

If Ms. McDonald is so keen to end her own life by using others then she should travel to Switzerland were they allow this disgusting practice.

The End of Life Assistance Bill is Margo McDonald’s ticket to Holyrood immortality.

Sorry, you’re getting fu*k all dear.

The Lothians MSP, who has Parkinson's disease, claimed there was wide public support for the legislation; this is because it hasn’t been explained what this actually means.

We would expect doctors and nurses to kill people and all that entails regarding the breaking of the medical oath and the destruction of trust.

She doesn’t see this as a problem, its all about what she wants.

MacDonald says it is important to allow terminally ill people some dignity in death, there is no dignity in death McDonald, perhaps she has watched movies and has gotten the notion that there is some fairy tale end with music and bright lights.

She said:

"Since the defeat of my original proposal in December 2010, the volume of correspondence I've received on the matter, coupled with the continuing public interest, stimulated in part by some high-profile statements in favour of the general principle of assisted suicide, indicates to me a consistent level of support for individuals suffering a terminal illness or condition, for whom life becomes intolerable, to have the legal right to request help to end their life before nature decrees."

People also favour bringing back hanging, what the public wants isn’t the same as what the public needs, as an MSP she should be seeking to do no harm and do no wrong.

Patently in my opinion, she is unfit to be an MSP for holding such disgusting views.

If she is so keen regarding death, then buy a CZ75, a hand vice, a file, a table and a hacksaw, chair for sitting on, optional, while she is going the work.

Put a bullet in the vice, using the hacksaw make an X by sawing, then take the file and clean up loose edges. Once done, insert the bullet into the clip (facing the correct way). Insert the clip into the CZ75 making sure the safety is off and cock the weapon.

Then it is just a matter of pulling the trigger by placing the barrel in the mouth or under the chin.

The round enters the head and the bullet breaks up effectively shredding the brain and blowing the back of the head off.

It's not a fairy tale ending like the heavenly music and fluffiness that McDonald is expecting but is does the job right.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


throbber said...

I can never understand all those campaigns to bring back hanging. Giving the state the power to kill us ? Yeah that'll work out well.
It's not as if the state hasn't found hundreds guilty who later turned out innocent or anything ? Oh hang on...
As regards state sponsored 'mercy killings'. If it turns out like other countries then the few cases will become a flood of deaths with granny doing the 'right thing' and offing herself so the brats can get the loot before the old folks home gets it.
Anyone who wants to die if they're incapacitated can do a 'living will' which will stop any intervention to save them.
People who have a long term condition leading to definite death have time to buy a gun or some poison to use before they slip into a coma or their limbs won't pull a trigger or allow them to drink.
Even if someone helps to kill them they don't usually get charged. And most loving partners would take the rap anyway if it ended their loved one's suffering.

pictishbeastie said...

I can only assume you've never had to watch a loved one suffer a slow,painful,lingering death! Your comments on this particular matter are frankly downt=right offensive and add precisely nothing to the debate!

George Laird said...

Dear Pictishbeastie

I never thought that legalised state killing was ever worthy of a serious debate.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University