Thursday, April 12, 2018

Sturgeon’s SNP Train wreck coming down the track, Prime Minister Theresa May set to launch legal bid to stop Nicola Sturgeon's Brexit Bill becoming law, Sturgeon faces the prospect of a humiliating defeat at the UK Supreme Court, in local news isn’t time that Nicola Sturgeon brought back a Panda who likes to get pumped senseless from China, nothing ‘so bad’ as an old panda who fails to produce

Dear All

One thing that you will have noticed is that when the SNP get taken to the UK Supreme Court, they lose rather badly. Whether it is a case brought by an individual such as the Cadder Case or by a government, the underlying principle is that the SNP don’t do law well or even understand basic human rights.

One of the ways Nicola Sturgeon is attempting to cause trouble is by having the Holyrood Parliament attempt to push through their own Brexit Bill. You may ask, why is this being pushed through at such speed with scrutiny is there a pressing need when we are still in the EU, and the deal/ talks on withdrawal are still ongoing.

The pressing need is to cause trouble, to promote grievance as a catalyst for a second independence referendum. The SNP Government of Scotland is using Parliament as a vehicle for its own political ends. This time however, Nicola Sturgeon has been more stupid then usual, incompetence maybe the SNP trait but in this case, Sturgeon may regret this one.

Theresa May plans to mount an an unprecedented legal challenge at the UK Supreme Court next week to stop Nicola Sturgeon’s own Brexit Bill from becoming law. I would say that this legal challenge stands a very good chance of being successful. The reason which makes this a likely win for Theresa May is that foreign affairs remain a reserved matter, and that means out with Holyrood’s remit.

One thing is clear about Brexit, there is no last minute action, no change of mind and no reversing of the decision; we are leaving the EU on 19th March 2019. Any and all laws returned to the UK have to first pass through the Westminster Parliament before going on their way to devolved administrations in Edinburgh and Cardiff. What Sturgeon is attempting to do is circumvent the chain by attempting an illegal power grab.

This will not be allowed to happen.

There will be no stopping UK Government’s flagship EU Withdrawal Bill and no interference of this Bill. The grievance mongering by the SNP is all about two things, indyref 2 and the temporary hold put on some 24 powers and responsibilities so that common frameworks can be agreed to ensure the important UK wide internal market is protected. If you have been watching politics, you will have seen that the UK is changing, what isn’t changing is the SNP; they are irrelevant still trying to fight battles lost long ago.

This might interest you.

There is a new relationship developing in the UK, but there is no critical thinking being done by the SNP, they are a party which have ran out of time, out of options, and don’t have a narrative. Lawyers for the Prime Minister have been examining the Continuity Bills of both the Scottish and Welsh Governments, so expect the fireworks to kick off pretty soon, law officers have until next Wednesday to launch a legal challenge or face the Continuity Bills getting Royal Assent and becoming law. Once Jeremy Wright, the Attorney General, and Lord Keen of Elie, the Advocate General, Whitehall’s senior Scottish lawyer, make the court application, a ministerial statement is expected to follow at Westminster.

One thing which David Mundell, the Scottish Secretary, said was that court challenge was “not a big deal” as it was just a legal process, well it is a legal process but it is a big deal, this will set a precedent and open up a can of worms for the SNP regarding future decisions post Brexit.

One thing the SNP fail to grasp is that despite playing silly games, they aren’t in a position of strength. They may control Holyrood propped up by the Scottish Greens, their ‘allies’ but their support is faltering.

Powers coming back need to be addressed, new frameworks put in place, and new agreements reached, but this doesn’t seem to matter to the SNP, they really don’t care about improvements in Scotland. This is why the Holyrood Election of 2021 is so crucial, a new direction needs to be established and that cannot happen with the SNP in control at Holyrood. Nicola Sturgeon faces defeat at the UK Supreme Court, the SNP track record there is simply appalling, but for her, its par for the course.

Finally, Nicola Sturgeon is in China, a failing politician abandoning the ‘day job’ again, one thing she could bring back is a Panda who likes to get pumped senseless, to replace Tian Tian who is a ‘jaffa’,  the Scottish government previously revealed she was pregnant, but so far nothing. There is nothing ‘so bad’ as an old panda who fails to produce.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

brilliant post George, love the panda stuff.

Anonymous said...

The howls of outrage will go up from the nats, demanding to know why an 'English' court can overrule them. These people think they should be a law unto themselves. I do love to see them getting put in their place.