Thursday, May 19, 2016

The faith must be kept pure: Stewart Hosie's summer independence role is effectively dead and buried, his mistress, Serena Cowdy says, “I just can't keep my knickers on”, home wrecker SNP Deputy Leader says his daughter is a priority, maybe he should have thought of that before he peeled off his Y fronts

Dear All

Time for a quote:

“I just can't keep my knickers on”.

Firstly, it isn’t me, its Deputy Leader of the Scottish National Party’s new girlfriend Serena Cowdy.

Stewart Hosie effectively traded in his wife for a younger model, it happens, but in life actions can have consequences, one such consequence is that Hosie’s future as the head of the SNP's summer independence drive is now in doubt.

Sometimes a single statement can damn you, in Hosie’s case; the revelation of his possibly future wife is a bridge too far.

Stewart Hosie cannot now head anything, let alone, a SNP's summer independence drive which in my opinion is bogus, it’s a front for the council elections to get voters and activists back on their side.

Hosie has had his fun behind his wife’s back, can’t do anything about that, given his wife’s position in the SNP, this is a running sore, like football, people will choose sides. And given the Cult of the leader in the party, the minions will follow Nicola Sturgeon’s lead, also being the baddie, hard to get the sympathy vote.

In politics, once you are elected, the faith must be kept pure!

Where is the purity, the whiter than white, when the bird you are ploughing into said:

“I just can't keep my knickers on”.

Of course, people live their lives the way they want to, make choices then live with it, you made your bed, now lie in it is so apt.

In another part of the saga, is SNP MP Angus MacNeil, apparently he allegedly had an affair with Serena Cowdy, she moved on, he is yesterday’s man, and now he doesn’t have a wife, he is separated, he will have to look elsewhere for available ‘totty’ on the Island.

I am sure something will turn up.

Scottish Labour has questioned whether Hosie could credibly persuade unconvinced voters about the virtues of independence after the sex scandal burst on to the scene, they should butt out, this is one time bomb waiting to explode, no help needed.

Now, that Serena Cowdy has gorged herself on the flesh of 'the Mujahideen of British politicians', one can only wonder what the future holds, at some point will she switch to the ‘allies’?

Ten years down the road, Stewart Hosie will be 63 or thereabouts, Serena will be about 46 years, given she has issues such as being "nut magnet". Who is to say that when a younger man pops up full of the passion of life, she might decide to jump ship.

Anyone see her wanting to be stuck in Dundee baking cakes?

The SNP confirmed that Mr Hosie and Ms Robison have separated and that their young daughter would continue to be their priority.

Obviously Stewart Hosie has let his priorities slip much like his Y fronts!

Finally, is there anyone else senior in the SNP who is 'living a lie', if so might as well get it now as a 'job lot'.  

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Most of the hierarchy and elected members are now satisfied with their positions of power.
( And the money).
Independence is dead.
Just like that famous parrot.
Not living, dead.

Freddy said...

With luck this will run and run George

Terry Summers said...

How was a story like this kept out of the MSM until after the Holyrood Elections are all the Scottish Editors in the SNP's pocket? Do Fleet Street think the SNP Deputy Leader in a love triangle not deserving of a bit of investigative journalism? I mind seeing a twitter references to a Senior SNP MP having an illicit affair 3 or 4 months ago. Did Private Eye miss out on this too?
What effect would this have had on the Holyrood elections if it had been revealed before polling day.

Anonymous said...

BBC have been very quite over this

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

The thing I like most about this "event" is that it reinforces (if reinforcement is needed) the fact that everything the snp set their hand to turns to ashes. There has to be a limit to how long they can continue to get away with it. The snp "government's" record consists of disaster after catastrophe after monumental embarrassment.

Auld Jock

Terry Summers said...

Hosie to stand down as Deputy Leader, the Cult starting to feed on its own. Lets hope the downhill slide is quick.
This sacrificial offering will not appease the media I hope, there is still the matter of public money being spent providing luxurious accommodation being provided for the purpose of the odious to copulate, i.e. the misuse of public funds'. Will Hosie still be the Mujahadeen of Scottish Politics or will that title go with the deputy Leadership? Who gets the next turn on the bike?