Saturday, August 14, 2010

Tory Minister Eric Pickles gets revenge on Audit Commission by scrapping it; does anyone have the same cold steel for Audit Scotland?

Dear All

Nothing lasts forever.

In that vein, the people at the Audit Commission should have looked to the future instead of looking short term.

They thought the UK Labour Government wouldn’t be going anywhere soon, how wrong they were proved.

Britain is totally corrupt and the rise of the shadow government, accountable and crony ridden is a major problem.

Eric Pickles has taken decisive action and stepped in to abolish the £200 million-a-year body.

Part of the reason for pulling the trigger is a decade of “shocking” excess which culminated in staff enjoying days out at the races and life coaching at public expense.

The Audit Commission was ineffective and fostered the nanny state by instituting an unnecessarily bureaucratic tick box culture crippling productivty.

The senior echelons of officials of the Audit Commission were dominated by Labour sympathisers which is a hallmark of the quango system right through-out Britain.

Pickles may not be the sharpest tack in the box but you don’t need to be to see what is plainly in front of you, waste and abuse.

These people were always going to be chopped as earlier this year stories emerged that the Audit Commission which is supposed to the politically neutral, paid nearly £60,000 to lobbyists.

The reason for payment was to advise them how to "combat the activities of Eric Pickles", at that time the Tory party chairman.

Like other quangos, the Audit Commission members liked their six figure salaries and junkets, paid for by the taxpayer.

The close is the culmination of Pickles quest that also saw him clash over the salary for the quango’s new chief executive, he vetoed it.

They wanted to pay a proposed salary of £240,000; this is over £100,000 more than the £142,500 David Cameron earns as Prime Minister.

The Quango system and culture rather than enhance Britain has made it more corrupt and unfair, this could be the first real attempt in Britain to tackle the shadow Labour government.

Well done Pickles, sometimes revenge serves the public interest by default.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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