Thursday, June 4, 2015

International affairs and domestic affairs, SNP MP Angus Robertson gets the tone spectacular wrong regard the refugee crisis in the Mediterranean, on domestic matters Nationalists are prepared to order ‘Blitzkreig’ to ‘bully’ elderly MP pensioner out of his seat, the lie of unpopular Nicola Sturgeon about working positively at Westminster exposed again

Dear All

The leader of the ‘feeble 56’, at Westminster, ‘fake Scot’ Angus Robertson has decided to venture into foreign affairs. Robertson has gone all fuzzy over the Mediterranean refugee crisis.

In a bizarre intervention at Prime Minister’s Questions, Robertson used the crisis to claim the UK has an “appalling record” compared to this country taking in the victims of the Nazis.

Of course, it should be pointed out that Jewish people and others fled the Nazis because of torture and murder. This is hugely different than people being currently trafficked in the Med who are just economic migrants.

In a fit of misguided self indignation against Europe, he stated it was a “stain on the conscience of Europe that thousands and thousands of refugees have been dying in the Mediterranean when many lives could have been saved.”

The point, which is relevant here, is that the UK and other EU countries don’t get advance noticed of the criminality of the economic migrants whose sole aim is to escape poverty via illegal immigration.

I would also seriously suggest that ‘fake Scot’ Angus Robertson who doesn’t have any responsibility and therefore can talk the most pathetic rubbish is engaged in a point scoring exercise.

Petty politics although amusing isn’t to be taking seriously at all, in fact, the more Angus Robertson talks the more watered down his bile becomes, people get de-sensitised to the cry of ‘wolf’.

David Cameron who previously silently mouthed to Robertson, ‘will you fuck off’, replied that the Libyan government need to act with other nations so that the economic migrants can be returned to Africa.

He added:

“In the meantime everything Britain can do as a moral and upstanding nation to save lives we will do. We should be proud that we are doing.”

Robertson responded:

“Why does the Prime Minister think it is fair for Sweden and for Germany and other countries to accept refugees while the UK turns its back on them.”

Firstly, they aren’t asylum seekers, second, they are criminals and thirdly, they are economic migrants and as such they have no legal basis to claim asylum.

As David Cameron retorted:

“We have record of giving asylum in this country that we should be proud of. When people are fleeing torture and persecution they can find a home in Britain. Let’s be clear, the vast majority of people who are setting off into the Mediterranean are not asylum seekers. They are people seeking a better life. They have been tricked and fooled by criminal gangs and our role should be going after those criminal gangs, sorting out the situation in Libya. Turning back those boats where we can and making sure with our generous aid budget that this Government achieved – that we use that money to mend the countries from which these people are coming that is our moral responsibility.”

‘Fake Scot’ Angus Robertson is just an embarrassment, no one takes him seriously, he comes across as  petty and small minded, his points in my mind on this Med crisis issue are the rank nonsense that you would hear at a student union.

If you take his demented view and open up the floodgates to accept all comers then you would see terrorists, murderers and rapists; just waltz on by to set up shop here.

Britain needs to protect its borders at all times.

Apparently ‘Sein Fein’ SNP gets to ask two questions at Prime Minister’s Questions, so we can expect the most puerile and infantile rubbish to be spout by Angus Robertson as he tries assert the Nationalists are a force.

The latest ‘military’ action from the SNP is the fight by its 56 MPs to take the Commons seat of an old age pensioner called Dennis Skinner.

It seems entirely possibly that ‘fake Scot’ Angus Robertson will play a key role as the Nationalist leader in the upcoming Blitzkreig against Skinner. There is to be a major escalation in the Commons over seating apparently, the rules of the Commons state that no one can reserve a seat, so having a row over who sits where is absolutely pointless.

To show what kind of dross has been allowed to be SNP MPs, the leadership is willing to order MPs to get into Parliament at 7am to play silly games. What kind of asshole is willing to humiliate and debase themselves; as little more than a seat warmer?

Will Angus Robertson use MPs in the winter to sit on a toilet seat to get it warm for him?

To further show how pathetic their thought processes are, instead of making a complaint to the Speaker John Bercow and be seen to be working within the rules, the SNP are said to favour what is termed ‘direct action’ like a student union politics. Expect the nonsense of clapping to continue to stir up trouble and show contempt for the Speaker and inane drivel as the SNP try to pass them selves off as ‘Statesman’ with smug Salmond letting his goons make fools of themselves while he sits there smirking.

Some clown said:

"We can march our MPs to get in at 7am every day. We can block every Labour change in committees. There is a lot we can do."

And the rules can be re-written to put a stop to it.

It is one thing to be a bad loser; however, it is entirely a different kettle of fish to be a bad winner.

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon in the election parroted some crap that ‘Sein Fein’ SNP would be and act constructively at Westminster.

I guess her word doesn’t mean shit, people should have expected this; Sturgeon is utterly common and displays a startling lack of class!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

All i can reasonably say is twat George and i fear that is being unkind to some twats :)

Anonymous said...

Angus Robertson has obviously had a personality and sense of humour bypass at birth.

Can't see it being long before he's replaced by slimy Salmond.

Anonymous said...

Robertson out of touch as usual. Where the hell are we going to house these people?

Don't get me wrong, I can understand why economic migrants would want to try and escape poverty, but we are an island nation and simply do not have the space or resources.

Back to resources for migrants. Robertson should have a word with is Holyrood counterparts. Hairmyres Hospital in East Kilbride, which serves over 90,000 people and a huge area, is about to close the out of hours GP services due to a lack of resources. This means that people will be required to either travel to Monklands in Airdrie or Hamilton. The only public transport is the 201 bus, which is hourly in the evenings and non-existent after 11pm. It takes the bus 2 hours to get to Airdrie, and the location of the GP services in Hamilton is out of the way of the bus route. People will simply go to A&E. If they do get to Monklands and end up being admitted, then they are bloody miles from home.

This is the Scottish Government's fault. No resources and Robertson wants the UK to take in thousands upon thousand of refugees?

The man and his party do not have a bloody clue.

Also I see Salmond is back to being an arse, with his most definitely sexist comments to the minister. I've listened to his speech and it was awful. Some voters must now be wondering what the hell they did a few weeks ago.

Anonymous said...

I will second Freddys Twat and raise him with fucking twa

Anonymous said...

Angus Robertson is a big banker too I think. Why does he not put a hundred up in his garden being so concerned. Auld pallets and crates and they'll have a wee thriving Calais camp a la Robertson and the SNP. In fact if they all take 100, that's 5,600 sorted. Then he can shut TFU.

One thing, you wouldn't tire of kicking Angus Robertson. The thing I can't figure is why the hell did so many vote for these arseholes ? If you build a political party, you try and get the best. Why did they pick losers like this twat ? There's loads more other losers in the SNP too, like Ahmed Sheikh. She has nothing to do with Scotland other than latching on to get into our politics. Islam infiltration of our Scottish parliament. Just like that other unelected zero. Why have so many non real Scots been ushered into the SNP and now they represent us ? I must be careful with words here now. They will NEVER entertain a Loyalist, Unionist or anyone who might follow follow (that's surely discrimination and causes division and hatred) but why go OTT with the "other" lot, or sook up to Islam ? The SNP themselves are harbouring more sectarianism in their ranks than anyone and doing it openly. Complete bastards they are. I absolutely hate the SNP.

Imagine if old Dennis Skinner gets so upset and angry, he has a cardiac. The SNP have got to be breaking some poxy law like the one they introduced where you get jailed for singing in Scotland. Something IS seriously wrong in Scotland just now to allow that through. Dennis should have them up for harassment for being Skinnerphobic or something. That's where Dennis just bleats about any minor issue crap and the SNP are all condemned. Bit like Moslems and islamophobia but using Dennis Skinner instead. At least people like Dennis Skinner.

Freddy said...

Bookends Crookie both stuffed and mounted we do know the former twat is " a fucking twat " due to the nature of the establishments he is known to visit with people not his wife. Not that am getting uptight about marital infidelity it's more a trust question, if your telling porkies about what and who you are doing it always begs the question what else are you telling porkies about. :) Mr robertson is just a clown a pompous one at that and obviously quite dangerous I can just about get my mind round someone born in Scotland being attracted to the SNP but the mind does boggle a bit about someone born down south.

Auld Jock said...

The real reason that the snp at Westminster are failing to make the positive contribution "promised" by ms sturgeon is that she is not in charge of or leading the snp. Instead, she is balanced perilously on top of the tottering pile of horse manure that is the snp. Many of her "elected" troops simply ignore her. The Westminster element clearly aren't listening. The salmond element at Holyrood openly criticise her and don't bother to turn up for "work". She is now reduced to asking her upcoming conference to authorise her to require msps to make a pledge of undying loyalty to her. She lost the referendum. Despite her wittering, independence is off the table for a long time. The troops who still think she might be "leading" the party have nothing to look forward to or sell to the electorate. She now has to attempt to hold this pot mess together for "a generation" in the hope that the UK government will eventually grant another Section 30 order to allow a further referendum. Is it just me or does that scenario seem untenable?

Anonymous said...

In reply to Auld Jock

I agree.

The SNP is splitting into factions.

There is no way Angus Robertson will be able to bring Alex Salmond to heel.

Nicola Sturgeon made a big mistake in not standing for Westminster to keep Salmond and the 56 in line.

Now that 'more powers' are being devolved, it's not so easy to blame Westminster anymore.

Increasingly the Tories will tell the SNP, to shut up, as the matter is devolved to Holyrood!

The other problem is now that Indyref2 is no longer in prospect, what will be the glue that keeps the SNP united?

Without a cause to rally around like Indyref2, or a strong leader, I suspect the SNP will start to unravel.

The Tories of course, will ruthlessly exploit any weakness that the SNP offer them, like FFA and with Salmond braying in full flow, they will have plenty of targets to aim at.

The SNP have painted themselves into a corner.


Anonymous said...

Sturgeon has no real control. SNP supporters have followed the "Dear Leader's" example and ride roughshod of any reasonable criticism or debate. Bully boy tactics are the norm. Journalists are now the target by some nutters, urged on by the example of Salmond continually attacking the BBC and blaming them for the failure by the SNP to win the Referendum.

With the issue of migrants, I'm seriously worried that the Scottish Government are going to open the gates to one and all. It's bad enough at the moment. Take a look around Glasgow City Centre on a typical day, and there are Eastern Europeans begging. But it is organised and collectors come round to the beggars on a regular basis. How are these people contributing to society?