Thursday, January 23, 2014

SNP MP Angus Robertson takes the ‘grudge, grievance and malcontent’ roadshow back to Westminster, UK defence minister says SNP are living in cloud cuckoo land if they think iScotland would have 15,000 army personnel as first Eckistan 3d Eurofighter takes to the skies!

Dear All

Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond says that an independent Scotland would have an army, navy and airforce.

Seems fine on paper!

However, who is going to sign up to the Eckistan Army, Navy and Airforce when it will have limited opportunities in comparison with what is on offer by the British Government?

The SNP have botched independence, they did so in more or less every area, EU, currency and NATO.

Having had a golden opportunity to reset the ‘cranks stance’ of anti NATO and anti Nuclear weapons, Salmond went for a halfway house that doesn’t suit anyone.

His party, the ‘Alex Salmond Party’ which has taken over the SNP is made up of malcontents, little groups with their own reasons to hate the British.

Defence is a key area of platform of independence, the SNP are totally out of their depth because the party are basically ignorant, and kept ignorant by the leadership of Salmond and Sturgeon.

Ignorance is now a problem for the Nationalists as the polls show time and time again.

Defence Secretary Philip Hammond rubbished claims by the Alex Salmond Party (North British Region) that an independent Scotland would have 15,000 army personnel.

His take on the idea is the Salmondists are living in "cloud cuckoo land".

The Westminster Cabinet minister questioned the SNP's maths saying departmental figures don’t stack up and that an independent Scotland would need a bigger defence budget.

Hammond said:

"The Scottish Government's so-called plans for the future Scottish defence force exist in cloud cuckoo land. The numbers simply do not add up. Our analysis shows that they would require something like 30% more than they are proposing to spend to deliver the force structure that they have outlined in their white paper. And, in due course, I should look forward to coming to Scotland, yet again, deconstructing, yet again, the rubbish coming out of the Scottish National Party."

Basically what he is saying flowered up is that Salmond, Sturgeon and Angus Robertson talk shite!

Angus Robertson is supposed to be a defence spokesman, so why hasn’t he spoke up on this issue?
Well, it could be the lack of a work ethic which he previously demonstrated by his Scotland could have an navy like the Norwegians.

When asked for the size of the Norwegian Navy, the bold Angus said he hadn’t a clue but their website looked nice.

Looked nice, isn’t that nice!

Hammond's broadside was fired in response to a question from SNP defence spokesman Angus Robertson MP following on from a statement from the Defence Secretary relating to Armed Forces restructuring.

The line used by SNP MP Angus Robertson was all too familiar; he questioned the "disproportionate" cuts to services personnel in Scotland. Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon ran with this as part of her 50 questions that Unionists must answer.

So, the strategy isn’t anything about concern of service personnel but rather a clumsy and crude attempt to bring up independence in the House of Commons.

Pathetic, you have to wonder why simple minded people think they can win a country’s support given this type of performance.

Robertson asked:

"Will you confirm that personnel numbers are at a record low in Scotland - around 11,000 - significantly lower than the Scottish Government's plans for 15,000 after independence."

Defence in the UK is done of a UK wide basis, not where squaddies go to the local shops or pubs to prop up the local economy.

Imagine, Scotland refuses to be part of a NATO operation because the SNP issue a statement that soldiers are needed to keep buying cakes and sausage rolls from Mrs McGann’s, the bakers!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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