Tuesday, May 17, 2016

SNP still a ‘rat ship’, Two senior SNP politicians separate from wives after allegedly having affair with same woman, and in local news, angry Nicola Sturgeon gets another day of miserably thin gruel that is her husband Peter Murrell, no one beating a path to Nicola’s door, it seems the ‘boys’ are hogging all the ‘action’ in the SNP!

Dear All

Some time ago I said that the Scottish National Party was a ‘rat ship’.

In a blog post, dated Monday, March 30, 2015 I wrote:

“I have continually said the Scottish National Party is a ‘rat ship’, the idea of loyalty is alien to them; these people are in for themselves”.

When you act like a rat, the notion of acting for the common good goes right out the window, a rat is always focused on a rat’s desires.

Have a read:

Yesterday, I read that SNP MP Stewart Hosie and his wife SNP MSP Shona Robison have separated; I met Hosie at the Glasgow North East by-election in 2009. Due to a quirk of fate, I found myself promoted from rank and file activist to campaign rooms manager’s assistant. At the time, I said to the guy who asked me that I hadn’t any experience, and that perhaps he should seek someone more experienced.

But no, he wanted me!

So, I became a campaign rooms manager’s assistant, Grant Thoms who was allegedly in charge did a runner and left everyone in the lurch. Previously Thoms was supposed to be the candidate but some of his views on certain issues came to light; and out he went. Next to appear was James Dornan, he didn’t last long either as his history came to light; the final choice was David Kerr.

David Kerr made a decent candidate but he was a man in the wrong place at the wrong time, but he did put in a decent effort on the campaign trail despite handicapped by a lack of campaigning experience.

It was at this campaign that Stewart Hosie got to meet me, one day he says to me, you go do this area, as I like to get out into the trenches, I said okay no problem, only for the my boss to veto that idea stone cold dead by saying, ‘he isn’t going anywhere’. Hosie didn’t make an issue of it and it was left at that, a few days later he bumps into me and asks me, ‘what are you doing’? I said, ‘I am mopping the floor’, when he asked why, I said, well, this is a new building, there is a lot of builder’s dust in the air and I don’t want the people working in the office to breath it in’. To which he replied, ‘good idea’, at that point, I think he understood why I was selected by the campaign rooms manager, I am pro active.

I was told I didn’t answer to no one other than the campaign rooms manager, no matter what position they held in the SNP.

At the end of that campaign, I was also told I was one of the few singled out by Hosie for my efforts in that campaign, although not having been trained up, my side of the operation was run like clockwork, I even had the same people coming back to be in my team through-out the entire campaign.

When I said to the troops lunch will be 45 minutes, and they said they could just take 30, I said I want you to enjoy this by-election, go talk and meet the politicians, and as a side benefit you will work harder. When someone said is this so we work harder that you are doing this, I said no, I want you to have a good time. Being in charge isn’t about being happy, it is making sure that other people who work for you and with you are happy.

As I wrote yesterday on twitter, I was sorry to hear about Stewart Hosie and his wife parting, 20 years of marriage is a long time, and they had a family together, in the SNP, they were described as the ‘Golden couple’’, no one was giving this description to Nicola Sturgeon and her husband Peter Murrell.

In less than 24 hours since the news has broken of the split, we now have in the public domain that two senior SNP politicians are reported to have separated from their wives amid claims they had an affair with the same woman.

One of the MPs is alleged to be Deputy Leader of the SNP Stewart Hosie and the other is alleged to be '3 in a bed' Angus MacNeil.

I met MacNeil in 2008 at the Glasgow East by-election when he declared that he was in charge of the sign in sheets, at the time, I thought what a dick.

Angus went on to find fame with the revelation that he had a ‘3 in a bed’ session with two girls when his wife was up the duff carrying his child!

It is alleged that both had had an affair with Serena Cowdy, an aspiring actress and Westminster journalist.

I have never heard of her but I think that as she works for Parliament's The House magazine, the press will take a much more active interest.

In 2012, I walked away from the SNP because I realised that the party was a ‘rat ship’ filled with horrible nasty small minded people who didn’t have the best interests of the people of Scotland at heart.

As to the alleged antics of Stewart Hosie and Angus MacNeil, disappointed in Hosie but just view MacNeil as I have always done, just a dick!

It is said that MacNeil is estranged from his wife, let’s hope that if there is a divorce she takes him to the cleaners.

As to Serena, she said something very telling on the subject of the end of relationships with previous boyfriends, she wrote:

'It's a bit depressing to think you wasted all that time with a complete loser'.

Poor Angus MacNeil!

I expect that Nicola Sturgeon will be very angry about these revelations coming out, senior Nationalists deserting their wives, possibly lashings of sex with fairly decent educated totty and her on the miserably thin gruel that is her husband Peter Murrell. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


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