Monday, July 9, 2018

Life is never easy: Brexit Secretary David Davis dramatically quits is a major blow to Theresa May’s leadership, the loss of Davis is an unhappy event, the question is, will there be more to follow or will the PM steady the ship, the situation is how we say is fluid to the point that some people think it is okay to scream ‘General Election’

Dear All

On the 23rd June 2016, the British people went to cast their votes on the referendum to stay or leave the EU. The people decided to leave after 40 plus years of membership, it was the right decision by the people. But what does leave mean and what did people vote for?

It meant leaving the EU, ECJ, Customs Union, Single Market and open border access, it meant totally reclaiming our sovereignty back, this was the mandate from the people to the politicians.

It was clear, direct and not open to interpretation, fudge, back door deals or any other kind of ploy.

Out means out!

David Davis has dramatically resigned as Brexit Secretary, this resignation is a major blow to Theresa May, it comes straight after Prime Minister triumphantly sealed Cabinet agreement for her Chequers compromise plan, which plots a softer Brexit. To be blunt this isn’t good news for anyone.

People expected that Prime Minister Theresa May should steer Brexit through until it is completed. Now, we have a situation were people in the Conservative Party are talking about a ‘confidence’ vote in the Prime Minister. In order for this to happen, there would have to be 48 Conservative MPs writing to the 1922 Committee.

Brexiters are angry and say the compromise deal is a “complete capitulation” to Brussels, if the Prime Minister doesn’t steady the ship; we aren’t looking at a very happy situation which could implode the government. Apparently there is talk that other Brexiteers could also resign from government. Boris Johnson is said to be unhappy with the deal and made his feeling loud and plain.

A general election if called would be an unwelcome event, it would be an uncalled for distraction which the people don’t want. David Davis has since been replaced by Dominic Rabb as Brexit Secretary but that doesn’t solve the problem only the Cabinet position.

Ian Lavery, the Labour Chairman, said:

“This is absolute chaos and Theresa May has no authority left. The Prime Minister is in office but not in power. She cannot deliver Brexit and our country is at a complete standstill, while the Tories indulge in their leadership tussling. We can’t go on like this. Britain needs a functioning Government.”

One resignation doesn’t mean the collapse of government, it seems Mr. Lavery is politicking and spinning like mad, on the surface, the opposition parties have to say they welcome a general election but the truth is that they don’t. If there is an election, it will be an election of fear from those people who are sitting members, especially those on low majorities.

Labour MP Seema Malhotra, who sits on the Commons Brexit Committee, tweeted:

"Will there be a domino effect?”

Too early, even for wishful thinking!

She added:

"It's now not inconceivable that May is gone within days or weeks, the Tories are plunged into disarray and a general election called."

Prime Minister Theresa May needs to understand the strength of feeling regarding leaving the EU, it is incredibly strong; events in Europe bear out that the decision to leave was correct.

Europe is heading towards a dark place, although the mainstream media is rather good at not reporting the news, the stories are out there for you.

All involved are Syrian migrants.

Conservative MP Andrea Jenkyns; who quit a junior Government role earlier this year to "fight for Brexit" has threatened to vote against Mrs May's Brexit plan and she isn’t the only one it seems.

She tweeted:

“Fantastic news. Well done David Davis for having the principle and guts to resign. I take my hat off to you. We need to make sure this is now a game changer for #Brexit.”

Conservative MP Henry Smith tweeted:

“Last year I stood on an election promise to deliver the British people's 2016 referendum decision [by the largest number in our democratic history] to leave the EU, ECJ, Customs Union, Single Market and open border access. I work for my constituents and country first, and always.”

If there is any vote against the Prime Minister, she will win it easily, but the recent developments don’t play out well, given some of the comments of some Brexiteers, the truth of the pudding is in the eating. We will have to wait and see what develops when all the I’s and T’s are dotted and crossed, only then can a judgement be made.

Finally, it seems that SNP leader Nicola Sturgeon has decided to utter, ‘Game On’ as she wants to stay in the single market and customs union, in her twisted way, this is an attempt to demand a Scottish independence referendum. For her, it isn’t ‘Game On’ but rather ‘Game Over’, she and her party will be getting no say, no input and holding no sway in talks. Perhaps she thinks this development is an opportunity however the fact the post of Brexit Secretary has been so quickly filled should signal to her she has missed the boat.

Well, all we can do now is sit back and watch matters unfold with a critical eye, I think after Brexit is done and dusted on 19th March 2019, we might see Theresa May stand down as Prime Minister not long after……. having ‘done her shift’.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Kranky along with her cronies in the Elite, the MSM and rotten corrupt politicians are ignoring the democratically elected views of the majority. A very dangerous situation.

Al C said...

It's irritating and frustrating to watch, George. As far as I'm concerned, Brexit needs to be sorted out permanently. Get the trade situation done and dusted and underline the whole ballache of a business. To be honest, there would probably be SOME sort of a compromise like with Canada or suchlike, depending on the situation in Britain, but it's irritating to have to go through yet another general election because of all the Tory infighting. I would much rather have the election wait until the whole thing is finished. It'll be a relief when it is.

G Laird said...

Hi Al C

It is trouble that we could all do without but I still don't see an election on the horizon just yet.