Monday, January 27, 2014

Scottish independence: SNP start attacking the kid of opposition MP and Labour's deputy leader Anas Sarwar, after the cybernats were exposed in Scottish Daily Mail, you would think if there was genuine talent in SNP such a thing would be barred by Salmond and Sturgeon!

Dear All

After the Scottish Daily Mail expose of cybernats, you would think that the Scottish National Party would have learned.

The SNP is now attacking the children of people who oppose Scottish independence.

In politics, the general rule of thumb is that children are completely off limits.

The deputy leader of Scottish Labour has come under attack for sending his son to a private school.

His kid, his money and his choice!

So, why is Anas Sarwar sending his kid to Glasgow's £8234-a-year Hutchesons' Grammar, it is to ensure that he gets a good start in life.

In case people don’t know we live in a corrupt country, and it is still a corrupt country under the SNP.

The SNP in the shape of John Wilson who I have commented on before as not being very bright has spearheaded the attack.

He wasn’t very bright when I knew him in the SNP and still a few years down the line he has become wiser. Wilson was part of the disastrous anti NATO in the SNP, he huffed and puffed about possibly leaving, but in the end, he must have realised he lack the bottle.

Is the attacked prompted by the fact that Sarwar is is Labour's referendum co-ordinator?

And this is a year in which the referendum is being held.

In politics, a lot of people ‘talk the talk’ of social justice that for some is just a smokescreen, Scotland’s unpopular Deputy First Minister Nicola Sturgeon does it all the time, as Health Sec, she left Scots women to die from cancer by failing to provide the same drugs available in England.

The gag that ‘Nicola cares’ is a sick joke.  

SNP MSP John Wilson said:

"Anas Sarwar once again highlights the hypocrisy of the Labour Party - talking of social justice and defending public services while sending his own child to a private school. The deputy leader of the Labour Party in Scotland should talk the talk and use the education system provided by his own Labour administration in Glasgow."

John Wilson was screaming high and lo about being anti NATO and now he is in a party which allegedly backs NATO membership, so who is really a hypocrite?

And attacking a kid’s chance at a better future, what’s that all about as well?

A Scottish Labour spokesman said:

"This is a private matter for Anas and his family."

SNP MSP John Wilson is a member of a party that is run by Alex Salmond as a ‘rat ship’, he isn’t very bright, he should learn to take the money and keep quiet because he isn’t worth the time of day.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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