Monday, July 11, 2011

Labour MP Gordon Brown charges up his cash flow to the tune of £500,000 plus his MP’s salary to keep his “ongoing involvement in public life”, joke!

Dear All

Why is Gordon Brown an MP?

He says it is something to do with his ‘moral compass’ that propels him to help others in need.

But the reality of the current situation is that the only need that Brown is interested in to any great degree is lining his own pockets.

He is using his seat at Westminster for professional gain; its a platform to launch his various enterprises.

Just as we have seen ‘Blair for hire’, we have now ‘Brown for hire’ as well.

Gordon Brown has earned around £500,000 on top of his Westminster MP salary since the last general election.

While he is busy promoting himself, his attendance at the House of Commons has been dreadful.

It is an open disgrace that he is effectively sticking two fingers up at democracy.

In Government we need a recall system so that bad MPs who don’t turn up are forced to fight their seats again.

Brown is alleged to have wanted the IMF job which went to France's finance minister Christine Lagarde.

The Tory/Lib Dem Coalition torpedoed that idea when George Osborne said that Ms Legarde was the "outstanding candidate" for the post and "Britain will back her."

A slap in the face for Brown and practically unheard of in the social and political elite circle of Britain!

According to the new register for members’ interest, Team Brown is one of five MPs to have earned more than £200,000.

And he is the highest grossing MP when it comes to extra-parliamentary academic work.

When he is working for himself, he isn’t working for the people of Kirkcaldy.

And the best laugh is that while giving speeches and book writing a book, he is serving as “global leader in residence” at New York University.

Gordon Brown is a Global leader?

A man whose incompetence allowed the banks to rip off Britain to the tune of billions, who deregulated the banks, who was petty and vindictive that is a global leader?

Brown says that money he makes is “held by the Office of Gordon and Sarah Brown for the employment of staff to support my ongoing involvement in public life”.

Presumably part of the job doesn’t involve organising his attendance at Westminster.
Brown said:

“No money from speeches comes to me nor does any money come to me from my writings, which all goes to charity.”

It seems the charity, he means is “employment of staff to support my ongoing involvement in public life”, that isn’t a charity as I understand it.

Brown’s ongoing involvement in “public life” has the objective of getting him a better higher paying position in another institution.

His attendance at Westminster remains one of the biggest scandals in politics and he should resign his office.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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