Monday, May 30, 2016

EU REF ROUNDUP: David Cameron facing leadership contest as EU row escalates in Tory Party, vested financial interests back remain campaign; EU appointee Tony Blair wades in to put his tuppence worth in, Stronger In Director Will Straw scaremongers with deportation claims, these people really don’t have a case to defend the anti-democratic EU

Dear All

It is common knowledge that David Cameron will not be seeking a new term as Prime Minister at the next general election.

So, with the Brexit debate raging, the Conservatives are involved in a huge bun fight between David Cameron and Boris Johnson.

Luckily, the people of Scotland have been spared that particularly nonsense crossing the border.

The Conservatives love infighting, and when it comes to leaders, they don’t think twice of stabbing them in the back and getting rid of them.

It’s a Conservative tradition.

Prime Minister David Cameron is facing the prospect of a leadership coup over the EU referendum campaign, as the campaign draws to a close, it is boiling over and spilling into open civil war.

Commons select committee chairman Andrew Bridgen has said more than 50 MPs are ready to move against the Prime Minister, enough to trigger a confidence vote. Once a stalking horse emerges, the Prime Minister will be cooked and badly damaged politically.

Through-out the EU Referendum, both sides have seen bizarre statement thrust in the public domain, the most impressive howler by David Cameron was if we leave it could spark WW3.

Tory MP Nadine Dorries has already sent a letter to the chairman of the party’s backbench 1922 committee calling for a leadership contest, her take on the PM is to accuse him of telling “outright lies.”

Priti Patel, a minister who I have previously blogged on in the past has suggested Cameron was too wealthy to understand the impact of immigration on poorer Brits. I think many would agree with that statement, being poor is no joke, especially when your opportunities are constantly being restricted.

David Cameron made a commitment to cut immigration, so far that commitment isn’t worth the paper it is written on. Over 500 million EU citizens have the right to come and work in the EU, of course 500 million will not all turn up at once, however given that there is a lack of jobs, educational prospects and social mobility for the poor, this represents a major problem.

Rich people like David Cameron say they ‘understand’ that could be true, but could equally be true is the lack of action to fix the problems.

We are told how wonderful the EU is, if that is the case, and the EU is protecting us, could someone explain the Labour riots in France and Belgium?

If the EU is so good can anyone explain why they allow zero hour contracts?

Can the EU explain why it allowed a single person, Angela Merkel to effectively decide European immigration policy in 28 member states?

One in five employees of the EU earn more than the British Prime Minister David Cameron, the phrase ‘EU gravy train’ is a well-known expression.  

As the vote fast approaches, all the vested interests are now being brought out to condemn the Vote Leave campaign, including Labour former Prime Minister Tony Blair. Blair has just been appointed to an EU role, if you missed the ‘job ad’, there wasn’t one!

Oh, and before I forget, 600 rich people have been heralded by David Cameron for their support of a scare story of financial Armageddon.

Once we vote to leave the political control of the EU, we will join EFTA.

One of the most successful non EU members in EFTA is Switzerland, they have rejected EU membership, and their economy is going from strength to strength.

Britain Stronger in Europe campaign director Will Straw recently raised a scare story of deportation.

Will Straw is the son of Jack Straw, so again, another one of the rich.

So, what is the truth of immigration?

The Office for National Statistics estimates 330,000 more people arrived in the UK in 2015 than left, despite the Government pledging to get the figure below 100,000.

Vote Leave to return democracy back to Westminster, to have an enhanced Scottish Parliament, to secure our borders.

At the weekend, I was out in Glasgow making the case to leave, spoke to several people including two Americans who said I had made the case, and if they had the vote they would back leave.

I also did a quick video for them declaring Donald Trump as the logical choice for President of the United States of America.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


S said...

Throw David Cameron OUT,, lying bastard. Vote LEAVE.

Anonymous said...

Spot on George.
Trump will romp home.