Friday, August 7, 2009

New Labour MSP, Patricia Ferguson joins the bogus complaint bandwagon to show she is just as petty as her leader

Dear All

Recently Iain Gray, Labour MSP lodged a bogus complaint against Alex Salmond which was after an investigation completely rejected.

‘Mr. Invisible’ having been slapped down hard crawled away with his tail between his legs but as I have said previously the Labour Party has nothing better to do with its time but to smear and spread dirt about the Scottish Government.

Enter Labour MSP; Patricia Ferguson to step up to the plate and yes it’s another bogus complaint.

This time her complaints centres on the Glasgow leg of the Scottish Cabinet Roadshow bring Cabinet Members to local communities to face the public. The Glasgow leg will feature a public meeting in the constituency of former Commons Speaker, Michael Martin who stepped down in disgrace.

This means that in the Glasgow North East there will be a by-election however some facts should be noted;

1/ The Labour Party had refused to move the writ in the House of Commons.

2/ The Labour Party voted against an SNP motion to move the writ.

3/ The Labour Party are responsible for one of the longest delays in modern political history in denying the people of this area representation.

4/ The Glasgow leg of the tour was set up before Michael Martin stepped down.

5/ There is no by-election taking place at this time.

In order to waste time and smear the Scottish Government, Ferguson has written Civil Service Chief, Sir John Elvidge to demand an investigation.

This complaint as with all Labour’s bogus complaints will be rejected because it has no merit.

But then merit doesn’t come into it when the Labour Party is involved, it’s all about a slow drip drip effect of trying to paint the Scottish Government as sleazy as them.

It seems that not only is Iain Gray an incompetent, it is systemic right through the Labour MSP ranks.

If Iain Gray thinks filing bogus complaints makes him statesmanlike then he has failed to judge the mood of the public.

His failure as a leader is all too evident.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Great Big Billygoat Gruff said...

I just read the tripe written on the Times article about the dastardly SNP.

I cannot wait for them to charge fro web access. It will surely restrict people like McLeod and Hjul's redership, and no bad thing.