Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Scottish independence: Mein Gott, Kenny MacAskill destroying the need for a fair trial is worthy of Roland Freisler, the prominent and notorious Nazi lawyer and judge, when are the ‘People’s Courts’ being setup, were an accused person is guilty regardless of evidence Salmond?

Dear All

As it is a New Year, some people join a gym to get fit, they sign up, turn up and get on the treadmill.

Scotland’s lame duck Justice Minister is a bit of a runner, he is trying to outrun the stigma of Al Megrahi, but he isn’t going to the gym or even pounding the pavements.

He is systematically destroying Scotland’s legal system and the right to a fair trial.

His legacy is Al Megrahi to his shame and damnation.

MacAskill is Salmond’s creature, his pal, and what is going on has all the hall marks of a Police State.

Recently Professor Alistair Bonnington has highlighted the SNP’s stupidity.

Now two former heads of the judiciary in Scotland have spoken out against plans to abolish the general requirement for corroboration in criminal cases.

This means that anyone can point the finger at anyone without evidence, and if the accuser is a better storyteller an innocent person can end up in jail.

That is why corroboration is so important, the scales of justice must be balanced and all trials must be fair according to human rights law.

Lord Hamilton rightly says the need for evidence to come from at least two sources was an "essential element" of the Scottish system.

In another completely separate interview, Lord Cullen chipped in that it could be a "safeguard against wrongful conviction".

Scottish government ministers want to turn Scotland into a Police State and end the requirement for corroboration. They also don’t want freedom of speech as Shona Robison aptly demonstrated recently trying to silence an academic.

We have an independence referendum; that referendum has many facets, but the one that should interest Scots most is the fight against fascism.

To win that fight, Scots need to vote No to independence because the current Government is morally corrupt.

Proposals to drop corroboration are among a series of reforms contained in the Scottish government's Criminal Justice Bill.

That Bill should be scrapped, the SNP are deliberately picking emotive cases such as rape, sexual offence and domestic abuse cases as justification to pervert the law and the cornerstone of a fair trial by lowering the bar of proof.

Scotland's top prosecutor is Lord Advocate Frank Mulholland; he thinks that corroboration is denying access to justice to victims of crimes committed in private.

Mulholland is seen by some as having climbed into bed with the SNP Government, he is unfit to be Lord Advocate and should be removed, he has become a political creature for the SNP.

Mulholland said:

"In the past two years, 170 cases of rape have had no proceedings taken in them because of insufficient evidence, which in many instances is a lack of corroboration."

Why pick rape?

Because this is the shield that the SNP are using to silence dissent and stop people from speaking out, rape is a dreadful crime; we need better prosecutors not a biased justice system.  

Lord Hamilton and Cullen suggest that this issue could be addressed by more limited reforms.

A halfway house approach, this wrong, they must and should stand their ground, there is no such thing as part justice.

Lord Cullen told the BBC consideration might be given to a system which would give a trial judge the power to suspend the need for corroboration in certain cases.

What would the requirement be?

If it is a high profile case that makes the press and TV?

Is there such a concept as two tier justice?

How does that stack up with human rights law?

SNP Ministers have made clear they intend to press ahead with ending the requirement in principle as they erode justice.

Is the idea of a new Scotland to be modelled on Nazis Germany of the early 1930’s?

Kenny Macaskill is a stupid little man, he is also a danger to the State but we can’t get rid of him as there no mechanism for this, we will see an increase the likelihood of miscarriages of justice if this goes through. If you need a concrete reason to vote against Scottish independence, then it is that we need the protection of the UK Supreme Court in London.

On the issue of justice alone, the SNP Government cannot be trusted.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Anonymous said...

McAskill has put out the feelers on a proposal to hold secret trials. Of course, says he, this will protect the accused.
He wants the finger pointing and now the names of the SNP political opponents out of the public domain.
In a modern world you couldn't make this up. How is he getting away with this nonsense? Simple, SNP Msp's are now getting a salary, the fight has left them, self interest abounds. Justice is not something that they concern themselves with.
The same sad story all down the ages, the attitude that it won't happen to me.
These proposals by McAskill are a real danger to Scottish society.
This SNP government are emulating the worst of Nazi legislation in the 30's.
You're right, Fascism is on the march in Scotland.