Saturday, January 7, 2012

Labour MP Thomas Docherty challenges SNP on navy under independence, Labour wants a pledge to an aircraft carrier, have IQ’s dropped sharply recently?

Dear All

In Scotland some people are called ‘Bams’.

A ‘bam’ is an idiot who has no awareness of what is going on around him or her.

Bams come in many shapes and sizes; the Labour Party is littered with them as are other political parties.

Thomas Docherty is a Labour MP, that doesn't auomatically make him a ‘bam’; he is a self made man however.

His latest outrageous piece of nonsense is to challenge the SNP to commit to the retention of an aircraft carrier in an independent Scotland.

You have to read this request a few times, because of the enormity of the stupidity behind it.

An independent Scotland, a country of 5 million people with an aircraft carrier!

If independence is achieved, initially there will be an army, navy and air force in the transition phase.

Then comes the first defence review which will see a complete overhaul, my preferred option is that there will be two services, a navy and a combined air force and army.

Although the command structure of the military will be kept, it will need to be developed if a two service approach is considered.

I would also envisage in the short term that Sandhurst would probably be used to train officers of the Scottish Armed Forces, possibly in the future there may be an Officers Training School.

Early on, it would be best to draw on the experience already in place.

As to active service, I would imagine that both Nato and UN Peacekeeping Forces would provide that essential operating experience so critical for a standing military.

However, foreign adventures such as those untaken by the British Government would be ruled out, due to cost and possibly ethics.

To return to Mr. Docherty’s proposal that an independent Scotland needs an aircraft carrier, what for?

Fishery protection duties, oil field protection or warning off Russian aircraft entering Scottish airspace?

Maybe Docherty wants an aircraft carrier so that the Labour Party in Scotland can use it for cruising and aircraft flights for the kiddies.

There is no need for an aircraft carrier because Scotland wouldn’t be seeking territory beyond its borders.

The navy wouldn’t be large in any case, Scotland would have to be a member of NATO, although there has been talk of other alliances by some in the SNP but lets us not kid ourselves; membership of NATO isn’t an option to be ignored.

How would I reply to a Nordic defence alliance instead of NATO?

By saying ‘fuck off and grow up’!

If we want to be serious contenders for independence then we have to affirm that we will join NATO and commit to it before an independence vote.

Thomas Docherty is the MP for the Dunfermline and West Fife seat which includes the Rosyth dockyard.

This facilty employs more than 1500 skilled workers, whether in a post independence world the Westminster Government would use Rosyth isn’t certain, however, it would be to the mutual advantage of both governments not to cut their noses off to spite their face.

However, economically, we shouldn't live in hope, and assume and plan for the worst, the loss of contracts, independence isn’t going to be a ‘fun’ event of balloons, champagne popping and highland dancing.

Some people and businesses are going to be under pressure, some may go to the wall.

Anyway, Docherty has asked SNP defence spokesman Angus Robertson to back a similar pledge on the aircraft carrier.

Robertson can’t do it and mean it, he might as well pledge a space shuttle and mission to Mars.

Docherty said:

“The lack of detail on the size, shape or type of navy that a separate Scotland would have is causing a great deal of anxiety locally and it is time the SNP came clean. There is no doubt that the loss of the carriers would have a devastating impact and the SNP has a responsibility to make people aware of the full consequences of separation.”

The SNP if it is to win an independence vote has to spell out in great detail how an independent Scotland would look, soundbytes, spin and vague promises aren’t enough, so far these difficult questions haven’t been addressed or even answered.

It isn’t convincing to say to people just vote yes and we will sort it out later, not when people’s personal lives will be affected by this vote.

Is there a blueprint for a new Scotland?

As an SNP Member I haven’t seen it or haven’t a clue if it even exists, if this work hasn’t been done, then it is highly unlikely that an independence vote will be successful.

Independence can only be won on detail.

It can’t be won by spin or ‘Alex Salmond for First Minister’ because this isn’t a vote about a personality, it is much bigger than any individual person; people will look beyond that.

If Docherty wants an aircraft carrier pledge he can whistle because he isn’t getting one and if anyone commits to building one for a Scottish Navy then they are a fool who are patently incapable of holding public office were big decisions are required.

Thomas Docherty is a ‘bam’; he should play his silly little political games elsewhere and should not be indulged.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Bob said...

The UK doesn't even have an aircraft carrier although it may get one in 5 years time although we won't have any aircraft to put on it. A quick retro fit of an arrester hook system is being planned at enormous cost so that French aircraft can use our new carrier and make it useful. We do have a tiny helicopter carrier ( HMS Ocean) which is used to move troops around.
Oh in about 10yrs time we might get some JSF ( joint strike aircraft with vtol or stol capability - vertical or short take off)
So the Labour guy thinks Scotland should have something that the UK / French might manage to get in a few years time which might have aircraft on it. Or not. Weird guy.

Bring it on said...

The swiss idea is good. Train everyone in national defence. A nation of people who know how to use weapons and who will harry any would be occupier of our country. Then for ever more they can invade us, but they will not hold us. Sort of taliban in kilts. Dont need more than a few fisheries vessels and a population that wont let you occupy us for defence.

The English army will be happy to take on those who want the adventure of being killed in foreign fields. Defence. What does a small nation need for defence?

Anonymous said...

under wee alex we will have no army no navy no air force nothimg
execpt the stuiped tartan army who would only scare old woman when they flash their balls