Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Scottish Labour’s internal war isn’t very entertaining or interesting, imagining watching a battle were you really don’t care who wins or loses, the Labour Party is stuck, in is in a position where it needs major reform and a clear out, it has to learn to be meaningful and useful to the public

Dear All

There is a quiet war going on in the Labour Party, the war tends to shows that there isn’t just a difference of opinion but of who should lead the Labour Party. The Labour Party has been brought to its knees by the right wing of the party. These people are the careerists who can into power through the university route, people such as Blair. They used the fact that there was a traditional Labour vote to extend their influence and more careerists joined and took advantage of the fact.

The Labour Party in Scotland got wiped out in 2015 and 2016, it was dramatic, and continual evidence of the fact that people were willing to reject the party because there was a lack of help from the elected people. Having been brought to its knees, the way became clear for someone like Jeremy Corbyn to win the leadership with a big majority.

His election was a rejection of the careerists who failed not just the party but the people. In response to the right wing, the group momentum came along, they are supporters of Jeremy Corbyn and anti what some call the ‘Blair faction’ or ‘progress’ as it is better known. In Scotland, the Corbyn factor in terms of leadership isn’t installed and the party has Kezia Dugdale. Momentum wants her replaced, and although she has a few allies, the winds of change and the determination of momentum aren’t going away anytime soon.

In order to change the Labour Party in Scotland, the momentum crowd need to replace the ‘gatekeepers’, these people are living on borrowed time, when Edinburgh MP Ian Murray created a stir by resigning and refusing to work with Jeremy Corbyn, it was a betrayal, done publicly. Murray is an ally of Kezia Dugdale and her anti Corbyn stance hasn’t been forgotten or indeed forgive; forget unity, it doesn’t exist.

If you are in the Labour Party, you hold a membership but there are two Labour Parties running within it, either you are pro Corbyn or pro Progress, and to be fair, you might not like either option because there isn’t much in the way of middle ground.

Edinburgh MP Ian Murray is said to be becoming the Chairman of the Scottish Parliamentary Labour Party, he got the position due to the help of a group of moderate Scottish Labour peers, ‘moderate’ is a termed used by the Blair faction. If there is a Corbyn government, it will require considerably more Labour MPs to be elected n Scotland, and given the state of the party, it isn’t going to be in the numbers required, for there to be more Labour seats, the SNP has to keep doing the same disastrous course under Nicola Sturgeon. There is a possible two seats which could fall in Glasgow, GSW and GE, these hang by a thread; the SNP know this hence they are deeply worried as their squealing like pigs diatribe of late shows.

Mhairi Black’s recent plea for ‘progressive’ Labour supporters to work with the SNP was an attempt it seems to me to ‘manage’ the voters’ intentions to keep SNP cult members in a job.

The SNP is shitting themselves silly, over their future employment prospects, rather like waiting for the axe to fall, as you are kneeling at the block!  They know it is a case of when and not if, they thought they were the embedded new establishment and now they have a wake up call in 2017.

So, what does Edinburgh MP Ian Murray becoming Chairman of the Scottish Parliamentary Labour Party mean?

It means nothing, it is a temp measure, finger in the dyke, it is a one step forward and two back because the Labour Party and Momentum have an agenda, they will keep pushing and pushing. The hope for the Blair faction is to attempt to wait out Corbyn so they can get back to ‘normal’, but the genie is out of the bottle. Corbyn in my opinion was never meant to be Prime Minister; his job was to groom a new generation to carry on his legacy to return the Labour Party to socialism.

Infighting in the Labour Party should keep them busy for quite some time, there has to be a clear out, and it is doubtful that there can be a return for the party for quite some considerable time in meaningful numbers. There is always the question of the party activist base having collapsed, this is a serious problem.

Finally, it isn’t a viable strategy to base your future success on a stale SNP who have press the panic button after their support has plummeted and gone into freefall.

Imagine getting elected because you were hated less than the other lot, this is where the Labour Party in Scotland is sitting at the moment!

Yours sincerely

George Laird

The Campaign for Human Rights at Glasgow University

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