Monday, January 6, 2014

Scottish independence: SNP commission a poll to try and get Alex Salmond and David Cameron to debate indyref, Nationalists must be shitting their pants as an epic defeat looms on the horizon, Salmond is politically dying, day by day, hour by hour

Dear All

It seems that Scotland’s ‘jolly fat man’ Alex Salmond is steadily becoming a deranged and isolated figure.

As part of the SNP strategy, Salmond wanted a head to head clash with David Cameron, the idea is simple, Cameron was to stand in front of Salmond while he reeled off a list of injustices and then blame it all on the English.

Prior to that Cameron was told to “butt out” of the debate by the SNP leadership, that idea wasn’t thought through as they are now going cap in hand to try and force him into a debate.

Cameron is having none of it; the SNP leadership has already sunk their own campaign so why provide a possible lifeboat?

You don’t rescue a drowning man in politics, you just watch him sink by standing on the sidelines doing nothing.

In order to try and reverse repeated knockbacks, the SNP have commissioned a survey by Panelbase to try and turn round their initial mistake.

Too late for that, this latest attempt is another sign of the lack of original thinking in the SNP, they don’t think before they speak.

This latest request by Salmond should be ignored.

Alistair Darling is chairman of the Better Together campaign, he should do the job of debating with Salmond, but Salmond refuses to debate Darling, because Salmond thinks he is a statesman thus producing a stalemate.

A stalemate suits the Unionist camp as does a debate, because no matter what Salmond does, it will not work.

And Labour’s record of social justice beats the SNP hands down.

The longer this goes on the more the pressure switches to Salmond to cave in, and eventually he will cave in, the clock is ticking down and the polls are going nowhere for him and unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon.

Tick tock tick tock!

Salmond has written again to Cameron saying it is "simply unacceptable" for him to duck out of a debate.

There was Alex Salmond setting himself up as ‘the groom’, now reduced to the role of gimp in a box collecting dust.

In an ill-judged letter to Cameron, Salmond claims the Coalition are "itching to cut Scotland's funding in the event of a No vote."

This is assumption; it is also to stir up anti English feeling.

If Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon feel Scotland has been treated so badly then why are both of these buffoons socialising with them at places such as Wimbledon watching the Tennis in the Royal box?

Think about that for a moment, great injustices ‘inflicted’ on Scotland and Salmond and Sturgeon sit with our ‘oppressors’?

In his New Year message, Cameron appealled for Scotland to remain part of the United Kingdom as did Ed Miliband.

However, Salmond wrote:

"I note you used the centrepiece of your New Year address to attack Scottish independence. It seems you want to dictate the terms of the debate about Scotland's future without taking the democratic responsibility to defend your views in open debate. That is simply unacceptable. It is only right and proper that myself, as head of the Scottish Government, and you as the head of the Westminster government should debate key issues as the heart of the referendum - such as Scotland's funding - so that the people of Scotland understand exactly the consequences of both a Yes and No vote. I urge you, once again, to agree to a televised debate."

Alex Salmond changed the name of the Scottish Executive to Scottish Government; he isn’t running a sovereign Government, it is an extended Strathclyde Regional Council.

Nothing more!

Unpopular Nicola Sturgeon accusing Cameron of being "scared" of Salmond's debating prowess!

His “prowess” doesn’t appear to have worked on Working Class Scots who like Cameron are starting to ignore his increasingly bizarre rants.

Unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon said:

"It is not possible, with any degree of consistency or credibility, for the Prime Minister to involve himself and his Government in the referendum process and then refuse to publicly debate these very issues."

This is the same Nicola Sturgeon who left Scots women to die as Health Sec; she fucked off pretty quick from health and so far has refused to publicly debate these very issues.

Better Together has decided to attack the SNP for holding back on childcare, as their poll says that two-thirds of Scots want better childcare from the SNP using Holyrood's existing powers.

The SNP are using bribes for votes!

You can have what you want as long as you vote Yes; the trouble is that an SNP promise isn’t worth the paper it is written on as far as the Working class is concerned.

Scottish Labour leader Johann Lamont said voters were "fed up" with the First Minister putting independence ahead of their interests.

Scotland has been on pause since May 2011 because of Salmond and Sturgeon, and the work that has been done is pap.

Lamont added:

"The Scottish Government has the power to help parents who are struggling to juggle family life with their work commitments. Alex Salmond could act today to provide them with better childcare, but would rather use it as a false argument for breaking up the UK now."

LibDem leader Willie Rennie said:

"Parents need to see SNP ministers spending less time talking about the powers they want and more time using the ones they already have to help children."

Tory spokeswoman Liz Smith said the failure to act on childcare illustrated "why the people of Scotland feel so badly let down and why they do not trust a word the SNP says".

A Downing Street spokeswoman said:

"The Prime Minister is Prime Minister of the whole United Kingdom and of course has a role in the referendum campaign. However, he believes the debate should be led by Scots in Scotland and that is why Alistair Darling will lead for the No campaign."

It looks like Salmond will have to call on Alistair Darling, what a climb down and a humiliation to boot!

The Salmond VS Darling clash is the only game in town for the SNP and even that is not certain.

As the Downing Street spokeswoman said “The Prime Minister is Prime Minister of the whole United Kingdom”, so fighting with a man who is married to a woman old enough to be his mother is really beneath the dignity of his Public Office.

Alex Salmond has lost the Scottish independence referendum, where’s the A Team Alex?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

All this nonsense going on for, as Salmond has stated, " you won't notice any change ".
So why bother?
Why would I vote Yes?

Anonymous said...

Hi George,

I might be in a minority of one, but I think that a Cameron v. Salmond debate might not be the crushing victory for the latter that everyone seems to think.

Cameron – despite the fact that he sometimes loses his temper a bit – is very, very good at PMQs. Mr Salmond, on the other hand is, I’m afraid, rather inept at FMQs.

Also, in terms of physical appearance (which shouldn’t matter, but, as the world has known since Kennedy v. Nixon, does in a televised debate), Cameron looks young and energetic and healthy. Mr Salmond, with the best will in the world, looks none of these things in comparison.

Finally by staring down the camera and making a dewy-eyed plea for the Scots to stay, Mr Cameron would be being hugely positive (and perhaps decisively so, as people want nothing more than to feel wanted). Mr Salmond, on the other hand, would probably resort to type and blame everyone else for all his problems, and would end up looking a bit mean and a bit of a fanatic in contrast.

In any event, as you rightly point out, it’s patently not going to happen. Even so, I think Mr Salmond should be careful what he wishes for.



G Laird said...

Dear Derrick

Alex Salmond has lost the argument and lost the independence debate and referendum.

I bumped into a press guy today, he said that support for indy is higher than reported, however, I disagree, the long term picture is that there is no narrative for Salmond and Sturgeon.

They are like market traders reduced to selling tat in the hope of turning a profit.

Salmond lost the argument with the people of Scotland and wants to shift it now to Cameron to try and get people on side.

What have the SNP done specifically for the working class?


That’s right, fuck all Derrick.

The SNP aren’t interested in building a fair society, they just want independence.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University