Monday, July 4, 2011

Publicly unelectable list MSP Ruth Davidson in running to lead Scots Tories after Annabel Goldie steps down, this careerist isn’t a leader of men

Dear All

I am not a fan of the Holyrood list system.


Because the public have absolutely no say in choosing candidates!

Also the list can be rigged.

Two reasons why this is an untenable situation; but a third reason is that publicly unelectable candidates can become politicians.

The Tories along with others got hammered at the Holyrrod election as the SNP made pretty much a clean sweep.

Party leaders duly fell on their rubber swords.

Prior to the election behind the scenes some senior Tories wanted Annabel Goldie out.

You can understand why, they feel she can’t take the party forward and they are right.

Goldie comes across well but she isn’t a leader of men.

She is going to fall on her rubber sword, but before that she was ‘grooming’ Derek Brownlee to take her place that idea has went out the window.

Now the Tories are facing having Ruth Davidson as leader.

It is said she is an ally of David Cameron which shouldn’t be in the minds of Scottish Tories when voting in a leader.

I will be blunt Ruth Davidson isn’t a leader of men either.

She is a careerist nothing more.

Currently publicly unelectable Davidson is a Glasgow list MSP.

But her commitment to Glasgow is so strong that she lives in Edinburgh with her partner of three years, an analyst for RBS.

Another one of those fiercely proud to be Glaswegians political types who won’t even live within the Glasgow boundary let alone their constituency.

She is a joke.

The 32-year-old is understood to have the backing of current leader Annabel Goldie and allies of the Prime Minister which is all the more reason for Tories to ditch her.

And they are trying to stick the “moderate alternative” tag on her as a sales pitch against the main contender, the right-wing deputy leader Murdo Fraser.

Everyone knows what they are getting with Murdo Fraser, and the smoke and mirrors that Davidson is a compassionate Tory is crap.

Again, she is a careerist.

Leadership nominations are due to open in September with the new leader installed in early November.

Davidson worked as an aide to Goldie, and was not expected to become an MSP but the forced removal of the leading Tory candidate in Glasgow over past financial problems which was portrayed as a resignation meant Davidson was propelled her to the top of the regional list.

Davidson has said she backs Tory justice spokesman John Lamont for the leadership.

However Lamont shot himself in the foot last month with a controversial speech on Catholic schools.

A stupid rambling piece of nonsense in the Holyrood chamber which left everyone perplexed by the outrageousness of that rant!

So, there are four contenders for the title, Murdo Fraser, Jackson Carlaw, John Lamont and Ruth Davidson in the frame for the leadership.

Of the four, Davidson and Lamont get discounted automatically; Carlaw isn’t progressive enough which leaves Fraser.

Murdo Fraser is the best option and to be blunt the only option.

The only proper politician!

Ruth Davidson isn’t leadership material.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

she lives in Edinburgh but represents Glasgow? That is as you say a joke. She isn't bothered and is a careerist George, like others in your party, who say they love Glasgow.

Anonymous said...

If you are concerned about the list system at Holyrood, then your preferred choice for leader would surely be John Lamont.

He took himself off the list and increased his majority in his constituency from just over 1000 to over 5000. He has the largest majority of any non SNP MSP.

If you, like I, disagree with the list system, then it only leaves John Lamont. He is a progressive politician who works tirelessly on behalf of his constituents and who would do the same for the people of Scotland. Whether he should wait for the next time and let someone else takeover first is another question. If he wanted it, though, he would have a very good case.