Wednesday, May 25, 2016

SNP Faux Outrage, Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon gets slapped down as Muirfield members voted no to women ‘to prove a point’, why don’t you come back again Nicola when one of your MPs gets his dick jammed in someone, mind stand outside, the members don’t want you stinking the place up……. Classless oaf!

Dear All

You may have noticed that just recently Scotland’s unpopular First Minister Nicola Sturgeon decided to wade into the Muirfield golfing row.

Nicola Sturgeon up to her neck with the Stewart Hosie scandal might have seen the golf saga as a ‘useful distraction’ to draw the spotlight on her as a ‘women’s rights champion’ which she isn’t.

Sturgeon opened her mouth, did her angry wee Nat routine, the little dog and pony show which is her trademark and called for the "indefensible" decision of Muirfield Golf Club to reject women as members to be overturned.

The male members under pressure as ‘everyone’ climbed onto the media bandwagon had a moment of pause; then they decided to reject the proposal.

It seems that Nicola Sturgeon lost the argument yet again.

People have the right to choose who they wish to associate with during their leisure time; another important point is that in Scotland, equality is just a word!

Equality as we think we know it doesn’t exist, it’s a myth, a political tool to hoodwink the masses, we are given ‘rights’ but when it comes to exercise those rights, barriers are put up, many people who are working class don’t need to be told about this concept.

Recently I did the Holyrood campaign of Johann Lamont, this is common knowledge, what isn’t common knowledge was how hard I worked in her campaign, however you could make the argument that others worked equally hard.

Unless of course you actually worked on that campaign!

In total, I did about 1/12th of the Constituency all by myself working for Labour and UAS, despite this; I didn’t get a ticket to the Glasgow count from the Pollok CLP. On election night, I did turn up at the count; I got a ticket from another political party.

You might ask given that count passes have to be ordered in advance, how did I know that I wasn’t getting a ticket?

I am a good judge of people, incidentally, some of my fellow ‘colleagues’ weren't too happy to see me at the count. 

Let me explain, when they saw me, they knew at that point, that I already knew that they weren't getting me a ticket. 

I like it when people prove me wrong about them, Pollok CLP didn't!

One thing I raised at Pollok CLP was the need for forward planning, I mention this because the CLP is badly in need of reform!

Did someone do a bigger geographical area than me on the campaign?


Did the 10 people who got tickets turn up more than me?


I am not angry about what happened, I am not angry that while I was campaigning for the Labour candidate on the Sunday, she was at the Celtic V Ross County game, I was there but just to hand out Labour Celt leaflets opposing the Offensive Behaviour at Football Act, later I went back to Govan to continue campaign in my area.

The Labour campaign wasn’t an eye opener for me; the only surprise was the absence of so many elected representatives.

As I keep telling people equality doesn’t exist, if anything does annoy me is getting Labour emails about how hard some people are portrayed as working for the party, either HQ is ignorant of what is going on or there is an assumption that perhaps some people are simply gullible.

We are not in it all together, so when the men decided at the historic East Lothian club to “prove a point”, I totally understand where they are coming from.

Politicians are the worst people to lecture anyone on morals.

Former Scotland rugby player John Douglas, 81, said:

“It wasn’t so much a vote against the ladies as a vote against the media and the press telling us what to do. No-one likes being hammered all the time.”

First Minister Nicola Sturgeon labelled the club’s stance “indefensible”, culture minister Fiona Hyslop said “in terms of our international profile it paints a completely distorted picture of modern ­Scotland”.

Eh excuse me, recently on the BBC Big Debate, a die-hard Nationalist called Alan was complaining about the cronyism, nepotism and corruption in the Nationalists ranks, and you could also throw in the Stewart Hosie betrayal to top it off.
Iain Gray, the former Scottish Labour leader, has tabled a motion at Holyrood calling on the club to reconsider its stance “at the earliest opportunity”.

Meaningless gesture politics!

I wonder if Nicola Sturgeon got the message that was sent by the people of Muirfield?

Basically, it was piss off!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

I like Golf George not that I play it, nor would i be a member of a club if i did take it seriously . However Peter Allis' comments about the ladies of Muirfield come to mind in that lots of them probably don't want to be members.

Anonymous said...

All SNP branches have been ordered to do 50/50 on candidates.
Regardless of compentacy.
What I can't understand is the men seem to be agreeing.
So, you're an imbecile but you're also female and that gets you a candidacy.

Sherbie. said...

WELL DONE MUIRFIELD,,,, tell Sturgeon to mind her own fuckin business. Are there any WOMEN ONLY clubs in Scotland too. This useless jerk will say anything to get her GOB in the paper.

Anonymous said...


Willie Rennie said...

Can we not just all sit down with a nice cup of tea and have a good blether.