Monday, April 9, 2018

A New Europe emerges; Hungarian populist Prime Minister Viktor Orban wins new term, massive success and a super majority in Hungary shocks Europe, the backlash of the people ushers in change as Viktor Orban stands on a platform that puts Hungarians first over economic migrants, how long before people in other EU countries get rid of 'problem politicians'?

Dear All

Through-out the migrant crisis, there has been one politician who has stood out for his stance, that man is Hungarian populist Prime Minister Viktor Orban. In the West, most politicians have been cowed into silence for talking about the migrant crisis because the political elite decided to virtual signal how much they ‘care’. German Chancellor Angela Merkel led the charge and the rest of Europe’s politicians followed suit, what they didn’t seem to care about was facts, in their minds everyone was a ‘refugee’.

Subsequence events were to prove that many of the ‘refugees’ were in fact military age males who were economic migrants, in part, the political elite fuelled the crisis by their attitude and actions. Europe was heading for disaster, and disaster came in the form of terror attacks and serious crime. It was only a matter of time before there would be a backlash, and the people of Europe decided enough is enough, hence we have seen the rise of the right and far right in Europe. Europe as can be seen is more dangerous than anytime after the Second World War.

In Hungary, the mood of the people can be seen through the actions of Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban, he has been outspoken not just in condemning the EU for attempting to force member states into accepting migrants but also standing up to German threats as well. Prime Minister Viktor Orban puts his people before the EU, which is why he has won a “decisive” re-election victory and the super majority in parliament.  Europe is shifting politically to the right, and his right-wing Populist Party appeared to have won massively on Sunday which he says is “an opportunity to defend Hungary.”

Obron isn’t liked; his critics say they feared Mr Orban will use his third consecutive term and the Fidesz party’s two-thirds control of Hungary’s national legislature to intensify his attacks on migration. The real fear of his critics is that he will use his third term to attack the EU; the European Union is now a bankrupt organisation which doesn’t have a future. If there was a time for re-invention, that time has come for the EU. The result in the UK may have shocked many, but in my mind the result was never in question, history teaches us that when the political elite no longer serve the people, they will look to others to help them.

The Prime Minister has enemies, his critics fear he wants to strengthen his country by a centralised power structure, this is no different from what other parties would do in any other country whether they are seen as being from the left or the right politically.  After his massive win, Orban told crowds:

“A great battle is behind us. We have achieved a decisive victory.”

The way the votes stack up appears to be with 98.5% counted, Fidesz and its small ally, the Christian Democrat party, together had secured 133 of the 199 seats in parliament. This emans that the minimum needed for a two-thirds majority has been achieved comfortably. The right-wing nationalist Jobbik party was placed second with 26 seats, but the real story is that a while a Socialist-led, left-wing coalition came in third with 20 seats.

Tamas Boros, co-director of the Policy Solutions think tank, said.

“There were no small victories for the opposition.”

The left and the pretend left across Europe are dying, the political elite have betrayed the people so often that the backlash is starting to filter its way down into the ballot boxes of Europe. Orban won his fourth term overall on a platform that puts Hungarians first over economic migrants, he campaigned openly with his unyielding anti-migration policies, something which needed to be addressed. In politics, along with truth, you also get rhetoric; Obron used his theory of a conspiracy between the opposition and the United Nations, the European Union and wealthy philanthropist Soros to turn Hungary into an “immigrant country,” threatening its security and Christian identity to his advantage.
In wasting no time, his government has already submitted a “Stop Soros” package of legislation designed to close “legal loopholes” allegedly exploited by civic groups that advocate for asylum-seekers.

Government spokesman Zoltan Kovacs said;

“So-called NGOs… are helping illegal immigration happen.”

Europe is at war, civil unrest is widespread; you can read countless stories of terrorism and crime if you do the research, On, a formerly independent website, there are now stories promoted Mr Orban while also focusing on migration. Such articles included included “Migrant gangs fought in England,” They can’t stand it anymore in Sweden: They’ve had enough of migrants”, and “A migrant in underpants beat a German retiree half to death”.

The stories about problems are widely known, but the narrative of the mainstream media is to put the story of refuges fleeing war, this is used to suppress dissent, to silence voices, and to garner votes by politicians. The election of Prime Minister Viktor Orban like Brexit is a wake up call for the political class; the political system has been corrupted in part by lack of choice, and by people who have an agenda about their personal advantage or that of the group they represent even if that means a detriment to the rest of society. Hungarian election officials said voter turnout was high and had exceeded the participation in the 2014 ballot; long queues of people stood in line, in fact numerous polling places remained open past closing time to accommodate people waiting to cast ballots.

This is the silent majority speaking, this is an angry electorate betrayed, this is the changing face of Europe, the backlash is coming, the political elite have tried to enact measures to suppress the people, attacks on free speech, creation of a military suppression force in the EU, and mindless driving their failed agenda onwards while they control the reins of power.

But one day that power will be taken away from them!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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Al C said...

They have noone to blame but themselves, and yet seem content to blame everyone but themselves.