Tuesday, July 3, 2018

Nicola Sturgeon’s mental morass, SNP leader is open to 'fatal' accusations of increasingly poor judgement, “Once lost, a reputation for competence and judgement is hard to recover” says Jim Sillars, Sturgeon’s career is a career which is based on failure, under her watch the SNP cannot make headway while she remains in place

Dear All

Former SNP Deputy Leader Jim Sillars is right when he says that Nicola Sturgeon’s reputation has been dented by a series of bad judgements.

The latest as we all know is the recent and hurried ditching of her new universities minister within a period of 24 hours. Although Sturgeon was promoted by herself and the SNP as a kind of ‘superwoman’, the fact is that this was a cover to conceal a career which is based on failure.

Failure has been the hallmark of Sturgeon’s career which the public got an eye opener when she was made Health Sec, promoted as an SNP flagship policy, health was supposed to have been turned around. The facts are under the SNP right across the board standards are slipping and the service is in crisis.

Jim Sillars is right when he says that Sturgeon had final responsibility” for vetting candidates, because her position is so weak as a leader, Gillian Martin was dropped. Martin made offensive comments in blog posts before she entered politics. In this day of political correctness, parties care more about the opinions of their political opponents than they do about their own members. Martin was dropped to preserve a false image to the public that the SNP are whiter than white.

I agree when Jim Sillars says:

“Once lost, a reputation for competence and judgement is hard to recover.”

This is the public perception; the reality is that Nicola Sturgeon lost competence and judgement way before she became First Minister.

The date is the article was published is the point to draw to your attention, Wed 24 Feb 2010, it is 2018 now.

Jim Sillars added:

“Two things are fatal to a senior politician: becoming a figure of mockery or when there is a general belief in a lack of judgment built up when that deficiency is apparent on important issues. Nicola Sturgeon is not subject to the first but open to an accusation of the latter.”

On the issue of mockery:

And less we forget:

My personal fav send up of Sturgeon.

Anyway, the Sturgeon Empire was founded on grievance and identity politics, and given the way the SNP operate, no serious rival waits in the wings.

The proof of that pudding is the election of Keith Brown as a Deputy leader then ditched as a Cabinet Minister.

No room at the inn for that stooge!

Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP fought a bad Brexit campaign; in fact you could say that their lack of commitment was geared up to support an exit. On polling day at a school in Govan, no one from the SNP turned up until 4.45 pm. This polling station had a catchment of over 5,000 voters, the SNP however did turn up at the count that way they could claim credit if there was a win without actually doing any of the graft to achieve it.

The SNP cheered as the early results came in, by the end they were strangely silent, the rank and file cult members.

No Nicola Sturgeon show that night.

When Sturgeon demanded and pushed for a second independence referendum in the aftermath of 2016’s Brexit vote, it was as Jim Sillars said a “monumental misjudgement of what the result meant”, followed by a series of further bad decisions, at that point, the SNP were without a narrative for independence because their ‘plans’ were all about ‘Scotland in Europe’, now that landscape had changed totally.

Nicola Sturgeon decided to adopt the ‘low road’ style of politics, when she opted for a “deliberate obstructive posture” in negotiations with Theresa May, rather than jumping in for the win, Sturgeon followed the same stupid path she tread before of thinking that Scots back her if she started a fight with Westminster.

The banner cry was ‘power grab’, and the gullible elected SNP members all climbed on parroted out the mantra as if an injustice had been done or was in the process of being done.

No injustice to Scotland was being done other than Nicola Sturgeon attempting to deceive Scots yet again, people are sick of the talk of independence, they are sick of the talk of identity politics and they are sick of Nicola Sturgeon.

Finally, a lot has been said about how slick the SNP operation around Nicola Sturgeon is, but the reality is these people are involved in a cover up to keep an inept, incompetent, vacuous, hollow woman who exhibits bad judgement on a seemly daily basis. You can’t have failed to notice that the murmurings against Sturgeon are starting to grow and within her own party. There is a lack of a narrative in the SNP, what needs to happen is a change of government because things wouldn’t get better while the party festers.

Nicola Sturgeon has nothing to offer the people of Scotland.
Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

The nut has been a total lunatic since the day she took over from Salmond. She has literally destroyed the Scottish nationalist movement single-handed. Independence in Europe, oh my, the woman is a complete nutcase. She’s done a New Lie@bour to the SNP; betrayed her core voters. The MSM in the UK, even over seas but especially in Scotland are not reflecting the truth about what we really think because the MSM is 100% pro Europe and 100% pro elite/globalist.

Every one I know can't stand the nut job, that includes Yes voters and former SNP voters.

She is detestable. My generation will never support the SNP again.

Anonymous said...

Kranky, Kranky, Kranky. Out! Out! Out!

Anonymous said...

50 grand for a super injunction

G Laird said...

Dear Anon

"50 grand for a super injunction".

I think surely I am worth 100k.


Anonymous said...

George, we would crowdfund 10x's that if we had to. Keep up the good work. Your blog is my sanity in a sea of independance lunacy....