Thursday, August 12, 2010

Labour MP William Bain said he would stand up for the people of Glasgow North East; the actuality is he is a wee shit who abandoned the punters PDQ

Dear All

Remember William Bain saying he would stand up for the people of Glasgow North East to protect them?

The joke was people were gullible enough to believe it twice.

Meanwhile Gordon ‘free dinners’ Matheson tries to shore up a rotten and squalid Labour Council of shame in Glasgow; the people suffer.

Glasgow is fast becoming the Pothole Capital of the world and the place where Labour politicians struggle to move their arses except when they go to the ATM.

The Labour Party in Glasgow has been too busy craving up the city for their personal profit that no one is capable of doing their jobs properly anymore.

The famous saying in the British Army is:

‘Lions led by Donkeys’!

In Glasgow, it is ‘wankers led by useless pricks’!

Pothole-riddled highways are continuing to make life hell for road users in a recent incident put four people in hospital.

A cyclist ended up with his face covered in blood as his bike hit a massive pothole in Springburn Road.

He was treated at Glasgow Royal Infirmary as well as three people in two cars who were also checked over for injuries.

A witness, Marion Kingsley, 46, from Bishopbriggs, said:

“A man was on his push bike. I heard an almighty bang. He went over the handlebars. His face was covered in blood. I called an ambulance. I was on the phone to the emergency services when two cars watching the incident crashed into each other. A black car was in front, it slowed down and a green car went into the back of it. I then asked them to send more ambulances. “There was some amount of damage to the car. One bonnet was bashed in.”

It is time for ‘Man of Pie’ Matheson to put down the knife and fork and pick up the phone.

The pothole which caused the accident is 4.5in deep and 24in long is one of a number on what could soon be the ‘road of death’. 10ft further on from the Grand Canyon are a group of four other more potholes of a similar size and depth.

Why travel to visit the wonders of the world when you can wonder when ‘free dinners’ will get off his arse and earn his big pay packet.

Roads in Glasgow are a disgrace, time to divert money flowing into the pockets of Labour Party donors to road repair.

Springburn Road is a dual carriageway with has a 40 mile per hour limit, vehicles speed down that road to the city centre there is a steep decline as lorries, buses and cars fly past.

Mind you, where is the ‘saviour of Glasgow North East’?

Where’s Labour MP William Bain who said he would fight for Glasgow?

He is too busy trying to become a minister in the next Labour Government, he conned the people of Glasgow North East and gave them a ‘using’.

And they fell for it twice!

Mrs Kingsley also said she is concerned the road remains open after the incident without the pothole being repaired.

She added:

“The road is always busy. It’s worrying that it’s still open. I always say to my son not to go near that pothole.”

Sage advice!

A spokesman for Strathclyde Police said:

“Two road traffic accident reports have been submitted one involving a cyclist and one involving two cars. It would appear from initial inquiries that the two incidents are related.”

A mouthpiece spokesman for Glasgow City Council said:

“It would not be appropriate for us to comment on a police incident at this stage.”

Would it be appropriate to ask when someone is going to get off their arse?

This incident is another timely reminder if you need more that the current Labour control of Glasgow is a determent to the people.

Labour isn’t working, Labour is ripping off Glasgow!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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