Tuesday, August 17, 2010

War criminal Tony Blair offers £4.6 million pounds in 'blood money' to Royal British Legion, works out at £9,200 a British corpse

Dear All

The self style ‘son of god’ and self styled unofficial world leader of the Catholic Church, former Prime Minster Tony Blair hits the headlines by offering ‘blood money’ to ex-servicemen.

The money is cash from his memoirs that was written at the expenses of the war dead, both British and foreign, men women and children who died violent deaths.

Relatives of those killed in Iraq and Afghanistan have condemned the gesture by saying that Blair is trying to ‘ease his conscience’ by giving the £4.6million advance and any profits from his book to the Royal British Legion.

The money will go towards a sports centre for wounded soldiers, sailors and airmen to ‘honour their sacrifice’, according to Blair.

This money should be rejected by the Royal British Legion, he placed soldiers in harm’s way to satisfy his sycophantic relationship with the American President George W Bush.

This act is a PR stunt intended only to assuage his guilt over the blood spilled on the battlefield and buy back moral authority.

Blair is a war criminal.

500 British troops were killed in wars launched by Blair during his time at No 10.

It works out at £9,200 a corpse.

Blair has amassed a personal fortune which is reckoned to be between £15 million and £60million since leaving Downing Street in 2007.

Blair’s spokesman said:

“He decided on leaving office that he would donate the proceeds of his memoirs to a charity for the Armed Forces as a way of marking the enormous sacrifice they make for the security of our people and the world.”

This money is blood money, it is an investment in Blair’s future and probably a tax write off too boot.

Douglas Young, chairman of the British Armed Forces Federation, said:

“From what I’ve seen so far of reactions among serving personnel and people who perhaps took part in some of Mr Blair’s operations, most of the attitude has been fairly cynical”.

Since leaving office, Blair has been raking in cash, £1million a year from a consultancy with U.S. investment bank JP Morgan, £1million a year for advising insurance giant Zurich Financial Services, £1million for writing a report for the government of Kuwait on the future of the oil-rich state are some examples.

On top of that he is on the lecture circuit getting paid hundreds of thousands of pounds to deliver an address.

Two half hour speeches earned almost £400,000 in the Philippines last year.

No one knows exactly how wealthy Blair has become as he set up a complicated web of companies through which he channels his earnings without having to declare them publicly.

No amount of money will wash the blood of the innocent from his hands; he destroyed countless lives and has gotten away with state murder.

This is yet another sickening and vile story connected to this man who should be in a cell in The Hague awaiting trial.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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