Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Pot calling the kettle black, SNP MSP Joan McAlpine says Skint families pay for millionaires' tax cut, SNP give millionaires council tax freezes et al

Dear Joan

“Skint families will pay for millionaires' tax cut”.

Is that much in the same way as skint families are paying for millionaires getting council tax freezes and free prescriptions in Scotland, year on year?

“George Gideon Osborne is the son of a baronet who made a fortune in fancy wallpaper”.

Do you have a problem that his family business was successful?

“The future Chancellor of the Exchequer moved seamlessly from quaffing champers and quails' eggs in the Bullingdon Club at Oxford University to Conservative HQ”.

What about the practice of signing up members to the Scottish National Party to produce a certain candidate, sometimes that doesn’t work seemlessly.

“He spent a period "folding towels in Selfridges", the only real job he's done”.

So, people who haven’t had enough work experience aren’t worthy to be a politician?

How Tartan Tory of you!

“So when he says his budget is designed "for working people" he's not speaking from experience”.

Isn’t this a bit like you and your SNP activism?

I have done a number of by-elections in the SNP and haven’t seen you; I haven’t seen you even at any branch meeting during my time at your SNP branch in Maryhill & Springburn.

So, your experience can certainly be questioned by me.

In referring to sunny Westminster, you say that we have a Tory Government we didn't vote for.

But let us remember that at the ‘big hoose’, Scotland only returned 6 SNP MPs.


You add that John Swinney wants to bring forward capital spending from future years so we can get our folk back to work now. But he cannot do that without getting London's permission. That's a national humiliation. It's why we need independence.

Does asking for extra money equal a national humiliation?


You are asking for extra money aren’t you, that you aren’t entitled to prop up the economy before the independence vote and the resultant crash of services due to budget cuts.

“When Alex Salmond last met David Cameron he demanded that the UK release future funds for these projects”.

Since he was demanding, what was his bargaining chip?

“Cameron promised to be reasonable, saying: "Tell us what is ready to go, and we'll think about it. So Scotland sent him a list of 36 "shovel-ready" projects”.

In business you aim high and then get cut down to what you want, you would know this is if you had business experience.

As to Cameron’s latest wheeze, privatise the roads in England and Wales, I don’t agree with that.

“It has nothing to do with Scotland and it certainly won't happen here under the SNP”.

Given the amount of potholes the SNP would be forced to bring forward ‘The Road Privatisation and Coalmine (Scotland) Act’ because of how bad the roads are here.

“How will Scotland's roads be paid for after the shake-up?”

Well Joan, I suggest that you do the job that you were paid for; you’re supposed to have ideas.

But you don’t, do you.

Because we would have heard by now if you did.

“With control over our own economy and our own decisions, we could give real progress the green light”.

Like giving the contract for steel to Polish, Spanish and Chinese workers instead of Scottish workers?

That really was stabbing the ordinary Scottish working class steel workers in the back wasn't it?

“Instead we find ourselves stuck in the UK slow lane”.

Then why don’t you press the accelerator peddle, but remember mirror, signal manoeuvre before you pull out into the UK fast lane.

You should stick to one speed Holyrood until you learn politics Joan.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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