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The Stooge of Kremlin, Alex Salmond, failing SNP star denies he works for Kremlin "propaganda" channel, the thing about the ‘useful idiot’ is that they cannot see that they are being used, they are the stooge; they are the disposal relic, how long will it before Alex Salmond is seen as a 'Scottish Lord HawHaw'?

Dear All

The term ‘useful idiot’ is going the rounds in connection with falling star Alex Salmond, cast out by the electorate; he has desperately tried to forge a career as a TV Pundit. One of the things which I have observed is despite his high status as First Minister, since leaving office, no one appears to want his services in Fortune 500 companies. Of course we should mention the bid to install him as chairman of a newspaper group, but his opportunity to do that met with opposition.

It seems that when high profile SNP politicians step down, no one of note beats a path to their door, they end up as ‘elder statesmen’ twiddling their thumbs or other body parts.

So, what is a useful idiot and does it apply to Alex Salmond, the host of a TV show on the Russian Channel called RT. 

The best description I found is from wiki, In political jargon, a useful idiot is a derogatory term for a person perceived as a propagandist for a cause the goals of which they are not fully aware, and who is used cynically by the leaders of the cause.

The cause in this case is Russian propaganda; RT is a tool of the Russian State which is used in warfare, not guns, bombs and bullets but ‘informational warfare’. The idea is basic, disinformation and sowing of doubt, manipulation of domestic politics in other countries and cause division. There is of course ‘informational warfare’ practiced by other countries as well, whether they are in the East or the West.

You are told certain things and you are not told certain things in order to manipulate you into believing a view of the world which might not match reality. The biggest failure of ‘informational warfare’ occurred during the Brexit vote, despite all the mainstream political parties supporting the EU, the public did not!

Since being ripped brutally away from the ‘public purse’ Alex Salmond has been a lost soul, he is on the margins of public life and for a man who loves the limelight; this has been a brutal experience. In order to keep himself as a ‘star’, he has done a book, a radio phone in, went on the road with a variety act, he has been joined by a new sidekick, Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh who the public decided to put out of their misery as their MP.

Prior to the nerve gas attack in the UK, Alex Salmond was roundly criticised by others for joining a Kremlin propaganda machine, even by people in his own party, but since he wasn’t getting other real offers, no BBC, no ITV, no SKY, the failing star decided to go with the ‘bargain bucket’ which is RT.

Nothing like starting at the bottom, however in Salmond’s case, he is starting at the bottom and staying there, no Jonathan Ross prime TV show for him on the BBC. To see Alex Salmond defend a Kremlin propaganda machine in the wake of its owner launching the first offensive nerve agent attack in Europe since World War II isn’t just bad judgement it is incredibly bizarre.

So bizarre that the question of is he right in the head springs to mind!

In his defence that Salmond isn’t a stooge, he fell into the classic RT trap, he used his show to flag up ‘gay’ rights, in Russia being a homosexual is a risky business as the Russians aren’t tolerant.

In fact, they would kick your head in, especially in Russia.

As balance, Salmond also decided to flag up that in the Commonwealth, some countries like Russia also aren’t as tolerant, you could put this down to that there aren’t many homosexual politicians in positions of power as there are in British politics. The best of disinformation is bait and switch, in Salmond’s case; he used clips of UK MPs agreeing Russia was behind the Salisbury attack. then, the switch followed with a couple of guests on to sow doubts.

Salmond introduced a “former MI5 officer” Annie Machon; her previous insights include the US government blowing up the Pentagon on 9/11, and British spooks having Lady Di “taken out” in a pro-Israel plot. Next up, the next guest’s theory was that “rogue operators” might have been “freelancing”, in the press, the idea of the Russian mafia being behind the attempted murder has been floated about the place.

Given that some of the Russian mafia apparently work the Kremlin, you would have thought if they were doing to bump people off, then perhaps the traditional way would have served better, a bullet through the back of the head.

Of course employing gangsters does have a drawback, they aren’t professionals, and given that the victims in the nerve gas are still living, you have to wonder would a professional be so sloppy?

So, we have the Kremlin, we have gangsters, we have a Russian propaganda channel called RT and we have Alex Salmond, the designated ‘useful idiot’ who protests because he can flag up ‘gay’ rights. The thing about the ‘useful idiot’ is that they cannot see that they are being used, they are the stooge; they are the disposal relic.

Given what has transpired, the UK allies have rallied round; the SNP and now Kremlin stooge Alex Salmond didn’t, at the close of his show he said:

“Until next week, I hope, goodbye for now.”

He had his goodbye on 19th September 2014, although he had a curtain call for Westminster in 2015, that gig was probably his last there, now he is Salmondski, gun for hire, the rouble collector.

James Dornan has said he won’t go on RT, SNP MSP joins party boycott of Alex Salmond's Kremlin TV station, it is highly doubtful that Russian President Putin has been informed or would care. It seems even in the SNP, Alex Salmond’s ‘audience is shrinking!

Finally, whatever did happen to Lord Hawhaw?

Russia Calling, Russia calling’, this is Alex Salmond

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Anonymous said...

Hi, just wanted to mention, I enjoyed this post. It was inspiring.
Keep on posting!

Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Alexei Dumbfuckovich Salmondskya. So desperate to remain in the public eye, he is happy to go onto Putin's payroll. Moreover, with his usual horrific sense of timing, he does so just in time to be caught being pro Russia during the spy scandal.

We understand that all politicians want their place in history. Salmond will get his. It will be that he is, demonstrably. the most clumsy, dishonest, greedy, wrong headed arsehole that Scottish politics has ever seen.

Auld Jock