Monday, March 19, 2018

SNP lost the Battle of Brexit, Nicola Sturgeon personally humiliated as UK and EU agree basis of two-year transition deal on Brexit, the SNP are totally irrelevant in UK domestic and international politics, Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t have a future as she drags the SNP ever downwards in the polls, in local news ex SNP MP Alex Salmond pulls in 10 viewers on his RT show, being politically irrelevant hurts, when she doing an RT show?

Dear All

Money talks, for those who thought like Nicola Sturgeon that Brexit could be reversed, they are now looking at the old grey dawn of failure. There is no going back, no trick, no ten to midnight solution, the people voted leave and leave it is. Nicola Sturgeon racks up another failed battle in her war for independence.

The UK and EU have agreed the basis of a transition deal.

This deal means that the UK being bound to Brussels’ rules for almost two years after Brexit, this will annoy some of the Hard Brexitters but the majority of people will see the direction of travel as positive.

It was always going to happen that a deal would be thrashed out, the EU was never in a strong bargaining position; they needed the UK’s money.

After we leave, you will see a change in the EU, they will need to reinvent themselves on a structural level, they have no choice. As well as external threats, the EU is on a collision course with Member States within it own organisation..

The Brexit talks haven’t been open as many would wish due to the nature of the discussions between David Davis and Michel Barnier but that was to be expected, some people were flipping their lid as if we were being cheated out of Brexit. The deal is a compromise, it was always going to be so after intensive talks, now all the major sticking points have been dealt with, this will allow European leaders to sign up to this at regular meeting on Thursday.

The red herring of the hard border of Northern Ireland have been pushed to the side for now, so much for it being a sticking point. The deal is good news in the immediate and long term; however we can expect to see some pretty miserable people walking about spreading doom and gloom. The money markets have responded well to the news with the pound jumping by almost one per cent against the dollar to 1.40 US dollars.

The draft deal means EU citizens arriving in the UK during the transition period will enjoy "the same rights and guarantees" as those present before Brexit. This will upset the Hard Brexit people but along with the UK would be able to negotiate – but not enact - trade agreements with outside countries during transition.

Where does leave the other opposition parties such as Labour and the SNP, well Labour will see the reality and get on board, the SNP won’t, Nicola Sturgeon will play the game of this can be reversed even at this late date, knowing full well it can’t. The SNP have played no role in Brexit, their position was unhelpful; they excluded themselves from talks by acting in a petty childish manner.

The EU is a long and complicated organisation which is stuffed with rules, regulations and treaties, untangling from it was always going to be a slog, but today’s news is positive, the direction of travel was set long ago, this is a clear marker on that road that we are going to out.

Europe is heading towards a dark place; the migrant crisis is a symptom of a much greater social problem within European countries, the rise of the right in many countries is an expression of dissatisfaction of the political elite and with Brussels. The European project is in danger of collapse, what purpose does this organisation serve now? The EU is an anti democratic, anti country, anti worker ‘cartel’ which cloaks itself in ‘social justice’ to cover up the real truth.

The people that run the EU are all about oppression.

Finally, we are seeing the dawning of the end of the UK’s membership of the EU, much like people are seeing the dawning of the end of Alex Salmond’s credibility on RT. A tipping point was reached in the minds of the UK public about the nature of the EU, and now we are seeing the same disapproval coming from the press regarding Alex Salmond’s show on RT. The harsh reality for Alex Salmond is that he is on RT is because no respectable TV Company would want to touch his show with a bargepole!

The legacy he managed to create has been squandered as he fights to stay in the limelight; the light must be on him as he has made his Faustian pact with Putin’s Russian propaganda channel. It is said that one repeat of his show on RT only managed to attract 10 people. 

When you are seen as a Kremlin stooge, the realisation of how bitter life can be will eventually sink in. The end of the UK’s membership is much like the end of Alex Salmond as a political force, long overdue and can’t come soon enough.

To end your days seen as a stooge, no glory there!

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Auld Jock said...

Hello George

Brilliant exposition of the facts that really matter.

You have (yet again) made my day.

Auld Jock

G Laird said...

Hi Auld Jock

Glad you liked this post, lot of fun writing it.


Al C said...

Excellent article, very interesting! Does this mean that EU laws and trade restrictions would go after the end of the transition rather than as a permanent fixture?

I reckon that the soft Brexit crowd will be satisfied?

Glad to hear that the EU will have to change.

Anonymous said...

Silly, silly woman, she has virtually destroyed the SNP. Noddy heid has to go down in history as the worse FM Scotland has ever had. She makes the memory of the creep McConnells time as FM enjoyable. Where is she now on Europe? She hasn’t a clue. Her head is so far up her ass, she might as well be on Mars.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I like reading g your blog George, but find myself still unable to u derstand why so many Scots think nationalism is the answer. Its not a positive force, encourages divisions between people,relies on hatred for success. Why do so many not understand this?

Amacglasgow said...

This article is nothing more than a long winded mash up of the usual SNP bad rubbish you usually put out, you've just thrown in some random rubbish about the EU to dress it up as an actual article,
I'd go as far as saying this article is nothing more than a
Very petty turd rolled in glitter

G Laird said...

Dear Amac

Sorry you feel this way, on the bright side, "nothing more than a very petty turd rolled in glitter".

Silver lining in everything?