Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Continued Delusions of ‘King Alex’, Alex Salmond hints at possible comeback, having lost in 2017 by the biggest swing to the Conservatives in the UK in 2017, Salmond 'wore out his welcome entirely' in Gordon, but he wouldn’t get much comfort in Banff & Buchan, that is just another place he won’t get elected, his day is over, the public have spoken

Dear All

The Sun is shining, the heat is unbearable and if you’re not careful you could end up confused and deluded. One person obviously suffering from the heat is ex SNP MP Alex Salmond.

As the temperatures climb in Scotland, Salmond has hinted he may try to return to Westminster in a snap general election. To be clear, there isn’t going to be a snap election, we already had one in 2017, also there is no interest by the other parties despite what they may tell you. Any snap election would be a political disaster for the SNP in their supposed new heartlands, the true of Scottish politics is that the voters are in flux, the vote is up for grabs.

Alex Salmond is working as a TV presenter on the Alex Salmond Show on the Kremlin-backed RT channel; he is taking the ‘Russian Rouble’. I don’t watch the show but have looked at highlights in passing when drawn to it when need be. The show is also featuring Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh; she was also kicked out of Westminster in 2015.

In the episode of the ‘show’, Tasmina Ahmed-Sheikh witters on why a State Visit of US President Donald Trump to the UK is inappropriate.

The Salmond / Trump feud is laughable, Donald Trump, the Commander in Chief of the greatest military force in the World, Alex Salmond , a very minor bit player on the Russian Channel. Salmond seems to want to try for his old seat of Banff & Buchan, which he represented from 1987 to 2010, but the reality is although he may get the candidacy, it is doubtful he will get the win.

David James Duguid MP is the Scottish Conservative Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament for Banff and Buchan since June 2017. He won the seat which had been held by the Scottish National Party for 30 years, and I think he isn’t going to sit back and let Salmond walk back into it.

The fact of the matter is that Salmond has ‘worn out his welcome’ in Gordon which he lost at the election; it was lost by him after the biggest swing to the Tories anywhere in the UK. Salmond lost after a massive tactical vote by LibDem supporters, they decided to back a Conservative in protest over a second independence referendum. In politics, it is important to go forward, however Salmond has reached his sell by date with the public.

Salmond hinted at a return to politics the night he lost Gordon to Conservative Colin Clark, saying:

“You’ve not seen the last of my bonnets and me.”

In panto, the correct response is, ‘oh aye we have’!

The current joke at present is that the SNP is officially on a campaign footing, they think because of some internal feuding in Theresa May’s cabinet over Brexit that there will be a snap election, this is the same nonsense that some in the Labour Party were spouting, it is delusion.

Theresa May maybe under some pressure but her position as PM is not fragile, there is a lot of hot air kicking about the place, people squealing all over the place but it doesn’t add up to nowt.

The Fixed-Term Parliaments Act means there would only be an election if Conservative MPs voted for it, and there is no appetite among them for that happening in this part of the current election cycle.

The truth is that no one wants an election for various reasons, for some, its lack of money, for others, they know they will get slaughtered, and for quite a few, they need a longer run in time than just the six weeks of the ‘short campaign’. Then there is the public feeling as well, collapsing the UK Government will not go down well with the public which expects the PM to deliver Brexit.

A Scottish Conservative spokesman said on a Salmond return:

“Alex Salmond was given his jotters by the people of Gordon in spectacular style last year. He’d get a similar response from voters in Banff & Buchan.”

Quite so!

The man whose job is meaningless, SNP deputy leader Keith Brown, he has been tasked with starting to organise candidate selections over the summer, which means that Salmond and Ahmed-Sheikh will be pushing themselves to the front of the queue. Although they will probably get selected, I don’t see either getting back to Westminster either in 2018 or 2022. The SNP bubble is burst as we saw in 2017, Nicola Sturgeon is a falling leader, the SNP is losing support as 2017 showed, and they don’t have a narrative.

Does anyone think that Alex Salmond popping back doing his ‘jolly fat man’ act will win over the public?

I don’t, and I think wherever Salmond pops up he is going to get a rough ride, the sun set on his political career, he was effectively moved out of Holyrood for Westminster, then the public moved him out of Westminster onto the street.

And out on the street is the place for Alex Salmond, he divided Scotland by feeding people grievance after grievance, he has gone as far as he is going, maybe someone needs to get him a drink of cold water and dark cold room to lie down in, the heat might have fried his brain.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow


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Al C said...

'I think the best way were to entertain him with hope, til the wicked fire of lust hath melted him in his own grease.'

Merry Wives of Windsor, Act 2 Scene 1, Lines 50-53.

Anonymous said...


May I invite your esteemed audience to Goggle Hollie Grieg

Anonymous said...

By eck fat Eck, give it up already. Nobody wants you back. I thought you were busy holding up the shoogly set on your crap RT programme. I wish you and your roving reporter Tasmina would just disappear,

Anonymous said...

He used to be respected, so much so that 500 coins with his head on EBay sold out within 24 hours. He’s a nobody now; he should thank Kranky for destroying his reputation and the SNP.

Anonymous said...

Salmond and Kranky ignoring 400.000 Yes voters will not be forgotten.