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The failure of the modern political class, poverty is now ‘cradle to the grave’, in Scotland under the SNP, teachers now have to buy poor kids food and clothes, the Scottish Government's Pupil Equity Fund, £120 million can’t be accessed by pupils but only by head teachers leading a teacher to state “There is a distinct lack of services to help these (poor) children”

Dear All

There are many ‘wars; going on, the war on terror, the war on drugs, but the one that is least talked about which is most in need of attention is the ‘war on the poor’. In an ideal society, everyone would get a fair chance in life, however regardless of who forms the government, the poor always lose out.

Our political system isn’t geared up to help the poor, it never has been, if you take the pitch by the Labour Party, they say they stand for the many, but that is just a slogan, much like Blair’s catchy one, ‘tough on crime, tough on the causes of crime’. It was the Labour Party that introduced the bedroom tax, it was the Labour Party which introduced the hated health assessments and it was the Labour Party that introduced the disastrous social engineering experiment that led to mass immigration into Britain. That policy had many spin offs like the raping of white women and young girls, children abused.

Ed Miliband apologised for the disaster that the Labour Party was responsible for, that apology was too little too late.

If you do the research, you could be there for some considerable time reading about how the British people have been failed by the political elite of this country, when the rapists were found to be men of Pakistani descent. In politics, you aren’t liked if you talk about Muslim men raping white female children; instead the political class prefer to talk about Islamophobia. In Scotland at present, we have Muslim MSP, Anas Sarwar running his campaign against lslamophobia.

So, what is Islamophobia?

Islamophobia according to an online definition is the dislike of or prejudice against Islam or Muslims, especially as a political force.

Muslim MSP, Anas Sarwar’s campaign is giving him publicity and is seen by some as way to boost his image but in the long run, his campaign will do the Labour Party in Scotland incredible harm. No one is speaking out against what he is doing in case they get branded ‘racist’ but someone should.

Another Labour Party problem is anti-Semitism, a problem for the Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn, he faces an uphill task make the Labour Party a force in British politics. Whether you are on either side of the Scottish border, the Labour Party has its problems.

While all this is going on, which are power struggles between the right and the left of the Labour Party, the ‘many’ which Labour is supposed to be standing up for have been forgotten…….


So, far since I joined the Scottish Labour Party last October, I haven’t attended a single meeting or done a single day of activism. The first four months of my membership, I was banned from attended meeting despite the rules clearly saying I was allowed to attend.

I am not impressed by being discriminated against, especially when I am a paid up member, I am one of the ‘many’ which the ‘few’ who control the Labour Party don’t want to help, the only difference is that I have seen countless times how some people in the party aren’t trustworthy or indeed worth my time.

The ‘poverty problem’ hasn’t just been ignored by the Labour Party, in Scotland, the SNP are just ignorant of their plight until the elections loom; then suddenly there is ‘concern’. As well as discrimination in education which starts early and goes all the way through to university, there are other issues which the poor face like having food on the table and clothes on their back.

In Scotland in 2018, teachers are routinely giving food, clothes and equipment to poverty-hit pupils. Scotland’s public spending watchdog laid bare the impact of council funding cuts, warning services would need to be further slashed. SNP mismanagement has caused a crisis in schools, if you don’t get the help there, your chances of college or university reduce dramatically and future prospects after that don’t look too great in a Labour market of low pay and saturation.

The Accounts Commission said councils were operating in a “complex, changing and increasingly uncertain environment”, in Britain this is due to mass immigration, the elephant in the room which people in politics refuse to talk about. The more people allowed into the country the less resources there are, it isn’t anything complex about it.

Things apparently are so bad that one teacher told of buying a Christmas dinner and gifts for a family after their benefits were stopped, this is Britain, in 2018, the balance in society has gone incredibly wrong. The tipping point has come and went and led to Brexit, it is time that our money was invested in our people of whatever colour, religion or sex. The political class use our taxes for their pet projects which appear to get funding with no problems.

In Scotland, we have a pretend parliament called Holyrood, they look but they rarely act, at present they are examining the impact of poverty on school attainment. In a letter to MSPs on Holyrood’s education committee teacher said they had worked in the city with the "highest drug death rate in Europe" for 13 years, but poverty had increased.

There is a poverty industry in Scotland, at the top sits the politicians and then the University academics, they write papers even for their PhDs on issues like homelessness and the effect it has on people from foreign backgrounds.
Which is why you get people like Jennifer Galbraith doing research at places like Lodge House Mission, she benefits from having access to the ‘raw material’ of those who have slipped through the net.

When it comes to poverty, the political class have no real interest in the poor from birth to death, except at election time. The real heroes are those people in civic society who do the charity work above and beyond the call of duty. Teachers who work in poor areas say their workload was now “totally overwhelming”, with staff having to act as “social workers, mental health workers as well as teachers”.

One of the failures by politicians is that money destine for the poor is being diverted, like the Scottish Government's Pupil Equity Fund, the way this gag works is providing schools with £120 million to help close the attainment gap, with the money going direct to head teachers to determine how to spend it. A teacher added.

“There is a distinct lack of services to help these children”.

This example is how it works in other areas as well, money goes to the poor but it never reaches them, instead it goes to organisations, called stakeholders, so the only people lifted out of poverty is them, and they were already in employment.

Engagement in politics is pretty low which is why it has been so corrupted, minorities have used this to push their political agendas which is why nothing gets done. The Labour Party fight at the moment is between those who want a return to ‘business as usual’, dubbed by some as the ‘Blairities’ or Momentum which doesn’t really inspire people as it doesn’t have a clear direction which the British people would want to follow.

In politics, the real crime is how bad our political representatives are, as one person commented to me, ‘is that all there is; is this it’.

No wonder so many people refuse to come out for political parties when we have people like Tony Blair who stabbed the country in the back, or people like Naz Shah who is currently an MP.

Winnie Mandela was a murderer, now dead; the myth is in operation of how wonderful she was.

Our political class celebrate terrorists as heroes, pure virtual signalling rubbish.

Finally, it is time more people spoke out about our political class directly to their faces to let them that enough is enough. The major political problem is the lack of real choice in order to break the cartel and monopoly of doing nothing. 

The Labour Party needs to get its house in order, so far I am not seeing anything to want to make me want to spend my time campaigning for it. I won't be picking a side in the current internal civil war because I am not convinced by either of them are the answer the poorest in Scotland need, and we don't need 'business as usual' so some cunt can top up their pension while spouting about how they came into politics to help the poor. 

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University 

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Al C said...

I do sympathise, George. Feeling much the same here. The Tories have their use to sort out Brexit and bring it to a conclusion, but I am heartily sick of cuts to public spending. On the other hand, Corbyn has unwittingly or otherwise, allowed the pathological fixation on Palestine to open the door to antisemitism. Not necessarily him, but those around him, and his toadies seem content to accuse it of "right-wing-press-smear-but-muh-Boris-Johnson" as some form of convincing argument. Evidence that a tory press is running scared? Don't make me laugh, even the Guardian and Independent had a problem with it. In opposition to him, you have the New Labour types who, while having done some good things in the past, have allowed much of this mess to happen and seemingly cared little about the electorate.