Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Eric Joyce apologises to House of Commons over his drunken rampage in Stranger’s bar and quits the Labour Party, sad end to his political career

Dear All

Disgraced and suspended Labour MP Eric Joyce has tendered his resignation as a member of the Labour Party.

It is an end to his political career which seemed at one point would be high flying.

The fight in the Stranger’s bar in the House of Commons killed it.

You can’t help feeling sorry for his circumstances as he apologised to colleagues for a bar brawl in parliament.

Eric Joyce told the House of Commons he "had a number of personal issues to address".

He also stated that his behaviour on February 22 had "fallen egregiously below what is required" by an MP.

After Joyce was plead guilty, Tory MP Stuart Andrew read a brief statement the same day, his statement was very decent as he hoped to put the matter behind him and that Joyce would get help.

Flanked in the Commons by Dan Jarvis, another former Army major-turned-MP, Mr Joyce said:

"Members will be aware of events in the Strangers' Bar on February 22 during which the standard of my conduct fell egregiously below what is required by a member of this House, or indeed anyone, anywhere. I am grateful for this opportunity to apologise without reservation to the House."

He added:

"Clearly I have a number of personal issues to address, and you can be assured that this will take place. I would also like to inform the House that I have today tendered my resignation as a member of the Labour Party to the party leader."

Eric Joyce will continue to serve as MP for Flakirk until the next General election possible in 2015.

Going to Parliament is a wonderful opportunity because you can get to do so much good.

It is a pity that his own downfall should come at his own hands and according to evidence, his head!

Another tale of someone who had it all and lost it!

Let us hope that for the remainder of this Parliament he sets an example as a model MP.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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