Monday, November 5, 2018

A Country Under Attack From Within; the UK has seen countless cases of Pakistani Muslim Gang Rape Gangs who used the weakness of the left’s political correctness and the race card, they believed that they could get away with raping female children, our political classes set up a culture were crying racist made people scared to do their jobs, race politicians are a problem to be rooted out of our politics

Dear All

One thing the media did to dilute the problem of Pakistani Muslim Rape Gangs was to use the word ‘grooming’ as this seemed more user friendly to them after being effectively forced to report on this epidemic.

The Police, the social services, and other related agencies all failed the child victims of the rape gangs, because those above them on the political ladder were unsupportive. Our politicians allowed a culture to breed within the political body of this country were certain minority groups were seen as special.

In the game of political rape politics, anyone who speaks out can be branded as a ‘racist’ in order to silence them. The leadership in political parties were a long time coming to the party to get female child victims justice. In fact, when you see MPs being silenced in their own parties for the sake of diversity, you should feel angry.

Angry because the political class are putting vote caches before justice, before children, before society!

The trial which Tommy Robinson covered which led to his false arrest for breach of the peace and subsequent imprisonment simply mirrored so many other trials of Pakistani Muslim Rape Gangs. These people felt invincible because they operated in large groups, their victims were female children and for years the politically correct police were cowed. Frontline police didn’t get the support they needed because they didn’t trust those in authority above them. And to cap it all the senior police didn’t trust the politicians who would hang people out to dry.

Such was the invincibility that these rape gangs held in their own minds that a Pakistani gang rapist told a victim’s mother that the politically correct police ‘Won’t Touch Us’. The mother of a Huddersfield rape gang victim said her daughter’s rapist told her the police “won’t touch me, they don’t like us P***s”. Race card politics is a major problem in the UK, it has been a problem for decades; it was a tool to dismiss the white working class by people who earned their living off allegedly standing up for them.

Now, the problem has exploded onto the political agenda, you might think that political parties would be fighting it out to prove that they stand up for the white working class. You might have thought that there would be major battles on law and order in the House of Commons. You might have thought that MPs would be keen to see that convicted rapists of foreign extraction lose citizenship and face automatic deportation.

You might have expected a show of solidarity!

The House of Commons have been stunningly silent apart from the Home Secretary who stuck his head above the parapet, only for others to attack him. The silence is why the  mother of ‘Girl L’ told the Huddersfield Examiner that she had struggled to get West Yorkshire Police to take her complaints of grooming and abuse against her daughter seriously. Even when the Pakistani Muslim Rape Gang members were told several times to stay away from her daughter, they took no notice.

On one occasion, she told Irfan Ahmed on the telephone:

“I’ve reported you to the police for child sexual exploitation.”

To which, she said Ahmed replied: “Bring it on, they won’t touch me”.

In fact so sure were the rapists of their privilege accorded to them by the political class that they would threaten the victims’ families as routine, just a converstion.

The mother of a victim said:

“I would speak to them and then they’d threaten me. We were passing all this information on and all the Police would say is ‘we’re building up intelligence’ and this went on for years.”

When asked why she thought police were not actively investigating child sexual exploitation by the gang, who are majority Pakistani-Muslim, she said: 

“I think being in fear of being called racist. I think that’s got a lot to do with it.”

So, the fear is called racist, not being backed by superiors, job, career and mortgage on the line, and the knowledge that our elected representatives to parliament and other bodies were firmly in the ‘not my problem camp’. No upside for them, no political donations, possible vote loss; no great PR opportunities to be seen as a champion of diversity.

A spokesman for West Yorkshire Police denied the accusations that political correctness had hampered investigations into the child rapes, rape gangs going strong for decades. Multiple reports of abuse, the coincidence of authorities fearing accusations of racism from the mainly Pakistani-Muslim rapists echoes that found in other towns plagued by grooming gang scandals such as in Rotherham, Rochdale,  and Telford.

One of the 20 convicted Huddersfield child predators is still on the run, Sajid Hussain absconded from the country while out on bail during the jury’s deliberation. Clearly he had help, and it is likely he has gone to Pakistan were he has probably relatives. Hussain was found guilty at Leeds Crown Court last month of two counts of rape and sentenced to 17 years in prison in his absence. If he is ever caught, he also faces other charges which hopefully mean he would die in a UK prison.
One of the changes in law that is needed is regarding reporting restrictions at the time of the active trial, once Sajid Hussain fled; the police were prevented from making a public appeal for information. This cannot be right that an accused person or convicted person is effectively helped to facilitate their escape by a news blackout.

One of the things that make Tommy Robinson have a high profile is that he spotted a gap in the market both politically and socially. His reporting as a citizen journalist and activist has struck a nerve with white working class people. He stepped in and filled a void which normally the political class would have had covered. In this case, no one wanted to cover the Pakistani Muslim Rape Gang brief, a negative brief with no glory.

20 men were convicted for the systemic abuse, grooming, rape, and sex trafficking of 15 vulnerable white girls aged between 11 to 17 years old; the protests over the arrest of Tommy Robinson signalled a change in voter reaction to the political class. In Europe, the tide has also turned against the political class. In Germany, Hungary, France, Italy, Poland, the mood has changed.

In Britain, the change is taking longer as the press, police, politicians, academia and NGOs, all band together against what is seen as their ‘common enemy’, that would be the ‘common people’.

Finally, in history it isn’t unusual for governments to rise and fall, much like families, but the fall of the political class is aided by the rot within.

Clearly, the abuses are symptoms of a more pressing problem in our society.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


RMR said...

Brilliant summary George,it angers me too. I long for the day that the ordinary, common, British people finally see through the useless PC politicians who claim to represent them but are only interested in virtue signalling and feathering their own nest.

Not very PC calling them Pakistani, should it not be Asian? Got to feel sorry for all the Chinese and other Asian peoples being lumped in with that lot , quite a slur on them from the BBC and all the other virtue signalling twats.

Anonymous said...

It's been known about for years, I remember having a conversation about this same subject; on a building site in 1996.

Al C said...

Thing is, as far as I know, race politics was initially started in America. Some people thought that the Martin Luther King's colourblindness approach wasn't redressing the balance successfully enough, so they came up with things like identity politics and "positive" discrimination. The offense-mongering (rather selective offense-mongering, happy to offend legit targets) was started by well-meaning people who thought that "we should avoid being offensive, and so we'll just end up being nice to each other."

None of them thought that this would lead to:

1) Divisive segmentation of society
2) Politicians cynically using immigrant workers for voting power
3) Corporations cynically using immigrant workers for cheap labour
4) The left wing abandoning the white working class
5) Groups like these gangs and jihad-lovers and their apologists using "racism" as a means to deflect all and every opposition, even when legitimate.

These people meant well, but the result has been disastrous.

As the old saying goes: "The road to hell is paved with good intentions."

Anonymous said...

Jack Straw highlighted this grooming ‘phenomenon’ years ago in his constituency when he was a serving Cabinet Minister; and even he got shot down in flames for being a racist. If a senior politician gets that treatment what hope do ordinary folk have.

Clem Sunter said...

Build that wall.