Thursday, June 11, 2015

‘Fake Scot’ Angus Robertson of the SNP wants to amend the new Scotland Bill to allow full fiscal autonomy, this is a move designed to wreck the economic security of the United Kingdom, if SNP want to play silly political games with people’s lives, let’s introduce pain into the equation and remove some powers

Dear All

To show how much contempt the Scottish National Party has for the people of Scotland, they are willing to destroy Scotland’s life line services to the people.

‘Fake Scot’’ Angus Robertson wants to amend the new Scotland Bill to allow Holyrood to bring in full fiscal autonomy.

This would be a financial disaster of mega proportions that would put Scotland form in the same bracket as Greece.

The Nationalists have submitted an amendment to make MSPs responsible for taxation, borrowing and public expenditure north of the border.

Given the quality of Scotland’s MSPs who are regarded as second class politicians of limited ability, this proposal by the SNP at Westminster will be voted down!

It is an amendment which has no chance of success because it is all about creating division not helping Scotland make its way in the economic world.

Angus Robertson challenged the Labour Party to back their bid to bring in “meaningful new powers for Scotland”, they should do what David Cameron did to Angus Robertson, tell him to fuck off.

The SNP ran a campaign for Westminster based on deceit, yesterday they didn’t want an inquiry into FFA despite the fact; it was a central plank of the SNP’s general election manifesto campaign.

To the Nationalists, this is all a game; and one that the Unionist parties should ignore, the more people who refuse to do business with the Nats the better Scotland’s prospects will be.

How are the SNP going to fix the black hole of a funding gap of £7.6 billion?

The SNP want to jack up taxes, Scotland would become the highest taxed place in the UK, and we would see no difference to the services in Scotland. Despite the Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) warnings that the SNP want to press ahead but I suspect this is more show than policy.

Only a fool would destroy a country.

And the news just got worse for the SNP as ‘Scotland’s oil’ as the SNP describe it has taken a sever battering as a new report suggested that oil revenues will almost be wiped out.

So, in the real world, the SNP don’t have any credibility whatsoever, they think the UK could be their proxy piggy bank, when they crash the economy, the English will simply write a cheque.

Life doesn’t work that, and the people of Scotland should release that once the money dries up, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon would then go the way of trying to get loans to bail her out, this would be like quicksilver and speed Scotland towards even greater disaster and debt. 

It is a moved designed to wreck the UK.

The independent Office of Budget Responsibility predicts tax revenues from oil and gas will be just £2 billion from 2020/21 to 2040/41 down from its original projection of £37 billion. Oil is not the way to base the success of your country on, you need a mixed economy and the SNP cannot provide the circumstances to enable that to happen.

OBR director Robert Chore described the fall as “dramatic”.

If Angus Robertson amendment was voted through everything would get hit, then the SNP would whip up anti English hatred saying that the English deliberately forced FFA through too soon.

This amendment is the same old SNP tactic of grudge, grievance and malcontent.

56 SNP MPs at Westminster who were supposed to ‘stand up for Scotland’, but the reality is that they are solely standing up for SNP interests.

Someone should teach them a lesson, and use the Scotland bill to take back some powers so that Scotland can build new nuclear power stations.

If people want to play games, let them play but let’s introduce pain and see how long and how much the can take before they break.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

This is a point scoring exercise. Now they can say "we tried and Westminster blocked us again". They now know full well that the UK will not give them FFA. No responsible government would give their blessing to damage their own country. You wouldn't let kids play with sharp things nor give whisky to Indians. Why give anything to the SNP likely to harm the rest of us. Come to think of it, I wouldn't give anything sharp to Angus Robertson either.

Have you noticed that ALL of the SNP in the spotlight, look like the sort of people that would hammer nails in with spanners. Just thinking like.

Cameron has to look out for the rest of us non SNP Jocks. Not all of us are treasonous scum. I done my 12 years for Queen and country, like my proud relatives before me, in WW1&2. I'm proud to be British and my flag is first the Union flag. I just happen to be born in Scotland. My Son was born in England. The SNP can GTF. Rule Britannia.

I reckon the SNP have given up achieving anything useful this side of Holyrood 16 down South. I reckon everything they do, will be to keep their scummy hoard full of hate for everything "Westminstery", so they keep the vote and support up here for next year.

Terry Summers said...

I have a suggestion for a SNP slogan for 2015, 'Alba to Albania, one quick step, vote FFA'.
What if the Bluffers bluff is called, we would all be looking at a base tax rate of around 37p in the £, or severe cutbacks in public expenditure. I'm with George Kerevan on this one, economic suicide.

G Laird said...


This call for FFA is a sham, the SNP know that they won't get this, it is a stunt, they don't want it.


Anonymous said...

I hope the Tories abstain and the vote goes through.

Apparently the SNP's intention is that we in England are meant to write the cheque until the oil price picks up so that the SNP can decide to either push for FFA or call another referendum.

Completely and utterly sick of the SNP and their demands. Feel really sorry for the Scots who voted against them but unfortunately it looks like you are turning into a one party state.

Auld Jock said...

There will, of course, be no question of mr salmond having anything to do with the Westminster clique of the snp making this move. In addition, the fact that ms sturgeon is currently out of the country will be mere coincidence. Unfortunately, it doesn't matter what anyone in the snp claims is "policy" because a U-turn is often just around the corner. That said, ms sturgeon appeared to opine recently that FFA would take many years. There has to be a chance that, when wee nippy comes home, someone will ask her who is running the snp. Indeed, she will have to decide whether she should adopt the snp Westminster clique's statement of "policy" or return to her previous statement. Put another way, she either accepts that she has been publicly sidelined or attempts to reassert her "authority". If she does not take control back, then we will be heading towards the scenario I mentioned some time ago. That would entail snp supporters having to decide, next year, whether to vote for the sturgeon branch of the snp or the salmond branch. Of course, by then, the two branches may be formally in place as separate entities rather than different strands of opinion in the same party. I have to say that this is much more fun to watch than the nightmare that was the referendum campaign.

Anonymous said...

Like the other anon, I've done my bit in the Armed Forces, and one of my kids was also born in England.

As I've pointed out before, the SNP message is confusing. It's all about division and the effort to is to avoid any sort of responsibility whatsoever. That is why Sturgeon jumped from Health just before things started going tits up.

Robertson is so shallow it's unreal. This man is supposed to be leading the SNP, and supposedly speaking for everyone in Scotland? The SNP have absolutely no interest whatsoever in those who voted for them, let alone the rest.

What happened to the 18 months it would take if the Yes camp won last September? Now it's going to take years to get the economy and finances in place.

All bloody lies and we're stuck with these numpties at Westminster for the next 5 years.

Anonymous said...

more unicorn pish Georgie boy.

BTW are you having a fund to get you elected?


G Laird said...

Hi Crookie

I haven't a fund to get me elected, in my last election campaign, I scrapped together £100 for 5,000 leaflets and did all the work myself. I only had 18 days to do my campaign but managed to get 103 votes and came 7 out of 14 in the face of hate campaigns by Nicola's crew.

Council election is in 2017, time to start getting my pennies together.


Anonymous said...

Count on £250 minimun to get your campaign moving George.
Would be good to see you employed in the City Chambers.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Mr Laird you should consider an online 'Crowd-funder'

G Laird said...

Hi Anon

"Would be good to see you employed in the City Chambers."

I think the SNP wouldn't like that, I would tear down their policies to show them up as inept.


Auld Jock said...

It will be apparent, from my posts, that I would like to see the snp implode sooner rather than later. They are unbelievably inept, to the point where even when they "win", they lose. They "won" a majority in Hollyrood in 2011 and quickly exposed themselves as a very poor "government". They "won" the right to have a referendum and then lost the vote. They "won" a slew of seats at Westminister and proceeded to cause so much nausea amongst the other MPs that they have made the prospect of getting a further Section 30 order for yet another referendum extremely unlikely for at least a generation. As George has said, the snp is irrelevant in the grand scheme of things. I find it extremely difficult to see ms sturgeon holding the snp together for long enough to have any prospect of getting another pop at independence. And yes, like others posting above, I was an infantry soldier a long time ago.

George, can you give us an opinion about the tensions currently present in the snp, please? I get the sense of the snp being like a lot of dogs fighting in a bag.

Stuart 64W said...

Oh what a hoot Jim Fairlie former deputy leader of the SNP comes out against FFA!

This from 'The letters page of the 'National'....

June 13th, 2015 - 12:43 am  The National Readers

DESPITE two of the recently elected SNP MPs, Tommy Sheppard and George Kerevan, both claiming that full fiscal autonomy (FFA) would be "economic suicide", the party's supporters, following the lead of the First Minister, continue to demand the implementation of FFA.

George Kerevan's assertion came within 24 hours of having been elected on a platform of the "immediate implementation of FFA" therefore, to say there is confusion in the ranks is to put it mildly.

The SNP has absolutely no credibility on the issue of currency, largely as a consequence of the public statements of Alex Salmond when he was First Minister. The party has gone from supporting a Scottish currency, to supporting entry to the euro (condemning sterling as "a millstone around Scotland's neck"), to demanding a sterling currency union, with the rUK with the Bank of England as the "lender of last resort", in the event of Scotland becoming independent.

FFA is simply another version of the currency union the SNP demanded during the independence referendum, based on Salmond's contention that "fiscal policy is the main driving force of any modern economy". Your editorial of June 12 ('The benefits of full fiscal autonomy make it worth ignoring the prophets of doom') does your readers no favours by helping to foster the illusion of FFA being possible in a currency union. In any well-run economy, fiscal and monetary policy complement each other, they do not compete with each other, as they would have to do if the Scottish Government controlled taxation while the Bank of England controlled the currency.

For a start, the Bank of England would set interest rates to suit London and the south-east of England, as they have always done. That would immediately cause problems for the fiscal policies of a Scottish government which sought to expand the economy by borrowing, the limits for which would have been settled by prior agreement. It is no accident that Scottish economic growth rates have lagged behind the UK average by 0.5% each year for the past 30 years. As the UK rate includes Scotland, the actual difference is greater. Neither is it any accident that pressure has been mounting in the euro-zone to effect greater centralised control of fiscal policy. The rUK government and the Bank of England will learn from the mistakes of the euro-zone, if the SNP don't.

Just as the SNP made a hash of the independence referendum on the issue of a Scottish currency, they are making a stick to break their own back with their obsession with FFA, albeit they intend to kick it into the long grass along with independence.

Jim Fairlie

Anonymous said...

Just a wee side line.

Jim Fairlie was a teacher in Perth High School when I was there. He was a damn good teacher and never heard a bad word. I wasn't in his class though. I was too stupid for that.

Eric Joyce was there in Perth High also at that time. He had an issue with Mrs Milburn Physics. I best not elaborate but he did the right thing that day. "Your famous Joycee". Mrs Milburn was not from this planet though. Something missing. When I had her a year later she insisted we use 10m/s2 for acceleration due to gravity. I much preferred 9.81 as we used in the Engineering Science dept. She went ballistic the dizzy cow. No sense of humour when I told her she was very average.