Sunday, August 16, 2009

Labour's top Pie Eater, Frank McAveety MSP criticises SNP Sports Minister

Dear All

Frank McAveety of Scottish Labour Party has had an idea, sooner or later; he was bound to have one, more the pity.

His idea is that unemployed footballers should be given jobs coaching children.

People might assume that he has thought-out the snags to his idea, CRB checks, coaching qualifications, facilities, time allocations and financial resources.

I suspect not!

Frank McAveety has concluded that a coaching scheme could help boost Scotland's future football success.

I continually wonder how he is returned as an MSP to Holyrood.

Mr McAveety seems to have the belief that every kid’s problem could be solved if they were allowed access to football.

In fact that is the sport that the Labour Party thinks will solve all problems, although watched by many, it is played by a minority of the population.

You don’t see 50 year old women in football teams McAveety.

Grow up!

So, Frank McAveety who is one of the famous pie eaters of the Scottish Parliament wants action.

He said;

"It is time that the Scottish Government started taking our national game seriously”.

Is it not time that McAveety developed a strategy for the uptake of fitness training in the entire population?

There is an obesity crisis which is a ticking time bomb for the future, where are the ideas to challenge that by him?

Fitba, Fitba, Fitba!

In true Labour fake outrage; he has accused the Scottish Sports Minister, Shona Robison of failing to do enough, this was based on her diary.

The Scottish Government have rejected Labour's claims about Ms Robison's commitment, as she was not appointed to the role of Sports Minister until 10 February.

A spokesman said: "These claims are inaccurate and misleading”.

This is the New Labour’s stock in trade, throwing mud and making bogus claims.

Frank McAveety should go back to eating pies and keep quiet, the guy is a buffoon, what is needed in Sport, health and fitness is a massive rethink to cover the entire population.

That is far too much like work for the Scottish Labour Party.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...


It is easy to critics but far harder to come up with solutions.

Mr McAveety seem to have missed the point of fitness "it is not to build a national team " but to generate healthy individuls no matter what sports activity the undertake.

I do beleive it is advantagous to start young, but many people take up activities later in life. The SNP sports minister should continue to concentrate on the many not the few.

George Laird said...

Dear Anon

As someone who had an extensive teaching career; I agree that the majority of the Fiona Robison's remit should concentrate on the many.

I do feel that time should be given to the few as well to showcase what can be achieved.

Role models are important.

The problem with the Labour Party is they think the entire country revolves around football.

As I say, how many 50 year old women are in football teams?

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University