Saturday, August 15, 2009

The Madeleine Foundation distribute leaflet in Gerry and Kate McCann's village

Dear All

The Madeleine McCann story and her disappearance still continue to be an unsolved mystery which attracts world wide interest.

On the one hand, there is the McCann’s official website;

This site is run on behalf of the McCann family.

And on the other;

This site wants the McCann’s brought to justice for child neglect.

Both these organisations have a particular view point; one thing that is not in dispute is that Madeleine McCann is gone.

The Madeleine Foundation which can be described as not ‘pro the parent’s have distributed to 10,000 residents of the village where McCann’s live a leaflet entitled ‘Ten reasons to suggest that Madeleine McCann was not abducted’.

This has upset the McCann’s who allegedly intend to pursue legal action and have threatened to call in the Police.

The Madeleine Foundation, which distributed the leaflet, was set up by a former lawyer called Tony Bennett. Mr. Bennett has previously tried and failed to bring a private prosecution against the couple for child neglect in abandoning their daughter.

He and his supporters have produced an interesting 64-page anti-McCann book entitled ‘What really happened to Madeleine McCann?

I would advise anyone to visit their website and have a read as well as visiting the McCann’s website.

As to The Madeleine Foundation, what is their purpose in distributing the leaflet to the residents of Rothley?

It isn’t Praia da Luz.

The leaflet says her parents’ version of events on the night Madeleine McCann disappeared is a ‘sheer impossibility’. It suggests that the parents covered up that Madeleine died in the apartment.

But what is not in dispute is that both Drs. Gerry and Kate McCann both abandoned their children repeatedly by leaving them alone in an unsupervised apartment.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Hello George,

Just thought i would leave you a message of thanks for taking the time to read The Madeleine Foundations booklet.


Sharon Bradford
The Madeleine Foundation

Linda said...

Hi George,

Thank you so much for your candid points. It is really good to see that others think the same as myself.
One day, justice will be done for MadelEine, thanks to people like yourself and the 3 arguidos, the Madeleine Foundation, who all do sterling work IHMO.

Anonymous said...



Unfortunately, I expect the true details will never emerge.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations George - on this clear and balanced appraisal of the case. Hopefully your readers will be tempted to research for themselves using the links provided in your article and make up their own minds about what has been going on in this case.


Anonymous said...

I would advise you to read the proper files from Portugal which state that Mr and Mrs McCann cannot be found guilty of any crime as there is no conclusive evidence whatsoever to suggest they killed their child or covered up an accident.

It would appear Mr Bennett and his cronies have difficult reading and understanding the results of the forensic files. What about the human right of being innocent until proven guilty like Mr Amaral for instance, the disgraced former PJ officer sacked from the case and proven to have covered up torture in another missing child case? This couple's children start school soon, how callous is it of the Madeleine Foundation, which is run by disgraced solicitor Mr Anthony Bennett, to choose this time to post his digusting, untrue leaflet. I also advise you to find out about the horrible poems and musings penned by the same Mr Bennett which left me shocked as to how someone calling themselves a Christian and a voice for Madeleine could lie straight in their bed at night. The man is loathsome, as is the friend of his who posed with his leaflet over a candle lit for Madeleine in the centre of Rothley. He reminded me of a serial killer being photographed with his victim.


Julie in Wales said...

An excellent article George. Many people seem to forget that Madeleine McCann has human rights too and she deserves a "proper" official Police Investigation into her disappearance.
Many people feels she didnt get that due to interference from other parties.

Anonymous said...

Hi George - and thank you for a balanced, thoughtful and objective article.
The perfect antidote to the bulk of the UK press who unquestioningly dance to Clarence Mitchell's tune.