Wednesday, April 11, 2018

The SNP Poison Chalice: Candidate for SNP Depute wants a Scottish independence vote within 18 months, Nicola Sturgeon cannot win a successful vote; she is politically damaged goods, who will want to kick independence into the long grass, Sturgeon’s foreign trips show a politician in deep trouble

Dear All

The only thing about the SNP Depute leader race of any interest is who along with Nicola Sturgeon will lead the SNP into the political wilderness, it is a contest which doesn’t inspire; there isn’t even anyone with a vision.

In what must be the most shallowest of contests, the main issue is Scottish independence, not making Scotland better, not making education better, not fixing the health service, not fixing the Police mess, just independence and a timetable for a second referendum.

In order to get some votes, and create an interest in himself; one of the candidates for top SNP job wants a referendum within 18 months. This plank is called Chris McEleny, there won’t be a referendum within 18 months, it is increasingly looking like anything of that nature would be beyond the next Holyrood election.

And there is no evidence that the SNP would get a majority in Parliament even with the Scottish Greens, politics is changing in Scotland, the landscape post Brexit is something which the SNP can’t get their heads round. The SNP is a party lost in the past, fight old battles they have already lost. They may have a new country to pitch to the voters as in we can be like New Zealand, but the reality is grounded in fable.

Lying, hatred, incompetent and deceit were the hallmarks of the SNP attempts to win in 2014, the SNP along with their ‘allies’ ran a campaign of hate, letting their animals run wild in the streets and online. Now, we have people like SNP MP Pete Wishart calling for ‘respect’.

Too late for that, that boat sailed long ago, along with any chance of a successful independence bid.

I think, it is clear that out of the three candidates, Nicola Sturgeon would want Keith Brown, one of the clique, the old guard, he isn’t original, he isn’t a thinker, he is a sidekick. What the other two McEleny and Hepburn bring is problems for Nicola Sturgeon. I am sure that Nicola isn’t keen on Hepburn, a younger woman and her SNP MSP husband being seen as the new power couple, with her as the woman married to a pensioner.  

Timing is everything, it is true in comedy and just as true in politics, the SNP rushed into the 2014 vote, they thought a ‘jolly fat man’ called Alex Salmond and a white paper of dross, with Nicola Sturgeon as the day to day face would be enough to con voters. In part, the effort worked, the SNP cleaned up on the disenfranchised vote especially among the unemployed.

The SNP promised Nirvana, milk and honey and other ‘goodies’ in a magical land which didn’t exist, lies, lies, lies, deceit, contrived rubbish. The intervention by Chris McEleny means the issue is now set to dominate the depute’s contest in the run up to the SNP conference in June, so we can expect people to out do themselves on how keen they are.

The other contenders, cabinet secretary Keith Brown and activist Julie Hepburn, have decided to be less keen on naming the day, because in reality, the depute whoever that will be, won’t be the driving force.

Power will remain with the Murrells aka Sturgeon and husband.   

McEleny, the leader of the SNP group on Inverclyde Council is using the excuse of Brexit just as the others in the SNP have to call for a referendum, but the truth is, it doesn’t matter what the reason is, Brexit is just an excuse, nothing more.

McEleny said:

“We are moving close to entering into our second decade of UK Government austerity being imposed upon Scotland. We are moving close to a new generation of weapons of mass destruction being imposed upon the Clyde in Scotland. Hard working WASPI women are having their pensions stolen, women who have been raped are being forced to fill out forms to receive support, the UK’s protect the rich economy is forcing more and more children into poverty. I believe that Scotland cannot afford to wait any longer to see if things can get better, we’ve been getting sold that message for decades. Simply put, decisions made in Scotland by the people of Scotland are better decisions for Scotland. That is why we should be independent and that is why I believe we should have a referendum on our independence within the next 18 months.”

Austerity, pensions, rape and nuclear weapons, what a load of contrived claptrap, why did he miss out ‘period poverty’, I am still waiting on the toilet paper poverty campaign but apparently blood is more trendy than shit to campaign on!

As to the ‘mandate’, there is no mandate; the idea that the people of Scotland who already rejected the SNP vision and version of independence should then have another vote forced on them is bizarre. The Edinburgh Agreement wasn’t respected by the SNP; the SNP can’t keep saying that they respect the result when they clearly don’t. If there is the UK Government will to grant another referendum, this should be based on a clear majority by the SNP in the Holyrood 2021 election.

The SNP are on a downward slide, whether they slide far enough to continue as a minority government or end up in opposition remains to be seen. The Yes mob activists want Sturgeon to go now, saying she is duty bound and they know that that if she doesn’t the SNP might not get a chance in the parliament after 2021.

People are sick of the SNP, but that leaves other parties to raise their game considerably to give the SNP the last push out the door. Ms Sturgeon bottled it after she called for a second referendum in March 2017 because the SNP lost so badly in the snap election of 2017. The SNP said they had to “reset” her plans after the SNP lost a third of its MPs in the June election.

I helped put three SNP MPs on the scrapheap, I enjoyed Anne McLaughlin’s defeat the most, simply put, it was delicious to see her dumb stuck being shunted out the door at Glasgow North East.

Western Isles MP, ‘three in a bed’ Angus Brendan MacNeil joined in this week by saying he favoured a referendum within 18 months. Reality however is setting in as MP Pete Wishart and former SNP deputy Jim Sillars, have urged caution and highlighted the painful truth, there is a huge No majority in the polls.

57% still saying No!

Finally, one thing in my mind is certain, Nicola Sturgeon will never lead the SNP to a successful independence vote; she is part of the rottenness which is embedded too deep in the party. The Cybernats are just a vocal expression of the hatred which has been unleashed and no new fairytale will ever remove that memories of who or what was done in the run up to the 2014 vote.

Scottish independence under the SNP is gone!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Al C said...

They continue to scrabble about because they know that the writing is on the wall, eh George?

Anonymous said...

Thanks again george another good read

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This is a classic, came here from a twitter link lol

Aiberdeen loon said...

I think that says it all - a great and thoughtful analysis.