Friday, June 12, 2015

SNP Convenor Brian Smith accused of trolling Charles Kennedy weeks before his death is forced to resign, information in the public domain suggests he was close friends with Ian Blackford, the SNP candidate; Blackford should be made persona non grata at Westminster

Dear All

As a former member of the Scottish National Party, I found out as I went along to meetings at the Pollok SNP branch that I was regarded as an outsider.

Because I had the ability to have my opinions, I wasn’t accepted.

Later on, I discovered that the SNP is really a cult in the way it operates, it doesn’t stand for fairness, equality and social justice.

Under Alex Salmond and unpopular Nicola Sturgeon, the ‘seeds of hatred’ had been sown against people and specifically politicians. Salmond and Sturgeon stood at Conferences blaming the English under the guise of using the term ‘Westminster’ for all Scotland ills.

When I stood as an independent candidate in the Govan by-election, I was abused at the polling station by spomeone who I knew as the organiser of Pollok SNP, Neil McDonagh, who wanted to start an argument, then, the SNP complained to the polling station staff about me ‘hassling’ people.

When the staff came out, I informed them of what went and later the Police turned up, so I had a word with them. Later on the same troublemaker appeared at the council count which John Kane of the Labour Party was the eventual winner. 

I came 7th out of 14 people standing.

Oh how the SNP looked so unhappy, they banked on winning and me doing rather badly.

When John Kane gave his victory speech, I stayed like the other candidates to listen, the SNP walked out; it was a nasty petty display.

The fact of the matter is, the SNP is a nasty vicious party and what happened to me is something done in isolation.

2015 saw what was one probably one of the most vicious political election campaigns in Scotland for decades by the SNP. Opposition candidates were targeted in Glasgow, Margaret Curran was specifically targeted, in the Ross, Skye and Lochaber seat, the Nationalists targeted on Charles Kennedy.

Charles Kennedy wasn’t a well man, during his campaign, his father passed away, but despite all of that the SNP hounded him leading to his death. Former policeman Brian Smith called Kennedy a “drunken slob” and a “Quisling”, and as per the norm, it was suggested that he was a traitor to Scotland.

Brian Smith was very much a centre piece in getting Ian Blackford, the SNP candidate elected.

Now, Smith has been forced to resign from the SNP to bury the story of bad PR against the Nationalists. A National newspaper found out far from being just an normal member, he was close friends with Blackford.

The abuse he dished out was so high volume and never ending in the run-up to the election that Kennedy’s campaign team was forced to employ staff to monitor his own Facebook page, from which Smith was blocked.

Charles Kennedy has been laid to rest today, he was one of Scotland’s great politicians, he didn’t deserve what happened to him, he didn’t deserve to be targeted.

The death of Charles Kennedy will not end the abuse of the cybernats are seen by many as the real face of the SNP led by Nicola Sturgeon.

Scotland is at war, Charles was a casualty of a war, he is the highest profile casualty but he won’t be the last, and in this war, no prisoners are taken.

Brian Smith was a Convenor in the SNP when his pal Blackford won, Smith tweeted:

‘You drunken slob Kennedy. Lies, smears and deceit didn’t work. Bye!!!’

Brian Smith maybe gone, but there are many more like him in the Scottish National Party, and personally known to Nicola Sturgeon.

Interestingly, it has been pointed out to me that Brian Smith is an ex Police Officer, perhaps the Police need to visit him and discuss his online activities.

Yours sincerely

George Laird 
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

They are just scum George and the fact that Sturgeon , Salmond and the rest have allowed this to go on shows more about them and the standard of morality they have.

Auld Jock said...

I am mystified here. If what was visited upon Charles Kennedy had been done anywhere other than online it would have been contrary to law. Is internet abuse lawful or what? What we need here is for a group of these loony trolls to be prosecuted. If that happened, the others would melt away. They do it because they think they can get away with it.

Anonymous said...

The pressure is not just on Brian Smith, as what did Ian Blackford SNP MP know of his activities?

Mr Blackford socialised with Brian Smith, made him the Convenor for his Skye and Lochalsh Branch, they live close to each other, follow each other on Facebook and Twitter, and they and their wives socialise together, and yet Mr Blackford has claimed;

"He had never seen any of the messages."

I believe him!

After all Mr Smith was only working in Mr Blackfords Campaign office!

"His abuse was so prolific in the run-up to the election that Mr Kennedy’s campaign team was forced to employ staff to monitor his own Facebook page.Former Labour Energy Minister Brian Wilson revealed that Mr Kennedy was taunted by SNP loyalists to such an extent that he had to hire a full-time employee to monitor the online abuse"

Brian Smith has refused to comment on the online remarks, but insisted he had not acted with Mr Blackford’s approval.

I'll leave folk to draw their own conclusions....

However as Brian Smith is a former Police Officer, surely his pension must be forfeit for this, as to qualify. If the latter is the case recipients of a Police Pension are still required to be of good character and that bearing his mind his on-line harassment and general behaviour can be interpreted as bringing the Police Service into disrepute, then his pension should be withdrawn (subject to his own contributions being returned to him)

As Brian Smith would never have "been spoken to" and pushed to resign if Charles Kennedy had not died, then obviously the SNP doesn't think this sort of behaviour is unacceptable in itself. As the statement makes clear this just to deflect any flack away from Blackford.

Cynicism and hypocrisy in the ranks of the SNP rule.

Anonymous said...

I must say the Nazi SNP have many rogue members it seems. A bit like UKIP but on steroids. I have nothing but utter contempt for these clowns. They seem to be seeking attention from their superiors in the party. Hoping for some sort of recognition by acting viscously against the vulnerable. Talk about kicking someone when they're down. You couldn't get any lower than in this case with Charles Kennedy. The similarity with the SNP and 1930's Germany is striking. It's actually quite alarming the political tide in Scotland.

My friend died several years ago in almost identical circumstances. He was the nicest bloke you could imagine. Not a bad bone in his body. We knew he had a problem. He knew. To slander a vulnerable man in this position is a very cowardly thing to do. This Brian Smith is a fucking arsehole and a coward.

This is the thing. All members of political parties that are deemed to have stepped out of line are forced to resign. Who cares. Unfortunately the damage has been done by then and the party washes their hands of the issue. "Not our problem anymore mate : We've done our bit". In the case of Charles Kennedy, his poor family may have to deal with this also, in their search for closure.

There are many political calls to resign and mostly it's just bullshit. Like that Moslem Yousaf and David Coburn. All you hear from people like Yousaf, is islamophobia crocodile tears. Makes you want to vomit. The issue with this Brian Smith is very different indeed. His family must be really proud of him.

Anonymous said...

And he posted under a pseudonym. I thought anyone associated with a political party had to show their true identity. Whether that's a legal issue or not I have no idea.

Ian Blackford is in full retreat mode, denying any official contact with Smith.

What is truly worrying is that senior members of the SNP are involved in this online abuse.

One point to consider: Alisatir Carmichael quite rightly is under investigation over the leak. Allegedly Brian Smith was tweeting abuse about Charles Kennedy prior to the election. Does that not come under the same rules, regarding allegations about a political candidate which could affect their standing?

Online abuse by anyone is out of order, but for a former police officer, it is unforgivable.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

You sound like a bitter wee soul.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
You sound like a bitter wee soul.

and you sound like a condescending SNP cockwomble


Anonymous said...

Resign from what ???
Were is his hardship?
It is a disgrace that via the use of this medium, you seem to get away with regular breaches of the swearing and vicious vitriolic shouting etc...that if you did this out in the public may be arrested, charged, fined and have a criminal record...that could blight your job, your job prospects and your life....really the politicians NEED TO CHANGE THE LAW ON INTERNET< SOCIAL MEDIA

Anonymous said...

Shooting your neck out because of someone swearing is ridiculous. I would swear to someones face as would most people with a spine, if the situation called for it. If someone is a fucking twat then that's pretty much the size of it.

We all know the SNP are just trying to close all forms of free speech, including swearing now it seems. The reason ? Immigrants. You desperately want immigration but don't want the sectarian results to continue with the Moslems. This is the reason for the constant vilification of the Rangers, media manipulation and singling out certain people for example - to pave the way for an influx of immigrants who by default will follow Islam.

You clamp down on anyone who threatens your multicultural utopia. Well look around Europe. Multiculturalism has failed and failed miserably. A bunch of your party have nothing to do with Scotland - have no Scot's heritage. It's a disgrace. How can someone be a countries Nationalist when their gene pool's from the other side of the globe ; or English for that matter, in Scotland's case ? It's a joke. We all know the motives and they're ulterior, financial or both.

Joe public will soon realise the SNP aren't a real political party. You're like a dose of the clap - a bunch of irritating twats. The SNP have peaked. It's downhill from here. Multiculturalism in our country is becoming rumbled. You guys are toast and I can't wait to see the look on your leader Salmond's face again when you fall. He was almost in tears that day when you all failed in your quest for independence. I have a cheeky wee malt ready.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with your opinion on this matter Mr. Laird, apparently it was said that Blackford was told to stay away from the burial.

Anonymous said...

Resign from what ???
Were is his hardship?
It is a disgrace that via the use of this medium, you seem to get away with regular breaches of the swearing and vicious vitriolic shouting etc...that if you did this out in the public may be arrested, charged, fined and have a criminal record...that could blight your job, your job prospects and your life....really the politicians NEED TO CHANGE THE LAW ON INTERNET< SOCIAL MEDIA]]]

hahaha WHAT about the abuse of Jim Murphy now this.

You have a fucking cheek


Anonymous said...

Refer to Radio Scotland breakfast show, when Blackford said Brian Smith was his guardian angel. This was just before the election.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

There is a rumble of disquiet amongst those who I would describe as "true nationalists". These are the individuals who have a genuine desire for independence, but are pragmatic enough to realise that there are difficulties in going.

Some of them are also highly critical of some of the Scottish Government policies, the two main ones being the Named Person and the proposed sharing of NHS data.

For these supporters to be so critical emphasises the problem with the SNP. It is out of control. It is also noticeable that many of these people are now posting less and less. No doubt they are starting to feel the eyes of the cybernats upon them.

Party convenors are free it seems to heap untold levels of abuse at their opponents, including verbal abuse in a city centre with children around. Online things are worse. Not only the SNP, but those most recently uncovered are political candidates or highly placed party appartchiks. They cannot simply be "bad apples" within the party. There must be some sort of organisation behind this all.

The SNP supporters are always quick to make a complaint to the police about others. Let's have a complaint made against Brian Smith, so that the police can seize his computer equipment and seem what is really happening.

Cralphy said...

The SNP hate free speech. If an SNP politician wanted to criticise Salmond's/Sturgeon's dictatorship cult, they would have to resign first. As the 2 former SNP councillors from Lanarkshire, who both resigned in February said, "THERE IS A DARK VEIL OF SECRECY OVER THE DEMOCRATIC PROCESS, EMINATING FROM SNP HEADQUARTERS". Free speech is not on, and is being restricted by the day. Sinister days ahead in Dictatorship Scotland,,, another Northern Ireland???? No wonder people are selling up and leaving.

Sherbie. said...

Nicola Sturgeon said she "NEVER KNEW" that "her close friend" Bill Walker was a serial wife beating thug, yet Sturgeon's husband Peter Murrell knew back in 2008. I DON'T believe what Sturgeon said,, she knew alright!! Now,, we have SNP MP, (huh), Ian Blackford saying that he NEVER KNEW that hateful SNP convener Brian Smith was sending Charles Kennedy messages,, I DON'T BELIEVE YOU IAN BLACKFORD,, NOT A SINGLE WORD,, and to think prople voted for this hateful party. Yuk.

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"You sound like a bitter wee soul."

Telling the truth doesn't make you bitter, it only makes you factual.

Maybe you should start the assessment of yourself.


Anonymous said...

We all need to realise, just how dangerous and evangelical the SNP movement has become and the type of people who are running it, who seem hell bent on pushing Scotland into a one party dictatorship, we need to tell everyone about this and warm them of what is happening before it's too late.

The SNP are now under the control of an inner circle of thugs, zealots and separatists - they need to be stopped and thrown out of office as soon as possible, by those of us still clear headed enough to realise what is going on and just how dangerous the SNP has become.


11nytram11 said...

The SNP accused the Lib-Dems of conducting a smear campaign against them because Alistair Carmicheal allowed a memo he believed to be true to be leaked from the Scotland Office, he then denied knowledge of it before admitted he authorised the leak. They now demand that he resign and that his constituency have a by-election because, they claim, voters didn't what he did and might have voted against him if they had. They've even crowd-funded to take him to court to get him to do this.

Ian Blackford accused Charles Kennedy of trying to smear him just because Kennedy drew attention to his past as a banker from Edinburgh in one comment on Facebook or Twitter then permitted a prolonged coordinated smear campaign to be conducted against Kennedy. Brian Smith spent endless hours doing nothing but attacking Kennedy personal and trying to damaged his character and his reputation. Blackford knew Smith personally, they followed each other on social media, he appeared at a Burns Supper hosted by Smith, and he rewarded Smith by promoting him be Convener of the SNP's Skye and Lochalsh branch. There is no concievable way that Blackford couldn't have been at least aware of what Smith was doing yet he allowed it to continue and now claim he knew nothing about it.

If the SNP were to be held to the same standard they demand of their opposition then Blackford should resign or be forced to resign and Ross, Skye and Lochabor should have a by-election.