Monday, March 12, 2018

SNP Human Stink Bomb: disgraced MSP Mark McDonald says he is ‘morally justified’ in returning to Holyrood, McDonald is now a leper living a delusion of fitting back in, Nicola Sturgeon better get use to the stink, it is going to be pretty whiffy in Holyrood for the next three years, McDonald is there for the £200k, this comeback is to feed the weans!

Dear All

It is Monday, just another Monday in a series of Mondays as we navigate the politics lows that is Holyrood but today is different, disgraced Mark McDonald returned.

Holyrood was built, a slogan was uttered, and pretty soon, hope died pretty much after its birth.

“There shall be a Scottish Parliament”!

What the declaration missed out that it would be filled with dross, and petty politics and incompetence would be its hallmark. What the place needs is shamed and former SNP MSP Mark McDonald is the poster boy.

McDonald has the solemn task to ‘stink’ the place up to high heaven, to lower the tone of this dump even further, he is doing it for the ‘weans’, not the weans of Scotland but his two, daddy needs to bring home the bacon so they can scoff it.

Mark McDonald is back!

One thing which he shouldn’t be doing is giving speeches on being “morally justified” given he has already held his hands up to admitting inappropriate behaviour towards women.

“Morally justified” and inappropriate behaviour towards women, can someone square that circle for me, and the rest of Scotland. As he is back, he faces the realisation that for the next few years until the next Holyrood election, he is a leper. He will be an independent MSP in more ways that one, then he has the pressure, which has been mounting to step down from his Aberdeen Donside seat. I don’t see Nicola’s pals doing this; the likely contenders will be the Salmond clique, in their quest for the ‘Return of the King’.

Nicola Sturgeon has urged the MSP to leave Holyrood because the stink of McDonald makes her rather whiffy as well, she publicly backed McDonald as a good MSP, and she has to say this in case Alex Salmond acts up if she doesn’t show enough enthusiasm.

This is her on TV.

The discomfort is her trying to distance herself and failing miserably.

Apparently Mark McDonald wants to demonstrate he has changed, well given this is out in the public domain, he has little choice but to watch his step in Holyrood and elsewhere, he will be under a microscope for the rest of his tenure. He will be keeping his trap shut and his phone under wraps. Three women are said to have identified “persistent” behaviour, which included inappropriate and unwanted text messages, unwanted attention and exploiting his position of power.

Oh, exploiting his position of power.

 McDonald said:

“Morally I can justify it because, as I have said, my approach to this has been to own the mistakes that I have made but to demonstrate that I have learned from them and that I am capable of changing as a result of those. I am asking people to afford me that opportunity, and I hope that people will do that. I accept that many relationships are going to have to be rebuilt – some people will want nothing to do with me and I have to regretfully accept that, but there are some people who I think will want to offer me that opportunity to demonstrate that I’ve learned from this and that I’ve changed.”

He added:

“I want to be able to demonstrate that my behaviour has changed and I am not sure that doing that through a by-election campaign is the appropriate way to do it.”

Well, that kind of puts the kibosh on Alex Salmond’s hopes of attempting to mount a comeback to politics.  

One of the people who also wish Mark McDonald gone is James Dornan, James Dornan is standing to be deputy leader so his intervention could be seen as a self serving plea for votes for his chances to be Sturgeon’s number 2.

Dornan said:

“He should certainly never set foot in the Scottish Parliament again and I will be making an official complaint on Monday to the parliamentary authorities to ask for his removal from the parliament to be considered.”

So, what will happen if there is an official complaint?

Nothing, that’s right, absolutely nothing!

Another candidate for Deputy, Economy Secretary Keith Brown told Good Morning Scotland on McDonald:

“I think the position is if you concede the point that you have acted inappropriately and you think that has been sufficiently bad that you have to resign as an SNP MSP, I think the logic of that means that you should resign as an MSP as well.”

Everyone following the Sturgeon line, Holyrood better get use to the stink of Mark McDonald, maybe someone could buy him out if they have £200k, but I suspect that he would want a top up above that an extra £200k. I don’t see him wanting to step down and lose three years wages.

Finally, using Mark McDonald as a plank to get votes for candidates in the deputy leadership will be seen by the candidates as morally justified, but the reality is that Dornan and Brown are just picking the meat of a political corpse. 

This act shows how shallow the SNP are as a party collective, they all operate to the same low standards. Mark McDonald is in disgrace, if he has "changed", it doesn’t matter, he wouldn’t be rebuilding relationships that is just fantasy, especially in the SNP Cult, the worker ants don’t have independent thought.

The word from Sturgeon is banishment.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Freddy said...

The whole story looks as if it is on the verge of leaking fully. What next maybe the text messages published however going by reports one of the victims has had a torrid and unpleasant time your heart has to go out to her. I imagine that Sturgeon took the ostrich method in the hope it would go away, it hasn't and doesn't look like doing so anytime soon.

Anonymous said...

Just what has this guy supposed to have done. It’s all sort of hush-hush and since the boys in blue are not involved it makes it even more suspect. Did Kranky try and get rid of him so fat-boy Salmond got a chance to get back into our wee fake parliament. Has it all backfired on noddy heid? Why is this guy being demonised and yet nobody really knows what he’s accused of.

SNP out said...

I have no love for the SNP however it seems very strange to me that the police are not involved? Why have the SNP not handed over the details of their investigation? Why if you'd be harassed to the point where you've had a stroke would you not report it? Let me play devils advocate here, this man has not been found guilty by a court of law therefore is innocent. He has been stuck in the basement, Willie Rennie stating he will not give way to any intervention from tgis MSP. Is this the way someone should be treated when he's not been found guilty? I have full sympathy for anyone who has been harassed but if as serious as we are being led to believe them take it to Police Scotland.