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Scottish independence: Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister demands answers to 50 questions she says the No campaign must answer, some of the questions look like they have been written by an 8 year little girl who doesn’t understand the subject material, an epic fail of Sturgeon petty politics

Dear All

Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has published a list of 50 questions.

She says that the No campaign must answer before September's independence referendum.

In a scan of her questions, I can see why independence is on its collective arse with her at the helm.

This is question 3:

“Can you guarantee Scotland will still be in the EU in 2020 if there's a No vote?”

If the majority of people in the UK vote No, and that includes Scotland should their wishes be ignored?

How is that democracy?

Patently Sturgeon doesn’t believe in the ‘will of the people’.


“What extra powers will be devolved to Scotland to grow the working population?”

Is she seriously asking for the SNP Government to be given control of immigration?

The anti working class party wants control, to do what set up vote caches to ensure they remain in power?

 Question 8 is utter nonsense:

“What will the UK's national debt be in 2016?”

Given we live in a global economy, no one can guarantee this, is a stupid question, maybe she can answer a question which cannot be answered.

The rest is hardly ‘Statesmanlike’ stuff, there is no keen mind; it reminds me of the failed white paper, tripe presented as somehow being wonderful.

There must be many SNP Activists wondering why the hell they bother to come out, truly a donkey is leading donkeys here.

The list of grudge, grievance and malcontent should be ignored, in fact, Sturgeon shouldn’t even get a reply, let her play her stupid stunts and be seen as the fool.

Among the many vacuous questions, the unpopular Deputy First Minister asked what extra powers would be guaranteed for Holyrood if Scots rejected independence.

Presumably, Sturgeon thinks that Westminster shouldn’t be allowed to debate or that they should drop everything and dance to an SNP’s jig, that won’t happen either.

However we are moving towards the failed SNP leadership of Salmond and Sturgeon seeking ‘goodies’ to show the mugs who follow them that they achieved something in this inept campaign.

Sturgeon said:

"The Scottish Government has published a detailed, 670-page guide to an independent Scotland, including answers to 650 questions. In the interests of a fair, balanced and fully informed debate, it is essential there is an equivalent amount of detail from those arguing for a No vote."

So, is she asking for poor quality work to also be submitted by Better Together or by the Westminster?

David Cameron isn’t following for this, as well he shouldn’t, nothing to should be discussed until after the vote, that way Scots can know that Salmond and Sturgeon completely failed at every level.

Sturgeon seems to like “crunch questions”.

Why did she leave Scots women to die from cancer by failing to provide the same drugs available in England?

Why did she do a phoney stunt at Govan shipbuilders playing with people’s jobs at the yards giving false hope?

Why do women in Govan which she previously represented call her an “arsehole”?

Why is the SNP run as a party within a party?

Why aren’t working class SNP members treated fairly?

Why is vote rigging allowed under the SNP rules?

Why did the SNP Data Controller break the law regarding my Data Subject Access Request?

Why is the right to a fair trial being eroded under the SNP?

Crunch on that Sturgeon.

Further crunch talk by Sturgeon:

"These issues and many more highlight why it is essential we achieve a Yes vote in September."

George Laird “crunchies” are real reasons to vote No in September 2014.

Drew Smith, Scottish Labour's constitutional spokesman, dismissed the wish list and said:

"By proposing to break up the United Kingdom, the SNP are introducing risk and uncertainty to our future and still can't answer basic questions about our currency, our EU memberships and our pensions. Ms Sturgeon is wilfully confusing basic functions of an independent state with decisions by future governments in a desperate bid to cover up for her own lack of answers."

It seems that Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon is literally political dying on her feet, there is no original thought, no radical thinking, no vision and no narrative.

­Scottish Secretary Alistair ­Carmichael said of the white paper:

“We got a set of promises that the Scottish Government can't deliver”.

25% of the entire paper is bogus to con the voters.

He added:

"The Nationalists like to assert that they have a vision for an independent Scotland and that their White Paper is its articulation. It is not. This is not a vision; it is a mirage. Like all mirages, the closer you get the less real it becomes. There is no vision, just 670 pages of words."

Here is a story:

Maybe Sturgeon should clean up the shit in her own backyard before she starts issuing demands to people in future.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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