Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Standing on the shoulder of corpses, Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond seizes his chance to hog the limelight over the Chilcot inquiry, former SNP leader sharpens up his SNP grievance monkey on pro Putin anti Westminster Russia Today news channel, it’s all about Salmond as he screams ‘I want, I want, want’

Dear All

When Governments setup inquiries, the result is written in advance; then the usual suspects are trotted out from opposition parties to condemn.

All Government inquiries are generally regarded as a ‘whitewash’.

The Chilcot Inquiry into the Iraq War will be no different; you might say why that is and how is that possible?


No Westminster Government will take legal action against a former Prime Minister…… less the same thing happens to them about any intervention they take part in comes back to haunt them.

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond has said the inquiry into the Iraq War should "impeach" former Prime Minister Tony Blair.

Salmond is the SNP's foreign affairs spokesman, he is treading water till the end of his political career, he thinks he is a statesman like Henry Kissenger, but he isn’t he is a buffoon.

Blair will not be "held to account" under the statutes of the International Criminal Court or any other court because it is highly doubtful that it will be proven he deliberately fabricated evidence in order to take the UK to war.

Tony Blair followed George W Bush on the crusades, a lot of people died because of his stupidity, when the ‘dodgy dossier’ was produced and found to be a fraud, the attitude was ‘sorry, how was I to know’.

In this country we do still have an intelligence service; they must have had serious doubts about the Iraqi who wrote it.

Blair honoured a commitment made to then US President George Bush, previously he was Bill Clinton’s pal, when American politics changed; Blair seamlessly jumped into bed with Bush.

Sir John Chilcot's report is 2.6 million-words.

And the verdict will be ‘lessons need to be learned’, this is the standard whitewash response to inquiries, it is the running joke, just say ‘bad communication’, ‘bad practices’, ‘failure of the security services’ and ‘lessons need to be learned’.

I have done Chilcot’s report in 14 words, he took 2.6 million because he needs to pad it out and make it lengthy to give the impression he has done something.

I wonder how much money was spent on Chilcot wasting 7 years of his life producing ‘nothing of worth’.
Given that Alex Salmond is a falling star, he took to doing a TV interview for Russia Today's Going Underground programme.

The BBC aren’t very big on SNP grievance monkey politics but the pro Putin Russia Today certainly is, anything to undermine the Westminster Government.

Salmond said:

"I believe that Prime Minister Blair pre-committed himself to war, in the Crawford ranch at some point, there was a pre-commitment that he would go, with George Bush into Iraq, come what may. If Chilcot establishes that, then everything that happened after that – that is the tampering with the evidence, the fabrication of evidence, the presentation of arguments which turned out to be spurious – all of that, by definition, was there to provide a justification for a decision that had already been made"

He added:

"If Chilcot identifies that, then the person who would take responsibility is the then prime minister, if there's a body of evidence. Now what we have to see is whether Chilcot provides that body of evidence. You know, I want it to impeach the prime minister, I want it to impeach him in Parliament."

There you have it at the end, it’s all about Salmond wanting to grandstand in Parliament, it’s ‘I want, I want, I want’, nothing to do with the interests of the United Kingdom and everything to do with Salmond personally.

Since I don’t have a dog in this fight, I will say that Chilcot will probably be a ‘whitewash’ and Salmond will try and hog the limelight, mind you he is doing so on the back of corpses and giving people false hope.

Alex Salmond is a huge embarrassment to Scotland, he is now using the dead, the living gave up on him a long time ago.  

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 


Freddy said...

I mean Russian TV is after all a bastion of democratic thought George :) As you say just another self aggrandising onanist .

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

I agree that Salmond is an embarrassment. For him to accuse others of lying and manipulation is simply ludicrous. For him to imagine that anyone cares what he claims to think about anything is delusional.

I am no student of politics so I will ask you the question. Can you think of a Scottish politician who has been a more prolific peddler of lies, disinformation and criminal recklessness with the wellbeing of others, including generations as yet unborn?

While we are about it, we hear that the saintly Nicola is planning a reshuffle of her "cabinet". That means we will have a dud selecting people from a palette of duds. Allegedly, she is going to "focus on the economy" and intends to appoint a "minister" for that task. Apparently, swinney is to continue as the finance "minister". That will get us a dud who focusses on the economy but has no responsibility for finance and a dud who buggers around with finance but has no responsibility for the economy. What could possibly go wrong with any of that?

At least Nicola will never run out of duds to choose from.

Auld Jock

Anonymous said...

Very quite about the Hollie Greig cover up though