Thursday, January 26, 2012

Glasgow University product Sir Fred Goodwin could lose his knighthood within days, a small price to pay for his failure, but public want it!

Dear All

It seems that Glasgow University product ‘Sir’ Fred Goodwin is on the verge of losing his knighthood.

Knighted by the Queen, it appears he is about to be de-knighted which will see people de-lighted.

The Glasgow University product has had his honour award re-visited by the Honours Forfeiture Committee.

And if there is any justice, then he should be stripped of his title.

The public want it and I see that politicians have unofficially hinted at it as David Cameron has publicly spoken out on the issue.

Conservative Party backbencher David Ruffley has stated that Goodwin should lose his "ill-deserved knighthood".

In reply to Ruffley, Cameron said:

"The Forfeiture Committee will be meeting, as I understand it, this week."

Quite so, much as it pains me to support Tories, this is a matter of public decency and morality.

Goodwin was at the helm as chief executive of the Royal Bank of Scotland when the bank was involved in a takeover of Dutch bank ABN Amro. That was a mistake, deemed to be ill-judged when led to near collapse of RBS.

Following on from this, the taxpayer was forced into a bailout of RBS, the biggest in history, to the tune of £45 Billion.

Finally, the public may get some satisfaction but until the ‘deal is sealed’ we shouldn't get our hopes up.

Britain is still a deeply corrupt country.

I favour Goodwin being stripped of his honour because he didn’t deserve it.

For the human rights abusing Glasgow University, this is another reminder that the public is catching on to what is produced there.

A Glasgow University product was responsible for the biggest bailout in history.

Perhaps Goodwin should setup a burger van with corrupt foreigner Anton Muscatelli, someone else who is unworthy of honours, maybe the two could make ago of it as they appear to be cut from the same cloth.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Annette Curtain said...

The RBS bailout will eventually get into the trillions. ABNAmro was just the icing on the cake of their incompetence. Their outfit in the US lost a lot more.
Under a proper system of justice he would be in prison. His roadshows persuaded OAP's to put even more into the company while he kept all the toxic stuff hidden. Failing to mention that he was heavily into sub prime in the US which was tanking.
Thousands were ruined and thousands lost their jobs.
Gordon Brown and Alex Salmond gave him a ringing endorsement right up until RBS crashed and shouldn't be allowed to just walk away untarnished.