Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Political Death of an SNP MSP, Sleaze probe ex-Children’s Minister Mark McDonald dramatically quits the SNP but hangs on for dear life to the Holyrood gravy train after vowing to stay on as an independent MSP, where is the integrity and personal honour after claims by four women against him?

Dear All

It seems that sleazy SNP Children’s Minister Mark McDonald has decided to leave the Scottish National Party, he has quit!

Before people like Alex Salmond gets all warn and mushy about standing in the Donside by-election and think how wonderful it is to get taxpayer expenses again, there is a spot of bad news, Mark McDonald isn’t resigning from Holyrood! McDonald is staying on as an independent MSP on the back benches; he will continue to draw his salary in the shadows in order to help Nicola Sturgeon prevent a Salmond resurrection.

This is a tragic blow to Alex Salmond, he is still out in the cold taking the Russian rouble along with his sidekick, Tasmina Ahmed-Shiekh. One thing which I have been saying to others is that there is a long time before there is going to be another election either at Holyrood or Westminster.

Anyway, there is a question now that Mark McDonald has quit the SNP, how can a man stay on as an independent MSP after complaints concerning his conduct and behaviour relating to four women?

If we think back to another SNP 'hero' Bill Walker, another Nicola Sturgeon fan, after allegations of his behaviour concerning women, it all ended rather badly, trial, conviction and jail.

Are the women now going to go to the Police?

Are we going to see a sleaze trial?

As we all know sex in politics which emerges into the public domain doesn’t play well, especially when we have a fat specky guy who has to answer for his conduct. McDonald resigned as a minister last November, the SNP dragged out the investigation into him hoping that the heat would die down.

Nicola Sturgeon vouched personally for Mark McDonald.    

The finding of a report conducted by private investigators is said to be damning.

A source said an internal report into accusations against the married dad had been completed and examined by senior figures.

They said:

“The stuff in that document proves a pattern of behaviour”.

A pattern of behaviour, oh not good reading for some!  

They added:

“We have got to start acting quickly. We don’t want people to think we are hiding something.”

In an act of defiance, Mark McDonald said:

“I will resume my parliamentary duties next week”

So, what safeguards will the Holyrood Parliament have to put in place now when Mark McDonald returns?

Will security have to escort him everywhere?

Will women feel safe and be allowed panic rooms?

Will McDonald be allowed to travel in a Holyrood lift if women alone are using it?

Will Mark McDonald be barred from the bars and restaurants?

Will Nicola’s sidekick Patrick Harvie lead the condemnation and demand he leaves Holyrood?

There is an air of sleaze surrounding Holyrood, ex SNP MSP Mark McDonald has emerged as the poster boy, but he won’t quit; to be fair, no one is going to want to employ his ass in the future.

Mark McDonald’s political career is dead and buried at the next election.

Finally the profoundly bad judgment of Nicola Sturgeon has been laid bare naked yet again, we must all remember that she personally vouched for Mark McDonald as a ‘good MSP’, given what has happened, it is clear that her political future much like Mark McDonald has to end.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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