Monday, August 30, 2010

Greedy pathetic Scottish Tories 2010 “It’s not Team Tory at all. Everyone is looking after themselves and no-one gives a damn about the party”

Dear All

The Tories have a problem in Scotland.

Everyone hates them with passion.

They don’t get the message and want a revival in Scotland.

How do they expect to get this after their treatment of the Scots?

A senior party source thinks it will as long as 25 years to make them electable in Scotland.

What a dreamer, mind you shelving the problem for 25 years makes it someone else’s turkey.

At the recent Westminster election, the Tories had a better than even chance to capture East Renfrewshire from sitting Labour MP Jim Murphy.

Murphy attained 25, 987 votes against Richard ‘goofy’ Cook, Tory.

With an unpopular Labour Government with a Prime Minster so utterly despised, they couldn’t make a dent.

Labour added circa 5,000 votes, Murphy is said to be a good constituency MP which worked in his favour.

As the Scottish Tories undertake a fundamental review to map out their future, they are failing to understand and action their problems.

In Scotland every Tory is a non entity to the public, at Holyrood their MSPs haven’t shined and are so forgettable.

One wag thinks the solution is a process of “Scotification” of the party.

Donning sheep’s clothing doesn’t make you a sheep, are they really so naïve?

What are Scottish Tory policies?

Who cares!

Cameron takes no notice of the Scottish outpost as he has bailed and sent him the Lib Dems as England’s rulers in Scotland.


In order for a Tory revival even raising an eyebrow, the Scottish Tories need to get their Scottish policies implemented by the Westminster Cabinet.

The Westminster election was a disaster, one out of 59 seats.

A lot of blame has been thrown in the direction of Annabel Goldie; unfairly, she can do little with very little.

No policies, poor MSPs and irrelevant Westminster Candidates.

Anti-Tory sentiment is entrenched in Scotland and the Cameron bounce has been rejected because Cameron and co didn’t have policies which reach out to all of society.

This is confirmed by a recent opinion poll which put the Scottish Tories on just 10%.

The Tories are going to look inward after the Holyrood election but although change and review are needed in all parties, they Tories need to look out.

The question, they need to ask is why people don’t vote Tory.

Why in East Renfrewshire, fertile ground, full of affluent people couldn’t they impact but as well as that the need to go to the poor areas and ask the same question.

The only time you see a Tory in a poor area is because there is an election on, the other 49 weeks of the year they wouldn’t be caught dead there because they don’t give a toss about the people.

Ruth Davidson came across well in Glasgow North East but let us not kid ourselves, first chance she had to bail to another seat down south she was off.

Davidson didn’t get the Bromsgrove nomination so tail between her legs she comes back to Glasgow North East for the Westminster election.

The Tories are a dead party in Scotland and no amount of name changing or window dressing will alter that.

Finally, Annabel Goldie has done a very good job, I say this because it is a fact, she should continue as leader.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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