Saturday, July 16, 2011

Labour MP Lyn Brown physically and verbally abuses a disabled man at Westminster and refuses to give her name to victim before running off

Dear All

Here is a story that you just couldn’t make up from Westminster.

Labour MP Lyn Brown, a Labour whip abused a disabled man at Westminster using verbal and physical abuse.

She objected to a blind man getting in her way.

Brown is the Labour MP for West Ham and barged into the back of Talksport political editor Sean Dilley, and his golden retriever guide dog, as he was walking in a corridor towards Portcullis House.

Witnesses’ report that Miss Brown bulldoze into the back of Mr Dilley before overtaking him, shouting:

“For ****'s sake, move out of my ******* way.”

What followed was unbelievable.

The journalist asked her to be more careful as he did not want to crash into his guide dog, Chip.

Miss Brown replied:

“You are such a rude ******* man, you just walked right in front of me.”

Mr Dilley replied:

“I'm blind, you stupid woman.”

Mr Dilley then demanded to know Miss Brown's name, as he could not see who had bumped into him, but Miss Brown replied:

“I am not giving it to you, **** off.”

When Mr Dilley said he would ask security guards to identify her, Brown replied:

“You just do that and see what happens.”

Threatening a blind man for wanting to put in a complaint!

Commons security staff pursued her as she didn’t want to stop saying:

“You are harassing me, leave me alone.”

She has just verbal and physically abused a blind man and she claims she is a victim.

The security guard called for police assistance and a report was compiled by the Commons authorities.

A witness said Miss Brown, 51, was 'clearly in a rush' but her brusque manner shocked Mr Dilley, who was born blind.

The Commons source said:

“She was shockingly rude. There was no need for her to use language like that. Frankly I was surprised because Labour is supposed to be a party which is sympathetic to people with disabilities.”

I think people don’t believe the Labour Party stands for anything expect the rich and powerful, they use people as a means to an end.

An eyewitness added:

“he blind man she crashed into seemed very distressed by her manner and stream of swearing. I heard him saying that he was blind and calling her a stupid woman but frankly had I been barged into like that I would have been using much stronger language. The security people were muttering that if she had spoken to them like that, they would have carted her off to the prison cell in Westminster.”

Afterwards Brown was hauled before her boss, chief whip Rosie Winterton, for a dressing down and was made to issue an apology to Mr Dilley.

A Labour source trying to gloss over the abuse of the disabled said:

“There has been a misunderstanding. Lyn has apologised. They now both consider the matter to be over.”

Mr Dilley said:

“Look, I'm a journalist and we should never be the story. Lyn Brown has explained that there was a misunderstanding. She has apologised to me and as far as I'm concerned, that's the end of the matter.”

Unsurprisingly Labour MP Lyn Brown is not available for comment.

The reason she felt she could get away with such behaviour is because she thinks she in untouchable.

She is a symptom of what is wrong with the Labour Party and shows by her actions that she is unfit to hold public office, she was quite happy to abuse a disabled man. If the barging into was an accident, what followed should never have happened.

But it did.

It shows the true nature of Labour MP Lyn Brown.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


george said...

She was probably just on the rag or something George as there's no hint in her background to suggest such a cowardly bully. Degree in religious studies then numerous non jobs sucking at the taxpayers teat before getting her snout in the big trough at Westmonster. She should have been well sated at our expense and quite amiable and sleepy.
Her speeches in the House of Troughery were about equal opportunities etc. Even one praising the paralympics (sic)
Her eyes are quite bulgy so maybe she's keen on the marching powder or something and the withdrawal made her tetchy ?

Anonymous said...

That just summes up the labour party.