Monday, August 23, 2010

Labour leader of shame Gordon ‘free dinners’ Matheson sits comfortably as Glasgow’s disabled kids are disadvantaged by the Labour Council of shame

Dear All

You couldn’t make it up.

Glasgow’s Labour Council of shame penalising ordinary working class people and boosting profits for organised crime.

Glasgow 2010.

Taxi contracts are a lucrative business, steady income and flexible to take up the slack in the private hire market.

No surprise that organised crime wants a piece of the action.

At the same time as Network Private Hire is lapping up this gravy, it has been refused a licence to trade by the same Labour Council of shame.

It is still operate as an appeal goes forward.

This support for organised crime by Glasgow Labour Party is nothing new; the ARC Centre in Milton was taken over and run by people involved in organised crime, the Lyons family.

Residents lived in fear as Glasgow Labour politicians buried their heads in the sand and refused to do nothing.

The losers in this situation are Glasgow Taxis, the black hacks, which fear 150 of its drivers will be forced out of business.

60% of its council-funded school runs is gone.

The Black Cabs play a vital role in the city ferrying disabled and other vulnerable children for the local authority, they have done this for years.

Glasgow Labour Council of shame has switched much of its business to private-hire firms effectively leaving them high and dry.

Danny Ryan, vice-chairman of Glasgow Taxis, said:

“The first we knew that the private-hire firms had been given work previously allocated to us was when some of our drivers who did school jobs arrived at their destinations on Monday morning and saw all the private-hire minicabs unloading their passengers. It was a complete shock”.

What was that about Glasgow Labour Party supporting hard working families?

Ryan added:

“This is such a crucial element of the work undertaken by Glasgow Taxis Ltd that we fear up to 150 drivers will no longer be able to afford to run their cabs. We appreciate the need to cut costs from public expenditure, and are more than willing to discuss with the council how we can help them achieve this, but there was no notice, no negotiation. From our informal enquiries it appears that the councillors themselves were also unaware of this decision.”

This is an example of the new presidential regime of Glasgow Labour leader of shame Gordon ‘free dinners’ Matheson.

He sold out hard working families, couldn’t even be bothered to strike a deal.

As well as Black cabs drivers being unhappy some council employees who chaperone disabled or troubled children to school by taxi are also .

One employee who helps deaf children, said:

“How can our escorts use sign language to speak to children when they are all squashed together in a row in the back of a private-hire car?”

Yet again, the Glasgow Labour Party’s lack of vision impacts on the most vulnerable.

A mouthpiece for the Labour Council of shame defended the cuts:

“The huge financial challenges facing the council mean we must spend the public’s money with the greatest possible care”.

Maybe more should be switched from Labour donors creaming off excessive profits to firms which help disabled kids?

The new presidential style of Gordon ‘free dinners’ Matheson seems to be very much like the former ‘Prince of Powder’ Steven ‘bin laden’ Purcell’s reign of hell.

Now Glasgow Labour Party is disadvantaging sick kids.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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