Saturday, July 2, 2011

Ross Finnie describes the Inverclyde by-election result as 'humiliating', Glasgow University product Sophie Bridger crashes to only 627 votes

Dear All

If you are a Lib Dem politician with an election coming up in less than a year’s time, the future looks grim.

By-election after by-election shows the Lib Dem vote has been utterly destroyed.

Until the Lib Dems sack Clegg and leave the coalition they don’t have a future.

Former Liberal Democrat cabinet minister Ross Finnie has branded the party`s result in the Inverclyde by-election "humiliating".

627 votes for Glasgow University product Sophie Bridger, the punch bag candidate.

Sent to Inverclyde to lose!

Lib Dem candidate Sophie Bridger is the president of Liberal Youth Scotland and is a student at Glasgow University.

She is seen as a ‘rising star’.

The working class people of Inverclyde don’t think so.

Speaking in the Scotsman newspaper, Mr Finnie said:

"For Liberals to lose their deposit in the way in which we have, and be down to 600 votes, I'm embarrassed by that. I think it is a humiliating result. The public have decided that they didn't like the offering we made them."

Not only that they aren’t even prepared to listen.

Sophie Bridger is a careerist, people saw straight through her.

They knew she was there to represent the Lib Dem party not them.

Finnie, a former MSP who lost his seat in May`s election, was Minister for Rural Affairs between 1999 and 2001, and Minister for Environment and Rural Development until 2007.

He sees the writing on the wall, next year the Lib Dems face being wiped out in the council elections.

And he says that there are "clear issues of trust" between the public and the Lib Dem leadership.

Its more than that, they want Clegg to resign and the Lib Dems to leave the Tory Government.

Only then can they start the process of repair of trust.

Thousands of elected Lib Dems will lose their seats at the ballot box until Clegg resigns.

Bridger was always going to do badly.

627 votes, this is pathetic for a major UK party.

The Tories pulled in 2,784 votes.

Glasgow University product Sophie Bridger has now lost two major elections in the last 3 months.

And in each case done badly!

Not a ‘rising star’ with the public.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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