Monday, August 3, 2009

Dennis Canavan, 'Let the people decide'.

Dear All

Donald Dewar is sometimes called, “The Father of the Nation” by the simple minded and held up as some kind of “saint” but eventually someone steps up to the plate to paint another picture.

Dennis Canavan has written a new autobiography and spares no punches when it comes to Dewar calling him “hypocritical” and “petty”.

Well said Dennis.

Cavavan was a Scottish Labour MP for nearly 30 years before he fell out with his party after being prevented by Dewar from standing as a candidate. This lead to a feud with Dewar which goes back circa 30 years but Canavan has the last word and laugh. While Scottish Secretary Dewar described Canavan as “not good enough” for Holyrood, which boggles the mind frankly when you see some of the Labour characters!

This rejection forced Canavan to stand as an independent in the Falkirk West seat winning it by a landslide majority that would choke a horse.

Now Dennis Canavan has recounted his political trek in a new book called, ‘Let the people decide’.

The book is full of pot shots at Dewar which don’t miss the mark.

Another classic dig which I agree with was he couldn’t understand why Dewar was virtually canonised by his fan club. He goes further to say that “he was not an instinctive or inspirational leader and he often had to be persuaded on the merits of a patently good cause."

I suspect that the reason for ‘canonisation’ was that New Labour were installed at Number 10 and organisations were sucking up to them.

To show what a hypocrite Dewar was Canavan cites the former First Minister for owning shares in private utilities while at the same time speaking and voting against Tory policies in government; he was lining his own pockets.

As well as turning the spotlight on Dewar; Canavan has a pop at George Foukles who surely must rank as the biggest waste of space and oxygen at Holyrood and the House of Lords.

George Foukles has a habit of asking multiple FOI requests which advance nothing but his own legend as a fool.

Foukles in a brief moment of clarity came out with this;

“I think he (Canavan) was badly treated by the Labour party and Donald on a number of occasions. Donald quite wrongly made sure Dennis wasn't selected as a Labour candidate, and Dennis quite rightly resented that. This obviously increased the animosity between them."

Father of the Nation; I think not.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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