Thursday, March 22, 2012

First Minister Alex Salmond runs up the white flag over the Scotland Bill, total surrender as unionists swamped by SNP ‘prisoners’ send them home

Dear All

The SNP were pretty clear that the Scotland Bill was a bad bill and didn’t go far and was unfit for purpose.

Yesterday under the cover of the UK Budget, the Scottish National Party surrendered, gave up the fight, threw in the towel, and bowed the knee to Westminster.

In the ‘fight’ for extra powers for the Scottish Parliament, Alex Salmond set out six key demands.

It appears that he managed to get one!

One out of six!

So, there has been a ‘deal in the backroom’, not a desert, not a sandy beach but a back room.

Room 101 for political humiliation!

What did the Scottish Government fail to get?

Only the crown jewels, only the crown jewels.

Like the American Indians, Alex Salmond was bought off with plastic baubles and shiny objects.

What we are not getting is responsibility for corporation tax, the Crown Estate, excise duties, broadcasting and a formal role in European Union meetings.

Corporation tax wasn’t a goer because of the problems in North East England.

The Crown Estate wasn’t seriously up there for sovereignty reasons.

Excise duty, in your dreams.

Broadcasting, never in a million years, and as an SNP member I don’t want an non independent BBC or SBC subject to overly uncomfortable regionalism. Once you have seen a hick in Orkney pulling a fishnet in a boat, that’s enough and as to the Gaelic shit, the sooner that is pushed to the back of the political agenda the better.

For the unionists, this is a red letter day, much to celebrate as they claimed that the First Minister had "crumbled" over his six original demands.

Does he want some custard with his crumble?

At the end, Alex Salmond didn’t even deliver one demand; he got a bit of one on borrowing powers that has been partially met.

He has an opportunity to redeem himself, when the Scotland Bill comes to Holyrood he can kill the bill.

And it also allows the SNP with the marvellous opportunity to do a campaign Kill Bill!

I just thought that up on the spot, really easy.

Bruce Crawford, Scottish Government Strategy Secretary, admitted a degree of disappointment, saying:

"We fought hard to get more powers in the Scotland Bill, and succeeded in removing the harmful elements, but the UK Government resisted more significant changes."

He is a Scottish Government Strategy Secretary?

He added:

"It represents a real missed opportunity. To stimulate the economy we need much greater financial responsibility that will allow us to boost our recovery, invest in our public services and support long-term sustainable growth."

If the Scottish Government thought accepting crap was a good idea then they are terribly misguided, the climb down, the throwing in of the towel, the bending the knee, the capitulation shows that rather than fight to end,a bit of resistance and the Scottish Government rolled over.

A review in three years of the current system of criminal appeals to the UK Supreme Court will turn to dust.

And the idea that the Scottish Judges would get their hands on a certification scheme which would have returned power to Scottish judges to reject appeals and cover up establishment malpractice will fade into ancient modern Scottish history.

Westminster will not hand over a key human rights issue.

Scottish LibDem leader Willie Rennie said:

"The SNP will be red-faced after its demands for rushed extra powers crumbled under scrutiny. Just months ago it described the Scotland Bill as a poison pill, dog's breakfast and dangerous but after all its hot air it has ditched its demands and concerns and now supports the bill."

Labour leader Johann Lamont said it was good news for those who believe in a stronger Scottish Parliament.

Tory Leader, Ruth Davidson said it was "hugely welcome and heralded a new era of devolution".

Oh how they must be laughing their heads off.

What's the good news for the SNP?

Now the 'treaty' is signed they can get out of the coal bunker!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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something like this

The Scottish class
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I got the
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The snp have fell into the
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