Thursday, July 21, 2011

David Cameron and the Tories sink lower as backlash against phone hacking gives a boost to the SNP; however the real vote goldmine remains Labour vote

Dear All

Scottish people hate Tories.

Say the word Thatcher and it provokes deep anger and resentment over her treatment of the Scots.

The poll tax and every other dirty pilot to make people’s lives more unpleasant was tried out on the Scots to work the kinks out before being introduced in England.

People suffered under the Tories in Scotland badly, Thatcher brought in the end of heavy manufacturing industry in coal, steel making and to some extent ship building.

For those crimes, the people of Scotland turned their backs on them.

They exist as an anomaly a party that needs a form of proportional representation to get people elected.

It is not surprising that in Scotland there is only one single Tory MP and his seat is down at the border close to England.

With the phone hacking scandal wrapped around David Cameron’s neck because of his links to News International that dissent and disapproval is growing.

Cameron is suffering a backlash with increasing numbers of Scots expressing deep dissatisfaction with the Coalition.

He isn’t as unpopular as Nick Clegg but his personal stock is bankrupt, he is now damaged goods.

Rather than being on the front foot and leading the charge, he is well behind the curve playing catch up.

The desertion of support is another blow to the Prime Minister on a day in which he expressed regret to MPs over his misjudgements.

But he stopped short of apologising,

And when asked repeatedly in the Commons by several MPs did he have private talks with executives from the newspaper’s owners News International while its parent company News Corp was trying to buy broadcaster BSkyB.

He refused to directly answer the question citing instead that he had no inappropriate talks about that.

Cameron may have thought he was being clever and cute but came across as devious and dishonest.

The supposed leader of the Country unwilling to tell the truth in Parliament!

That is unacceptable.

But Cameron’s woes are the SNP gain as the party is benefiting from the chaos that has engulfed Westminster, the Police and the Press.

However, the rising may only be temporary as minds are focused on the scandal, once the agenda moves on so to maybe that support.

Despite the Labour Party making the running, Ed Miliband hasn’t connected with the voters as much as he would like to.

There still remains a question about his leadership and judgment and like Cameron, people will want answers.

So as much as this poll is of interesting in the grand scheme of things it is a small blip on the radar as just 102 people north of the Border took part in the Scottish section of it.

Meanwhile, Labour’s Shadow Scottish Secretary Ann McKechin is called for an inquiry into alleged hacking and police corruption in Scotland.

And wants the First Minister Alex Salmond to make public his media meetings.

Previously the Labour MSP Paul Martin in a list of 25 questions asked:

“In the interests of public confidence can the Scottish government assure the public that it has carried out an internal review to ensure none of its staff have been involved in phone hacking at any point?”

What evidence has he to think or imply that Scottish Government staff have been involved in phone hacking.

That was an incredibly stupid and ignorant question.

So far Paul Martin hasn’t produced a single shred of evidence and can’t.

David Cameron survived because the Murdochs, Rupert and James put up a good performance, particularly James Murdoch who was well briefed and coached beforehand.

The select committee at the Commons didn’t get a kill.

James Murdoch answered questions but told MPs nothing; no new facts that weakened his position emerged.

His performance made it easy for David Cameron at the House of Commons because the shield is still intact.

If you can take anything from this, it is how noticeable was the lack of support from Government Ministers for Cameron and how Boris Johnson acted.

Cameron has this scandal around his neck like an albatross.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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