Friday, August 6, 2010

Holyrood stays quiet as Scottish students are denied University education, why are we funding higher education when Scots kids are shut out?

Dear All

It is a fact that Scottish Universities are going to be increasing the number of foreign students.

This isn’t a trend that has just happening now; it is a strategy which has been going on quietly for a number of years.

What does this mean?

Scottish students will not be able to get into a Scottish University or will have more difficulty.

Years ago, I used to trawl through the Court minutes of the Human Rights abusing organisation Glasgow University.

In their Court minutes, there was reference to increasing the number of foreign students; this is done for one reason only, finance.

Foreign students can be charged far more so are more attractive to them.

And there are only so many places on courses.

What is being done to address the problem of Scottish students being frozen out of higher education in their own country?

Absolutely nothing!

This is a subject that the Scottish Parliament is strangely quiet about.

Although the taxpayer foots the bill for these establishments, it doesn’t mean their kids will get a place in higher education.

The Royal Society of Edinburgh members have a stranglehold on a considerable number of the senior positions within what is described as the ‘old’ universities and in organisations like the Scottish Funding Council and Universities Scotland.

Effectively, you could say that with so many Royal Society of Edinburgh members in higher education, there is scope for an investigation into whether this private club which is invitation only operates as a Cartel.

This is another issue which the Scottish Parliament is strangely quiet about.

You would think that with funding of £1.5 billion pounds passing through a relatively small group of people that someone would take an interest in Holyrood.

So, there are several questions which Holyrood should be asked, unfortunately there is no one there to do so.

If Royal Society of Edinburgh was recognised as a commercial business it would be a serious contender for investigation by the Monopolies Commission.

Scottish students will lose out on university places this year because universities will take higher fee paying students from aboard.

Scottish people will again be treated like second class citizens in their own country because Holyrood.

And the poorest and most disadvantaged will be pushed further out.

Money can win over ability.

Some people say that Holyrood has failed to deliver for the people of Scotland, they are probably right in some respects.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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