Friday, March 9, 2012

Undefeated, Labour MP Eric Joyce admits four counts of assault at Westminster Magistrates' Court, hard drinking; hard fighting MP faces the beak

Dear All

Labour MP Eric Joyce today admitted assaulting four people.

The incident happened when he went berserk in a House of Commons bar called the Strangers bar.

In true Hollywood style the normally quiet Strangers bar was turned into a scene from a John Wayne movie as Eric Joyce stared punching and headbutting people.

Innocent people, the Duke would be so not proud of Joyce.

Joyce headbutted Conservative MP Stuart Andrew shortly before closing time at the Strangers Bar!

When others jumped in to stop the assault he also attacked Tory councillors Luke Mackenzie and Ben Maney.

Then came the icing on the cake, he battered the Labour whip Phillip Wilson.

Absolutely unbelievable but unfortunately true.

After the fight, Joyce was dragged off to a Police Station and was then suspended from the Labour Party.

He has rightly pleaded guilty to common assault on the three Tories and Phillip Wilson.

In truth, Joyce really had no choice but to plead guilty and because he has he gets a discount for not wasting the Court’s time.

Joyce entered the at Westminster Magistrates' Court this morning.

Jeremy Dein QC, defending, told chief magistrate Howard Riddle:

"Subject to the court's view, he wishes for the matter to be dealt with today."

Mr Riddle replied:

"I am hoping we will make progress."

It does the public confidence no good at all for elected members to act in this way, if we have a problem, the one hope is that our elected reps will be someone we can count on.

When Joyce reportedly went berserk without provocation, lashing out he declaring:

"There are too many f****** Tories in here."

A problem easily solved by going to another bar!

The Labour Party rightly suspended Joyce from the party pending the results of the police investigation, branding the incident "extremely serious".

It isn’t the done thing.
Eric Joyce has been MP for Falkirk since December 2000, served in the Army Education Corps before pursuing a career in politics.

He had potential to be a high flyer maybe Defence Sec.

It is a pity his career took such a turn for the worse, but it was all by his own hand.

I hope that he will try and finish the rest of his time in Westminster by being a model MP so that he can leave politics with some dignity.

They say that all political careers end in failure, this one was like an airplane crash landing in a ball of flame.

It was high drama right to the end.

Fined £3000 and ordered to pay £1400 to his victims at Westminster Magistrates' Court. Joyce was also given a 12 month community order banning him from entering pubs and licensed premises for three months and imposed with a curfew order from Friday to Sunday.

It is very stiff but could be the making of him.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

this guy might have been wrong in what he done but we realy dont know if he was provocked because we all know that their are some igronant people about maybe they deserved what they got everyboady deserves a second chance

Anonymous said...

The man has a drink problem clearly, he was done for drink driving , has lost his family, is accused of flirting with a teenager. If these aren't signs for him Of a serious drink problem I don't know what is, but as usual no one wants to say too much about that in this hard drinking country of ours, because his problem is half the nation's. His quoted comments were funny, but he's a politician not a comedian, a human being not an alcohol vat.