Monday, July 31, 2017

The ‘Angel of Political Death’, unpopular Nicola Sturgeon has led the SNP to the “brink of collapse”, poor quality leadership, no vision, no delivery, ineffective elected representatives and unable and unwilling to listen, SNP don’t have a future in Scotland, the people have moved passed them

Dear All

The SNP has a problem, stupidity, in fact, I was the first to diagnosis what I described as the ‘Hunter Virus’, I am sure if you do a google search you will find me blogging on this in the past. In the old days, pre 2007, the SNP scrapped along basically going nowhere content to spew in their sweat and juices; then the Westminster expenses scandal happened which changed everything. Westminster expenses scandal was a disaster for British politics, it confirmed what many people suspected for decades; there was a corrupt system and corrupt politicians milking it like a second tit.

A few idiots got put in jail; few scapegoats stakeout for the public to feast on via the Courts, a few convictions and some people got mediocre jail time. In 2007, Jack McConnell was leading what was a disaster of an administration, the public was getting fleeced on council tax and seeing no real benefits. The ground was sown by public anger for change, and change came, out goes the Labour Party and in comes the SNP under Salmond.

The people weren’t putting faith in the SNP, they wanted badly rid of Labour, the protest vote swung into action and the World turned! Protest votes sometimes can be a good thing; it reminds politicians that the public can switch on a dime. There were great expectations as Alex Salmond and Nicola Sturgeon formed a double act, Alex adopted the jolly fat man routine, and Sturgeon was given a makeover to rain her mouth, it was the era of ‘fake caring’. The strategy was so successful, it lead to an SNP majority, of course it didn’t help with Scottish Labour doing nothing meaningful for the entire term from 2007 to 2011.

Now, after 10 years of failed government, right across the board, a failed attempt at Scottish independence and a failed attempt to stay in the EU, people are asking what the point of the SNP is exactly. 2014 showed that the people of Scotland aren’t going to vote for the Nationalist’s plans for an independent Scotland, and the rest of the ‘coalition of the bams’, they aren’t too appealing either.

To get back to the ‘Hunter Virus’, I coined this termed while in the SNP as a member, you for the most part never really get to see how low brow, petty and nasty party members are until you are signed into their ranks.

The public image doesn’t match the private image, and those who are SNP cult members aren’t the sharpest tools in the box, by any means, you can see this in education, health, law and order, and in general planning for the indyref.

Simple minded bastards!

Yes, simple minded bastards, who think that they are super intelligent and it’s you that are thick and can be manipulated all the time. The 2015 election was a protest vote, it was also needed, there were many ineffective politicians who should have been removed by unionist parties, and weren’t, so the public used the SNP as a vehicle for a protest vote. Most of those who lost their seats especially under Labour deserved to lose, and in many cases trash equally rubbish replaced them.
10 years is a long time to be in power especially when you don’t have any real achievements which have benefited the many in a real and useful fashion. It seems that as I mentioned before that Nicola Sturgeon’s task is to lead the SNP into the wilderness, she isn’t a leader of men. I said it loud and often, however, it seems other pundits are starting to come round to my view. I was interested in the comment:

“What’s the SNP got in common with the Bornean orangutan and the Giant Otter?”

The addon was:

“Well, if you believe some accounts, all three are practically extinct”.

Pollsters Populus are saying that unpopular Nicola Sturgeon’s party has started the slide towards doom and are on the “brink of collapse”.

James Kanagasooriam said:

“It is difficult to overstate how poor the SNP’s performance was in June’s general election.”

Yes, 2017 was a major disaster, it wasn’t just the loss of the 21 seats, it was the loss of thousands of votes, imagine losing in some cases 9000 votes in two years, you have to ask yourself hard questions, not just of the party but also of the candidate standing, what were they doing in that area which alienated so many.

In Glasgow, I supported Paul Sweeney who was the Labour Candidate in Glasgow North East, he won by 242 votes, the SNP Candidate was Anne McLaughlin, her campaign was poor, but that was par for SNP candidates right across the city, I am more interested in what she was doing in the two years prior to her defeat.

The SNP had a meteoric rise but they ran out of fuel, they ran out of ideas, and for the last three years, it has been really noticeable not just to the pundits but to the voters. Nicola Sturgeon doesn’t have good ideas; I mean…… a shitty baby box…… a tampax campaign, what a load of tosh!

You might have noticed Nicola Sturgeon trying to do a re-launch of her failed government, and if you hadn’t heard it, the Nationalists have wheeled out the word, and the word is ‘radical’, more tosh, more spin, at this point we are looking at a hung parliament for Holyrood next time round with an SNP minority.

The ‘Hunter Virus’ in the SNP hasn’t a cure, you can’t cure stupidity, recently there was talk of Sturgeon meaning a load of gits called the Scottish Indy Convention, blowhards who haven’t wised up yet either, the ‘new strategy’ is the same as the old strategy which is….. attack the Tories!

Didn’t work last in indyref 1 and certainly won’t work if there is an indyref 2, but will there be an indyref 2? If Holyrood goes to a hung parliament in 2021, the ball will be in the long grass for probably about 20 years. In the meantime, the SNP are like a shithouse rat frantically trying to escape their self created poo, the level is rising and each plop increases the panic!

Nicola Sturgeon has failed, she has reached her sell by date and is starting to hum, only a matter of time before she loses that second indyref vote and then she has nowhere to go but down.

Yours sincerely

George Laird
The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University


Aldo said...

I don't see there being a second indyref. The process of brexit will be drawn out and complicated and will not end before the Scottish Parliamentary elections of 2021. Based on recent results and current trends, they will lose their pro-independence majority. They may even lose outright and be replaced as the party of government.

What cannot be allowed to happen is a second indyref in 2019 or 2020. They would lose again but the entirety of the losing side would vote SNP in 2021 and in 2022, as they did in 2015 and in 2016 - and this unadulterated bullshit will simply go on forever.

Al C said...

It's like they're on a life support machine, only kept alive by the shittiness of the other parties, while everyone is screaming inside "WHY WON'T YOU FUCKERS JUST DIE ALREADY???!!!"

Al C said...

But in other words, what you're saying is if there IS an indyref2 she'll fudge it and sink?

Because she seems stuck between a rock and a hard place. Announcing no further plans for indyref2 would anger the pro-indy crowd in her cult, but continuing to push it seems to be pissing off everyone else progressively more and more.

Anonymous said...

Winter is Coming Georgieboy

Anonymous said...

Vinegar face makes Tony Blair almost likeable again

Al C said...

In all honesty Aldo, I reckon this is more of a movement, and the pattern seems to come in peaks and troughs. Even before 2007, about a year or two, there was a strong nationalist feeling. Starting off with a sense of Scottish patriotism in about 2003 roughly, but growing to full blown nationalism a year or two before they were elected. I recently saw a graph illustrating political trends, and it illustrates a huge rise which coincides with indyref of 2014, a small trough (the failure of 'Yes' to win), followed by a second peak (coinciding with 2015 election), followed by a drop into oblivion and back to square one. I don't want to ring the bell so to speak, but this also coincides with their recent election losses to the Tories. It suggests that they may do even worse in 2021, but this of course depends on circumstances.

Aldo said...

Hope you are right Al C. I must admit I was oblivious to this growing Scottish patriotism in the mid 2000s. In 2007 I thought they basically won by accident. It wasn't until the 2011 Scottish election that I became aware of the SNP as being a serious threat to the UK.